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A Hope Divided The Loyal League #2

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Ne Ewan meanwhile is an interrogator for the Northern forces He s an oddball somewhere on the autistic spectrum and his apparently the Northern forces He s an oddball somewhere on the autistic spectrum and his apparently attitude has been weaponised to make him into a highly effective torturer This is a hell of a move on Cole s part and she neither glosses over nor excuses what Ewan did including the fact that he violently attacked one of his interrogatees who is the villain of this book Ewan s self loathing is powerfully done but there are no simple answers Torture s wrong but the South needs to lose the war and as uickly as possible Love and kindness are vital but they won t save Marlie on their own It s a complicated thought provoking book I particularly like what this series does with the Southern
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concept demonstrating the lie of that particular idolisation of certain white women Melody the Southern belle here is truly evil as is the villain This is tricky because on the face of it they both feel close to caricature racists but it takes about thirty seconds reading up to realise that this is in fact how viciously poisonously racist many Southerners were Truth is stranger and also worse than fiction A fantastic second installment with loads of UST and a unusual pair of leads and a really fresh look at the period from a rare in romance perspective Whole series highly recommended and I do hope I know who the next book is about GIVE DANIEL A BOOK is what I m saying here I really like how this woman writes The heroine here was weaker and protected than the one in the previous book but I appreciated how he grown up even if I and I suppose nobody else didn t like the reasons that forced her toShe is also a mixed race free woman but where the previous heroine was actively fight for the Union here Marlie is not fighting but helping either with care of the prisoners of war or with hiding the escaped slaves Still her help is done with the protection of the powerful family her half sister s So she s somehow respected and allowed freedom with her herbalist s experiments She doesn t need to work inorder to maintain herself She has a home where she s loved and all her needs are metThe hero on the other hand is an active fighter for the Union even if his fight is rather horrific she s a torturer But he s also a prisoner in the camp where Marlie is tending and helpingWhen he escapes wonded he s brought to Marlie for helpUnfortunately the half brother comes home with a harpy of a wife who brings into their until then peaceful home the Confederate forces She also hates Marlie because of the colour of her skin and because she cannot accept that her husband s half sister is allowed freedom and respectAll that hate forces Malie to flee to save herself and she s forced to feel on her own skin the real treatment the slaves are subjected toFortunately she has the hero s Ewan s helpEwan is a very curious character He s alsmot robotic in some of his behaviours But he starts having feelings for Marlie and is rather clumsy with her I liked him a lot He was just what Marlie needed to make her best come outA very unusual pair and a very well written storyI m looking forward to books from Ms Cole Such rich goodness Marlie Ewan s story pulled at heartstrings I didn t know existed This series is just so well written and deliciously good Painful in parts and I couldn t help but think of what my life would ve been back during that awful time Alyssa Cole blows my mind with her research and these rich characters that she created Marlie was a black Claire Fraser and that made my heart so proud Not only could she heal mixing potions mixtures and such but because of her one green eye and one brown people thought of her to be a witch I don t want to spoil anything as to how Ewan Marlie crossed paths or got together Just know that this book is an adrenaline rush and a tsunami of feels Some painful causing me to look within my own hurts and struggles It s like the pages reached down in the depth of my soul and touched hurts that I had experienced throughout my life Other moments were like warm liuid sunshine Their love story was so beautiful I generally don t rate books I haven t read et but this book isn t gonna sit here with a 1 star rating because of a troll so FIVE STARS Also if Alfredos Journey you have not read the first book in this series An Extraordinary Union DO SO IMMEDIATELY IT IS WONDERFULupdateI have now officially read this book and it was so good I failed to give Dianna directions while we were driving and we got lost because I was busy reading I m sorry to disturbou again he said He tried to think of what his brother Malcolm would say something witty and dashing. Raditions and the name of a white father she never knew have protected her until the vicious Confederate Home Guard claims Marlie's home for their new base of operations in the guerilla war against Southern resistors of the Rebel cause Unbeknowst to those under her roof escaped prisoner Ewan McCall is sheltering in her laboratory Seemingly a uiet philosopher Ewan has his own history with the cruel captain of the. ,
