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Pharmaceutical Quality By Design yLooking stunningThe main character of Prom and Other Hazards has been in love with her best friend forears She doesn t come out when the best friend comes out as bi because it s in the context of the friend telling her about the great time she had kissing some other girl on vacation We still need stories where teens are afraid to come out to their *Crushes Because It S A Super Common And Relatable Experience *because it s a super common and relatable experience it s nice to read a YA where the fear is just what if she doesn t like me that way instead of what if she doesn t

like girls that 
girls that Sometimes it s nice when the stressors in an LGBT character s life are things that happen to straight people tooIn order to afford a suit rental for prom the protagonist ends up working for the rental place and I loved the zany depictions of her teenage male customers I wonder if it s really like that during prom season at a suit rental shop The author made it sound totally believableIt s a well structured short story with a plot twist that threw me for *a loop exactly where it would have if this was a teen movie Luckily I *loop exactly where it would have if this was a teen movie Luckily I this was from a LGBT publisher and I was therefore guaranteed a happy ending I enjoyed watching the girls conuer the plotI was permitted access to an eARC and this review was originally posted on the Lesbrary blog This was so cute and short God tier ff friends to lovers THIS IS SO SWEE. A shop window Sleek androgynous and flat out cool but also way out of Sam's price rangeBut if she can earn the money for the suit then surely the suit is all she needs to finally admit how she feels and see they both enjoy the perfect prom. ,

The one for Q B L you Very cuteI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Prom and Other Hazards is about Sam who wants to ask out her best friend Tasha Sam has liked Tasha for a number ofears now but is afraid to reveal her feelings She then comes across a suit that she thinks is perfect for her to wear to prom Problem is Sam can t afford it and she doesn t know how she s going to ask Tasha to prom This was a sweet short story of a teenager learning to be comfortable in her own skin I always enjoy a story where it involves best friends at least one of them liking the other and they end up together I thought the author wrote a satisfying endingReview also posted on here was given a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS WILL NEVER GO WRONG Rep lesbian mc bi liim actually crying this book might only be 36 pages long but its 36 pages of perfection wlw friends to lovers with a bi love interest and the ABSOLUTE CUTEST CONFESSION IM DYING my only wish is that this had been longer Any story that starts with will ou GOAT to prom with me has got me hooked The main character may think that s an awful pickup line but I m all over that shit P This was a totally approachable piece of contemporary YA ff with a happy ending relatable and familiar characters and girls in formal *wear. Neuin Sam wants nothing to do with itExcept for the tiny fact that she’s been in love with * Neuin Sam wants nothing to do with itExcept for the tiny fact that she’s been in love with best friend Tash since they were ten ears old and Tash dreams of a perfect romantic prom Sam had given up hope until she spotted The Suit in. LITERALLY SOBBING THIS WAS SO CUTE NO OTHER FF BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS CAN COMPARErep lesbian mc bisexual li ff romance rep lesbian mc bi lii could do wo the slight i m not like other girls from sam but im Gonna Chalk It Up To Her Being chalk it up to her being butch lesbian and anyway SAPPHIC BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS okay I just have one problem with this short story it s that s it s too short I would have loved to read of it bi MC which is not so often that I see it best friends to lovers and it was really cute Definitely don t regret reading this one This is a really cute sweet story It s mainly pretty fluffy just a nice little story about a girl finding the right way to ask her best friend out and give her the most magical prom night everAlthough the premise isn t anything really new it s the writing style which made me love this story It s funny and smart and features an excellent main character Sam is a delightful narrator and it s easy to see why the girls like each other so much They re a perfect pairThere s really no angst or drama to be found The side characters are fun even Tash s date of convenience who ends up being a bit of a surprise Kieran the tux shop employee is a fun replacement for the typical fairy godmother Even the girls classmates are a nice bunch if a bit idealisticIf ou re looking for a fun sweet *book that will make ou smile and say aww this is. Frankly prom is a ridiculous concept People at *that will make ou smile and say aww this is. Frankly prom is a ridiculous concept People at treat it like its a test run for a wedding complete with ‘promposals’ That’s not even mentioning the dresses which look like Disney vomited tulle and sparkles onto the nearest man.

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