[Summary UnBonded Ruth Gron #3] Ebook By V.C. Lancaster

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UnBonded Ruth Gron #3

V.C. Lancaster ↠ 8 characters

Ooking for a second chance at a family tribe This series is the first offering from VC Lancaster and I think you ll like it if SciFi Erotica is your thing I have read menage from seasoned authors that haven t handled it so well This rimitive love story continues with the sci fi theme but includes a new heroine The book takes up shortly after Gron s Fated ends In this continuation of the series Ruth and Gron are background
characters while kranu 
while Kranu and new character Moira move to center stage It starts with fairly repetitive internal reflection but about mid way the Out Of Darkness Volume 1 paceicks up once the tribe is all together Lancaster has created characters with uniue characteristics especially Moira She is her own flawed Eastward Ho person and owns it Kranu and Troii have to negotiate their own way through the confusion of the human dropped into their lives Unlike the first two books this book focuses almost exclusively on the relationship among the three main characters The adventure factor is toned way down and I felt that was a lack compared to therevious efforts However I like the Grandy world created by Lancaster and look forward to reading A little "Disappointed Loved 1 And "Loved 1 and but this heroine took too long to get B R Ambedkar The Quest For Social Justice past her hangups And they got together with like 2% of the book remaining Just wish there had been at the end And as soon as I finished Bron s Fated I went straight to the next book Unbonded and hit a wall I suppose as the song says two out of three ain t badWe have a different heroine in this book Moira is the heroine in this book She has been somehow transported to this strange and differentlanet She s not doing too bad until she runs into a couple of strange looking creature Kranu and Troii Kranu is Bron s older brother and Troii is Bron s Kranu and Troii Kranu is Bron s older brother and Troii is Bron s friend and both have been kicked out of the tribe by the ueen as neither one is Not Until You putting her first and that s the number one thing in this world ueen comes firstIn therevious book Kranu is uite the jerk but we didn t see his POV in Gron s Fated Because we do see his thoughts in this book he comes across as a lot of a sympathetic character The thing he s wanted most for most of his life is to be a bonded mate and the chances. Erfectly and felt no dissatisfaction no ambition for That is until his best friend Gron offered him his ueen to Bond to It was enough to get him exiled sent to wander the borderlands with Kranu the surliest most aggressive male in the tribe All Troii wants is to get his old eaceful life back Now Kranu’s found a ueen a tiny thing that’s terrified of him Kranu is determined to be chosen It’s Troii’s only chance to have a tribe again though he’ll only admit to himsel. ,
Of that were very slim I think the males outnumbered the females by uite a bit So when Gron comes back after going missing and brings a ueen with him that really frosts oor Kranu s toes Gron who was always everyone s favourite never even wanted a mate and he gets one and Kranu who wants nothing but doesn tSo when Kranu and Troii come across this strange ueen "who looks a lot like Ruth and speaks in the same odd language he s uite happy thinking he s "looks a lot Like Ruth And Speaks Ruth and speaks the same odd language he s uite happy thinking he s himself his own ueen He brings her back as he knows that Moira as he discovers her name and Ruth have much in common For his art Troii is just an easy going dude who kind of goes with the flowNow my issues with this book is I didn t like Moira nope didn t like her at all She tends to Julia Defiant Witchs Child 2 play the two of them off each other Kranu makes it clear that he wants to get to know her better so she makes him jealous by spending time with Troii Bitch Troii would take a bonding if offered and does like the idea but not nearly as intensely as Kranu By this time I ve uite changed my mind and like Kranu a lot And she s mean to him Even at the end I got the feeling she didn t love either of them and that is a big no no in a romanceAnd next I m going to try and explain something else about the book androbably muck it up in the explanation This is a MFM book and while I don t have anything against that Palestine Comes First particular trope I ve read a very few I m also not very comfortable reading it It makes my blush And reading a book while alone and blushing just isn t an easy thing While in a much vague kind of way two guys and one gal isn t not one of my fantasies but only in a nebulous cloudy kind of way When faced with graphic very easily imagined scenes well Not easy for me And now I m sounding like arude and I m really not See mucking it up I amSo between not liking the heroine a hero I really like being treated like dirt and misunderstood and scenes that make me blush well this one gets a lower gradeThere are two in this series and I totally lan on reading them too Eh This one was kinda old school And not in the good way In the hero kinda tries to rape the heroine and never apologizes for it way Lacked the magic of the first two Sad face. F that he dares to want than the life of an unBonded There’s one thing to do if they’re to have a chance of getting what they want They have to take this new ueen to Gron's ueen Ruth Then maybe she will stop being afraid and start to see them as something than strangers This full length novel of 90000 words features an MFM menage romance between one human woman and two sexy alien males It is best enjoyed when read in order with Book 1 Ruth's Bonded and Book 2 Gron's Fate. ,

It was my mistake I thought that since it said Ruth and Gron 3 it was going be a continuation of Groth and Ruth s story However was about Troii Kranu and Moira I did not really care for Moira so I was unable to connect I liked the first two books in the series but this was blah Kinky The first two books were enough for me and I enjoyed them This one was repetitive and it dragged In my opinion with their advanced language skills they would have advanced in building maybe tree houses and not just Seraphic Feather 10 platforms or have some tools and fire cooking food I found their life incredible boring what the hell did they do all day Liked this one These books are very different than most captured by aliens offerings The Earth heroines and the alien men cannot communicate and so are almost completely in the dark dealing with each other The two male leads feltretty true to how they had been written in the revious books but since there was POV in their characters they were much appealing and you felt for both of them I did like Kranu better though He was so arrogant etc that learning to like him was satisfyingI hope there are books to come I do think that the chicks ought to try to develop some sort of sign language with the aliens though even if they can t get to complex thoughts I absolutely enjoyed this one Truthfully while Kranu is a dick he was seriously misunderstood Yes he s an arrogant ass and loves being in control as much as he can anyway but he owns up to his actions And even if his mouth doesn t apologize can t remember if he did so even once tbh he tries to improve and let his actions do the talking He s bold brash and arrogant but not all heroes can be improve and let his actions do the talking He s bold brash and arrogant but not all heroes can be and really Troii was just a little too self righteous and meh sometimes I liked this series This is a little different from the typical alien offerings out there This series offers a continued language barrier Shay Savage as well as smutty action Ruby Dixon This book offers 3 new rotagonists in Kranu Troiee and Moira All characters are looking for something different in this tale Moira is rational determined and really issed to be on amongst "the Gandry Kranu is looking for a second chance at a mate "Gandry Kranu is looking for a second chance at a mate is For years Kranu has only wanted one thing to belong to a ueen To be wanted valued Not to be assed over in the Renaissance Armies 1480 1650 prime of his life Now it seems he’s found his chance Onlyroblem is the ueen in uestion is one of the strange ones that Bonded his brother Gron She feels miniscule next to him They can’t understand a word the other says She uakes in fear if he so much as looks at her For years Troii was A Time To Remember perfectly content serving his ueen as an unBonded male Helayed his role