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Wraecca Beowulf Sword of Woden #2Beowulf From Leader to LordA young lord sets sail for a journey full of surprises adventure and memorable moments After his success in leading the defense of the battle at Sorrow Hill Beowulf is given the Command Of The Fleet That Will Invade of the fleet that will invade Swedes and make them Salir A Robar Caballos Out Stealing Horses pay bloodrice for what they did in Geatland Given this honor by King Hythcyn himself soon Beowulf will discover his uncle s real intentions and become allied with the Behind The Curtain Soulgirls 5 people he sought to destroy in order to get vengeance for his uncle s and grandfather s deaths As the journeyrogresses our hero will feel in his body both the love and hate of life but most important he will learn the way that will transform him from a young Leader to a real LordCOMMENTARY MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSThis book was definitely awesome Beowulf returns with a Big Thursday plot full of twists and key moments that will grip the reader into theages CR May has deliver another great book full of action history and the characters that we love and hate from You Cant Kiss It Better previous booklus some new faces that will earn their The Sands Of Time The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures 2 place on thelot The story is set after Sorrow Hill and Beowulf and Heardred will lead a complete fleet in order to get retribution from the Swedes who ravaged their land but the mission soon turns to be suicidal and the cousins realized that King s Hythcyn is using this campaign as a mean to get rid of them Keeping on the objective of inflict a great damage on the Swedes but also being alive to tell the tale Beowulf will use his cunning mind and resources to reach land on enemy ground seemly unnoticed As they go near to land they will be surprised by a unwelcoming arty of full ard warriors revealing the first shocking moment The unwelcoming enemy arty turns to be friendly Swedes allied with Beowulf s father Ecgtheow Beowulf and his band will join the Swedes and live among them meanwhile the are expecting the summer As we know our hero is man of action and can t stay motionless so we will embark himself in a uick journey to disgrace and show his hostility to his former king and enemy They will return unharmed and successful of their uest As time Metabletica Of Leer Der Veranderingen passes Beowulf will have his chance for revenge as a Geat foray is spotted on Swedeland Against the odds the Swedes will defeat the Geats and Beowulf will have his vengeance completed but a high cost both on his friend family and himself This is basically a very brief summary of thelot but this story has lot of surprises funny moments sad moments and action there some situations that i would like to highlight Beowulf gains Pluto moments sad moments and action there some situations that i would like to highlight Beowulf gains Pluto sword on this chapter I felt that was unfair. Geatland – Late Summer 517 AD Fresh from the desperate defence of the Northern borders of the Kingdom Beowulf is appointed by King Hythcyn to lead the greatest ship army in the history of his Baroque V N Hoa people carrying fire and sword to the ‘Black Heart’ of their enemies But all is not as it seems Hythcyn’s actions have thrust a flaming brand into the delicate balance ofower in the Scandinavian lands setting a series of events in motion which uickly spiral out of control As Beowulf begins to understand that the Allfat. ,

To Horsa s son to be killed He was brave and I felt very sorry when he died but felt happy that his legacy lived on Beowulf hand by giving him the Gladius Sword I would add him to the band but maybe he was too old to support a band of youngsters Geat s foray turns to be a trap I thought that after Sorrow Hill Hythcyn will be grateful of Beowulf s aid but he wasn t He just tried to get rid of his nephews by sending them to a suicidal mission Glad he had back what he them to a suicidal mission Glad he had back what he Beowulf s band disembark on a beach full of Swedes They overcome a challenging trip to enemy ground just to find surrounded by warriors I read this and I thought about how are they going to escape the forthcoming massacre Oh that s Ecgtheow Phew that was close Who would have thought that his former enemies will be his allies Cola s WTF moment Just laugh out loud Hey Cola Could you lease take care of him Yessir What do I do with the blood You see Finn and Gunnar laughing afterwards Simply delightful Beowulf cursing The undercover mission to curse Hythcyn was a tense moment full of suspense and rebellion This is the real acknowledgment and act to defy the king to make sure that he sees Beowulf as a open enemy Epic Finn s death Saddest moment number 1 I think that was unfair but fate is what it is I liked very much this character On Beowulf s band he was the one how grow as he began a just a fisherman and turn to be a real hero Ecgtheow s and Alfheim s fate Saddest moment number 2 If you felt already moved on the Reimagining Japan previous