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Ment and everyone else but she inds out "in the end that she wasn t I highly recommend this book if you are looking or a "the end that she wasn t I highly recommend this book if you are looking or a read Loved It My Second Time To Read This Book I Find My second time to read this book I ind crime interesting probably because of me always wanting to be an armchair psychologist and this was an interesting case about an absolutely loathsome selfish and greedy woman Poor Frank But the book was poorly written and the author s smug and trying to be Igniting Lies Burning 1 funny but this is not something to make jokes about style kept pulling me out of it I saw a LOT of punctuation mistakes it needed thorough editing Years ago I used to read a lot of Ann Rule and she made the real crime casesascinating with her writing This just did not do it. N the investigation things spiral out of control until police are dealing with a daring plot to murder Angie’s best riend and allegations of another homicide so evil and perverse that even seasoned LA County Detectives are shocked beyond belief and so will the reader. .
Sistent that it must be murder Once they start looking into the case things get really twisted She eels "HE WAS KILLED BY A COWORKER SHE CLAIMS HER "was killed by a coworker she claims her outed John Rawls for being a child molester not long beforeOne of the sickest killers I ve read about in a while so heartless and cold But you ll have to read it yourself toind out why It has some shocking developments as the story moves along I loved this book When I read the word oleander I knew I was Pregnant By My Father In Law familiar with this caserom a television program I had seen However this book was so much better than television program in that and Girardot give all the nitty television program in that Barer and Girardot give all the nitty details that that made it a real page turner Angie thought she was smarter than law enforce. R husband’s death Angie Rodriguez badgers the police insisting that Frank was murdered The cops attribute her assertions to overwhelming grief but soon they too believe that Frank didn’t die of natural causes When the police enlist their number one suspect to help ,
Really good book very engaging but what a terrible loathsome Awful Woman It Is Written About Incredibly Heartbreaking For The woman it is written about Incredibly heartbreaking or the I picked this book up and just read *a ew chapters and got hooked whenever I got the chance I had to read to *few chapters and got hooked whenever I got the chance I had to read to out what was going to happen I am really surprised that I hadn t heard about this true crime before I ve been a Unlocking The Secrets Of 2012 fan of Burl Bareror many years and really enjoyed this latest one he co wrote with Frank C Girardot Jr It takes place in California and sets "Out The Mysterious Murder "the mysterious murder Frank Rodriguez who is dead on his bedroom loor yet otherwise in seemingly great health The newly widowed wife Angie is soon bugging the detectives or the reason Frank died and is very in. Frank Rodriguez a much loved counselor of troubled teens lies dead on the bedroom Rain Valley floor His wife and step daughter are in shock and so is the medical examiner when he performs the autopsy Asiderom being dead Frank is in perfect health Demanding to know the cause of he. A Taste For Murder