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ClockwiseCk but engaging read just with less stuff that makes me want to vomit Okay what Tadiana said And really that s pretty much it It starts off rather stereotypical and evelops some nice twists and turns by the end It s a solid 35 that climbs well enough throughout to prompt me to round up 35 starsThis is a light hearted time travel Part adventure some Study Guide For Principles Of Microeconomics disaster aash of comedy and an edge of romance While many things are not very well explained and the summary of the are not very well explained and the summary of the pretty much covers everything I A Sea So Far did still overall enjoy itCasey is a typical teenager who is just trying to live her life Yet at random unknown intervals she finds herself thrust back in time Particularly the 1860s Sometimes it is for a few hours other times weeks she could be stuck there While she had learned how to handle and navigate these changes she is always fearful of touching others because whatever she is touching at the time goes with her and since she has no control over when she travels it must be uite nerve wracking When the guy she likes isancing with her suddenly POOF Welcome to the 1800 s Nate things of it as a prank at first but then when he realizes how real it is he struggles to adjust This is just the beginning It is an interesting adventure with some surprising connections I Guarda Minha Fala Para Sempre did find the book e bit jumpy especially at first and how she knew certain thingsidn t make much sense for awhile But soon I was into the story and the nuances started to slip into the backround Overall an enjoyable read but I The Quest Of The Absolute do wish it was a bit memorable I read it a few months ago and manyetails of since run away from me I prefer to have the memories live on especially until I finish a series when it is part of oneI was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fairhonest review Kindle freebie 61918 again 35 stars rounding up since I think it ll really appeal to its main intended audience high school age girls who love some romance mixed with fantasy in their novels and I The Break Up Bible definitely recommend it for that group This is a cute time travel novel about a high school girl named Casey who keeps getting pulled back to the year 1860 at random times The plot thickens when she accidentally pulls her hot classmate Nate back to the past with her It starts out rather clich Foucault And Theology d Casey is an awkward girl with a mad crush on Nate who is one of the most popular guys in her school but the story gets much complex and interesting as it goes along especially toward the end I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists and turns in the plotThis isefinitely a story for the YA set with a side helping of high school romance but if you like that kind of thing it s worth grabbing while it s a freebie The author turned it into a series but this first book works fine as a stand alone read Casey first time traveled at nine years old She has no control over it but stress seems to induce the trip what she and her best friend call traveling Casey always travels back to 1860 in the exact same location as she is in the present She can be stuck there anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks but when she comes back not a single second has passed She returns exactly the same except completely exhausted with ark rings around her eyes Anything she is touching at the time also travels back with her but she returns wearing exactly the same thing she had on when she left No naked time traveling Thank goodness Everything is fine same thing she had on when she left No naked time traveling Thank goodness Everything is fine long as she oesn t touch anyone When her longtime crush Nate asks her to Ghostly Murders Stories Told On Pilgrimage From London To Canterbury 4 dance she is beyond happy But with all the stress and emotions she ends up time traveling with Nate along for the rideI loved Casey She was such a brave andown to earth character that I could relate to High school is hard enough but imagine having to live that life as well as a whole other life in 1860 Casey was able to find a family in 1860 to take her in and give her work but she faces many ifficulties such as trying to find food shelter and clothes When she time travels she ends up in 1860 in exactly the same place she is in present ay so sometimes she must travel for miles to get back to Sara and the Watsons who employ her I also loved Nate At first I was worried I wouldn t like him because he starts off as the typical mean jock But when Nate travels back with Casey he gets to spend a few weeks in her world He final. Wealthy and unwanted suitor something changes in Nate Are those romantic sparks or is it just brotherly protectivenessWhen they return to the present things go back to the way they were before Casey parked on the bottom of the rung of the social ladder and Nate perched high on the very ,

This was a cute book typical YA but enjoyable and addictive nonetheless The romance was sweet and Casey was really amusing It was actually just what I needed How Israelis And Palestinians Negotiate during a book slump So this was cute but a little off for meCasey Donovan is not your normal teenager She randomly gets sucked back in time to the 1800 s When this happens timeoesn t change in her era so that she always returns to the exact spot she left from Handy Only her best friend knows her secretoh and now the super hot football star Nate Mackenzie who she accidentally took with her I liked the characters They were fun and light Pretty much Average Teens Just With Time teens just with time happening The plot itself was also all right It moved along and even though I figured out the oh my gosh moments long before they happened I was interested in how they would eventually come to light But I had some issues with the writing The characters read a little young for me and I felt like nothing was really explained Casey had no real connection to the time traveling It just happens and we re supposed to accept it I guess I just wanted emotion explanation Also why when Casey returned from time travel were her clothes the same as when she left She always changed the minute she arrived in the past so shouldn t she travel back to her time period wearing those clothes Like how Personality Development do her original clothes just magically appear back on her body See these are answers I needTo me the best thing about this book was the historical aspect I loved the parts when Casey was in the past than her actual life because things were happening So will I continue I honestlyon t know I read this one because it was part of a buddy read and a freebie from so if that happens again I may check out the next one It s available on for free guyshttpswwwgpproductB00So what can I say about this book It was cute Like really cute but just not my style you know There were some really nice reviews about it so I thought of just reading it and I A Primer On The History And Philosophy Of Education did find it cute But nothing than that But one thing is for sure I reallyid not like Nate He seemed too arrogant He was just plain annoying I mean I felt as if he Nieco Inna Historia Cywilizacji Dzieje Bankw Bankierw I Obrotu Pieninego did not like Casey at all Other than that yeah the book was cuteI guess I have no other words than cute to explain this one Alot of this book Iidn t like parts I Frat House downright hated but I m giving it four stars anyway Why Because past the terrible start and cliched insecureobsessive main character stuff no guy wants to read about there s actually a great serious time travel story here I just wish I could excise the first part of the book from my head but since I can t I won t mention any of it and pretend I never read any of it either except to say the beginning of this book is really really bad but stick with it it gets betterAnyway past that this book actually has a pretty good plot with a serious treatment of 1860s Civil War and 1960s civil rights stuff interwoven into it Who knew When the main character Casey is actually put into situationsealing with those issues cause she s a time traveler who can t control her traveling she s actually serious intelligent and knowledgable and comes out way better than my first impression of her I liked her interactions with the various people in the past particularly Willie and his family how she hid her knowledge and stuff from the future how she survived in the 1860s Add to that various uite intriguing plot twists a friend in the past being conscripted into the Union army a proposal from a fugitive slave hunter The Bonemender The Bonemender 1 dealing with prejudices and all that and I can almost completely forgive the horrid startSurprisingly the modern parts of this book got good too There are a couple of side plots with Casey s brother and family and the past and future plots actually connected to each other uite well in the end Since Casey basicallyisappears from one time and blinks into existence in the other it could be ve been very hard to follow but all the time traveling tracking the past plots and the present plots was very well Teamwork Means You Cant Pick The Side Thats Right doneThere are uite a few loose plotlines for the seuel including a HUGE twist from the ending how her time traveling works the other time travelers she s met etc and from the looks of the preview of the first chapter itoesn t start as badly as this one so I hope this series continues to be a light fun ui. Casey Donovan has issues hair height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century And now this she's accidentally taken Nate Mackenzie the cutest boy in the school back in time Protocol pressures her to tell their 1860 hosts that he is her brother and when Casey finds she has a handsome.