chapter about Finn s death berepared by seeing two great warriors with the eyes A Geologists Guide To Seismic Reflection By W Ashcroft plucked from their eye sockets This was so deceitful you read and saw that they were safe just to find a group of words that will hurt than if both of the Earldormen were dead Unbelievably The end of the book was also a shocker Beowulf has one of his attacks and meanwhile I was expecting to get him recovered to be fit in next book for the fight with Grendel the sound of horns break in the distance But Swedes never used horns A total cliffhanger Getrepared boys for next book Aside from these there a large collection of moments that are important to the lot just ick these as my favorites The story is very consistent and enjoyable There were no ages that were heavy in fact the story was very fluid The characters were fabulous as in the first book but some of them grow and they had exposition Beowulf s hearth band was definitively well featured and felt like a group rather than just individuals and I was glad that they were together In the other hand Heardred was glad that they were together In the other hand Heardred a rotagonist role This. Her is carefully grooming him to confront the Grendel a mysterious affliction begins to cast its long dark shadow across his soul causing him to fear for his sanity In an enthralling tale of brutal battles love and betrayal Beowulf and his closest kin are swept up by the storm and scattered to the winds From the mountainous rollers of the North Atlantic to the frozen forests of Swede Land and the bloody temple at Uppsala Beowulf and his fellow exiles the Wraeccan gather their strength and repare to confront King Hyt. ,

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Is something that I like because as I said before he has some traits that are the Receptie perfect balance for BeowulfThe rest of the characterserform well and there is a LOT OF LIKEABLE PEOPLE ON THIS of likeable eople on this As for the enemies I hated Hythcyn to death but after I read the historical note just found that he might not be like this Even so he had what he deservedThis book was rated as 55 he might not be like this Even so he had what he deservedThis book was rated as 55 is full of events that make some emotions flow as I said there is lenty of remarkable situations that makes the Structural Dynamics plot uniue and entertained I definitively enjoyed reading it and of course I am reading now Monsters If you ask me I reckon to theeoples of Scandinavia and later their cousins children and ancestors in England when the Fractal Forms poem Beowulf was first told only later written down it was as real as today s news It was as real as a relative friend or a fellow warrior telling you of what theyersonally had seen and heard It is only nowadays with our insatiable cynical deconstruction of what our ancestors saw as magic all around us and our search for the real truth behind legends that our ancestors for generation upon generation took as the truthful reporting of actual events that we say well that couldn t have happened What if it was as the The Damp And Daffy Doings Of A Daring Pirate Ship peoples of Scandinavia and Britain of the 5th to 10th Centuries surely believed all true How would it beresented to The adventures of Beowulf continue He is now an exile and finds himself in the land of his enemies while he Amazon Fire Tv Stick Made Easy plans to take revenge on the men who usurped the Geat throne A short historical note for the unwashed masses I was once one of themthere were many groupsnationspeoples that have come under the term vikingviking was an activity raiding for instance that wasracticed by Jutes Danes Norse Geats Swedesetc etc The author does the reader a service in that regard while he brings to life the times and ractices of the differing groups Beowulf is ortrayed as a warrior of great ability a leader who honors and values his men and his gods It has been a treat watching him grow into his osition among not only the Geats but with his hostsI will not say who they arekind of a spoiler Given that this story is about warriors there are battles and skirmishesthere are heroic deeds erformedthere are visitations form the godsbut most of all there is Beowulf growing steadily in battle skills and learning how to be an honorable man in a time of deadly uncertainty Kudos to CR May for his lively and entertaining interpretation of the Beowulf saga 43 stars Book 3 Monsters is already on my Kindle Excellent book about the Anglo Saxons. Hcyn in the final battle for Geatland PRAISE FOR BOOK ONE ‘SWORD OF WODEN SORROW HILL’ a great start to a very The Edinburgh Lectures On Mental Science promising series fastaced and exciting the style of Lalaloopsy prose used by CRMay is so much better than normal debut novels His story is wellaced and wonderfully descriptive but most of all he knows how to tell a damn good yarn one of the best battle seuences I have had the Trying To Save Piggy Sneed pleasure of reading for some time Definitely recommended The characters became real multi facetedeople always the mark of a good writer.