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Ng to stuff that person s mouth shut perhaps iterally with that essay ALSO fry does a mini review for elaine showalter s the female malady be still my nerdy heart Though I got a ot of pleasure from this book essentially a collection of Stephen Fry s newspaper columns from the ate 1980s I was also eft a bit underwhelmed Fry writes on a range of subjects there is an interesting element of interest and prescience about some of the predictions made how things turned out I also got a hell of a ot of enjoyment from the author s playful use of words very nice indeedBut it just felt a bit old in places Repetitive in places due to the nature of the book "FRY NEVER WROTE HIS NEWSPAPER COLUMNS "never wrote his newspaper columns of the future idea of compiling them into a book and a bit too dense to consume from front to back as I did Though Fry warns against doing this admittedly I would recommend picking away at this tome eisurely it should not be attempted in one go as the author himself warns A collection of radio pieces articles attempted in one go as the author himself warns A collection of radio pieces articles other bits and bobs Stephen wrote over the years Most are witty and interesting I particularly enjoyed As Mad As Mad Can Be and The Adventure of the Laughing Jarvey I The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident ll admit I skipped the articles about cricket and the play Latin at the end uick review from memory until I re read and re review at aater dateA collection of stuff he s written ie columns etc Not particularly exiting and I don t recall what his writing style is Grace Happens like but c mon it s Frymo Iistened to the audio book read by the author Some of the stories were a bit dated but I did enjoy most of it A handsome volume of Stephen Fry s journalism from the eighties and nineties I forget My only beef is that a Beyond All Reason lot of the columns concern topics that as an Americaniving in 2009 aren t at all relevant I found myself reading this book for the sake of Stephen s prose not because the content particularly engaged me I skipped the Trefusis columns entirely Overall though it s a book I m not sorry to have read Stephen delivers every time Stephen Fry is his usual witty self in this collection of essays articles and scratches from his earlier days of comedy The introduction suggest that you not read the book in one short period but set it down and pick it up from time to time But I found i had to keep moving from one piece to another to another It s really that intoxinly funny A terrific read. O cover this book perhaps than any other shows the breadth of Fry's interests and the depth of his insight He remains a hilarious writer on whatever topic he puts his mind to. ,

Fry is so witty that sometimes his serious points are dismissed as a joke for instance when he turns the animal rights movement on its head by uestioning whether humans HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO KILL the right to do kill put them in zoos etc This is a wonderful reframing of the uestion but too many people will dismiss it as just a clever paradoxEverything he says deserves not just How To Tempt A Tycoon Savage Tales 5 Invitation To Eden 24 laughter but thought I veong admired the work of Stephen Fry and I can relate to uite a Secrets In The Fire lot of his viewpoints on the world Paperweight is a collection of his non fiction writings in all sorts of formats from around theate 80s there are numerous newspaper columns he s written radioscripts plays and his general musings on ife which cover everything from the ordinary absurd and the downright banalIt s a real mixed bag and is definitely a "book that needs to be dipped in and "that needs to be dipped in and of as Fry himself suggests I think if you were to read Fry himself suggests I think if you were to read cover to cover you d end up hating it because the way the articles have been put together is so random and incoherent Bizarre but there were enough hilarious accounts and interesting pieces to keep me going back for A collection of Fry s radio scripts and newspaper columns As always he is witty funny and observant and as always uite flamboyant in his use of vocabulary Not as ight reading as the subject matter could be I needed a dictionary at hand but as the author himself recommends digest it slowly and you The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book ll find plenty to enjoy so uite a few years ago a friend of mine gave me a bunch of episodes of the young ones because he knew iiked british comedies i watched the first episode and was baffled this show was weird crass oud foul none of the sketches made sense everyone shouted all the time for what seemed ike no discernable reason was this supposed to be punk alternative comedy or what but i stuck with it out of sheer stubbornness and finally made it to the episode where the gang somehow ends up on university challenge aka uiz bowl for college students against the oxbridge team made up of emma thompson hugh Mountain Man Mountain Man 1 laurie stephen fry and ben elton i was going to describe how the young ones sketch goes but instead il just Hola Amigos link to a clip here and justike that I GOT IT the key background i had been missing all that stuff the young ones was setting itself in opposition against yikes what a mess of prepositions it all finally slotted into place in that A hilarious collection of the many articles written by Stephen Fry for magazines newspapers and radio It includes selected wireless essays of Donald Trefusis the ageing profe. ,

Oment when the show put it IN CONTEXT FOR ME AND SUDDENLY context for me and suddenly i found the show now hilarious and weirdly brilliantto clarify it wasn t the exaggerated send up of class i ve got a porsche that made things click for me it was the way the show plays with the comedy sketch format itself or rather the way it just doesn t give one sht for it when all s said and done the part with the footlights could probably have stood on its own as a perfectly respectable parody something you could easily imagine being shown on an british version of SNL or something but the young ones not only resisted this aura of clever parody but rendered it utterly meaningless through violence and the non seuitur all of this is my very round about way of collecting my thoughts on this stephen fry collection which is exactly what you might expect it and him to be Their Words Are Music like self deprecating massively intelligent witty charming careful i always fall madly inove with anyone who can speak in complete paragraphs with such articulation that you can practically hear the semicolons in their speech and stephen fry is definitely of that number but there s something rather antiuated about him something in Manikam Kalbu line with the footlights parody even as stephen fry himself participates in that parody that doesn tend itself much to a revelatory experience at first it surprised the bejeesus out of me to realize fry was in his Oxford Specialist Handbook Of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology And Nutrition Oxford Specialist Handbooks In Paediatrics late 20s and early 30s when he started writing the stuff collected herebut then again that s exactly what i mean impossible to think of stephen fry as anything but an old soul even in his 30s ah well still enjoyed thumbing through this and i do admit i went teehee every time he mentioned his good friend hughaurie one whole section of this book consists of a series of radio broadcast transcripts which suffers from the Principles Of Wood Science And Technology lack of nuance thative performance provides But The Articles And the articles and i found eminently "Readable Also Through One "also through one his essays i The Greeks Chosen Wife learned that senior wrangler is actually a real thing in britain i had always thought terry pratchett made up the term for discworld because it sounds so silly but no who knewincidentally fry s essay defending the use of academic jargon made me want toiterally eap up and hoot with pure joy THIS GUY GETS IT i wanted to shout while pumping my fists triumphantly into the air the next time someone complains about theory to me i am goi. Ssor of philology brought to ife in Fry's novel The Liar and the best of Fry's weekly column for the Daily TelegraphPerfect to dip into but just as enjoyable to read cover .

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