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Ly sees what an amazing and strong person she is and becomes a better person himself Nate must live in 1860 for a few weeks pretending to be her brother and he sees how hard Casey works to surviveThere were great supporting characters as well The Watsons were very kind to take in Casey especially "since she isappears on them all the time with no warning They also helped out another straggler named Samuel "she isappears on them all the time with no warning They also helped out another straggler named Samuel ended up really surprising me I loved that along with the great characters I also felt like I traveled to 1860 myself I was reminded of some interesting American I COULD HAVE NEVER SURVIVED I could have never survived 1860 Casey to Crash Bang deal with issues such as racism sexism no transportationifficult farm and family work I read the whole book in one night and it was a lot of fun I recommend it for anyone that enjoys time travel It also has a great romance and I loved all the twists and turns and the way everything came together in the end It all wrapped around in a surprising way I plan to read the seuel very soon So this is your life CaseyJust one big loop over and overSomething like thatDoesn t it How Animals Smell drive you crazy Having your life interrupted all the time Having to be twoifferent people Having to survive in a strange eraYour nothing like I thought you were back at schoolWhich wasI The Patriarch don t know uiet boring uninspiredAnd nowObviously the opposite I have to admit I ve encountered than a few indieself published pieces throughout my exploration of the ebook market And let s not lie 75 80% of those have been less than spectacular and have featured characters plots and writing I have either struggled with or given up on entirely After DFNing my latest indie novel I have to admit I was slightly skeptical when I first started Clockwise And while Io admit Clockwise has its fair share of typical YAness and stereotypes jock boy with a sweet heart new clothingmake uphair productsgorgeous Contemporary Social Issues damsel inistress syndrome are just a few of many it s Brian De Palma definitely a gem within the labyrinth of self publishing The one thing I really liked about Clockwise was the addicting aspect of the writing It s your typical rom comchick lit novel so the writing isn t on par with theescriptiveness that usually comes out of Libba Bray or Maggie Stiefvater s pen but is a nice mix of fun and funny that gives the novel just the right touch Casey s our adorable 1st person POV MC voice in particular got me laughing literally out loud at moments and really felt utterly real and human The only thing that bothered me about the writing and this truly is a minor point was the lack of The Lost Traveler description at points and the telling of events as time passed But those are truly minor complaints and in truth the noveloesn t really need them to stand on its own in my opinion The romance is perhaps where I wasn t totally on Casey s side Mostly because Nate was a A Highlander In Her Past Mackay Clan 3 dick jerk for the majority of the novel and only sort of redeemed himself in my eyes I m always hard on redemption The romance also slightly smelled like insta love never a good mark in my book and was that whole popular guy crush thing sadly Thankfully the word love in relation to them was only uttered once and Nate s feelingsid develop enough to make me sort of okay with himWhile I absolutely adored Casey I found she freuently put herselfown with the help of her BFF once in a whiledon t get me started on Lucinda I was not pleased with her for the majority of the novel though I felt a little better about her redemption moment then I Dragons Gap did with Nate which I am not a fan of Sheid have moments of potential grrl power awesomeness however and only really became insecure in relation to her looks and standing with guys In a weird kind of way Casey was so much confident in the 1800s than she was in the real world The uieter moments of the plot Casey s father and her parents separation especially while small moments really got to me and made the novel not only much relatable but real in my mind I also liked the focus on racism within the time travel and how it became a small but important theme throughout the novel All in all I really enjoyed Clockwise It was wonderfully funny addicting I read it in two Midnight Man Midnight 1 days ya ll and featured a nice cast of characters as well as some serious sections that made me want to crank open a few history books myself 35 45 FREE on today 10252017. Op Except this time her heart is broken Plus her best friend is mad her parents are split up and her younger brother gets escorted home by the police The only thing that could make life worse is if by some strange twist of fate she took Nate back to the past againWhich of course sheoes.

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