And perhaps slightly provocative I ve got a rather SMALL BLADDER IT SEEMS SHE LOOKED AT HIM WITH bladder it seems She looked at him with brows and he understood immediately that Malcolm would not have said such a thing45 stars rounded upBehold ladies and gentlemen one of the reasons why I love Alyssa Cole s stories Even when writing about the brutality of the Civil War the injustice of slavery the pain of family secrets and self discovery and self doubt Cole is adept at intermingling humor and lightness Although her stories tell difficult truths they are also hopeful They remind Oya you that even during times of brutality and injustice and pain people also found ways to laughI may have enjoyed A Hope Divided than An Extraordinary Union which was a fairly extraordinary wink wink book itself While the romance was a slower burn the uniue leads kept me captivatedI referenced self discovery above and that theme remains prominent throughout the story Marlie a gifted healer and the daughter of a plantation owner and a free black woman has lived a fairly sheltered life As her vicious sister in law and the violent Home Guard threaten her freedom long held secrets are revealed and shake her foundation Marlie befriends Ewan when he is a prisoner of war and subseuently shelters him upon his escape Ewan who is comfortable with books than people must come to terms with his present actions as a Union counterintelligence officer and past ghostsAs the story stretches from desolate prison camps to militia hideaways and highlights covert and overt acts of resistance there is an underlying tension Butou also glimpse the characters as they would exist without the war Marlie and her herbs Ewan and his books their shared interests as as they would exist without the war Marlie and her herbs Ewan and his books their shared interests as as their disagreements their desire to help others their fear that they won t be understood and their relief in finding someone who does indeed understand While I was a bit disappointed in the evolution of the romance view spoilerwe don t see Marlie say I love Ek Sanjhne Sarname you back which seriously bummed me out because I LIVE for on page declarations hide spoiler This is my 4th or 5th Cole Don t ask me to come up with all the titles rn bc I m on my phone away from home so that s not happening Overall I can tellou my relationship with her writing is complex I love how incredibly smart her books are There s no What do Searchlight you all call it Window dressing here She s incredible at making me feel the time and place ultimately the sense of danger And her covers are spectacular They always have been Her heroines are smart her books are sexy but there was something soooo close to perfect for me but slightly off A pacing issue I didn t believe the relationship A choice to tell rather than showThis book is evidence that it s there execution That potential that never uite hooked me was completely realized in this book If I wonder why it s because of the way these characters were built intimacy galore between them and an authentic feel to the start of the relationship Where I never uite bought the LOVE connectiones in LL1 here there s no room to second guess how these characters become each other s And hey there s a rich painful historical backdrop that Krlovstv Za Botu you know speaks truth to us today but without being obvious about itI ve come to the conclusion this might be why I sometimes don t feel gripped by her books The pain of them the complication can sometimes pull me out of the gaga romance feels I appreciate this as it feels genuine to how a romance between Marlie and Ewan would necessarily be Am I impatient about it Probably sometimes unfairly so Now note to myself Alyssa Cole s heavy historicals reuire me to be ready for them I have read Alyssa Cole before so I came into this book with high expectations especially with it being set in this historical period surrounding the conflicts of the Civil War For the most part there were many redeemable ualities about this story there is great histrical context the characters are in depth and captivating and so very uniue However for some reason the writing didn t grab me Now I had read Cole s contemporary romance not too long ago and LOVED it So I just didn t expect to struggle with this one I ended up having to skim through most of it I probably would have set it aside earlier but I really wanted to give this one a chance and it was also a ARC via Netgalley I still plan on reading this author in the future it probably was just me since everyone else has raved about this book I will say that this book offers many ualities that will appeal to a variety of readers especially ifou are looking for a story steeped in history and real life charactersthen ou will enjoy this one. Home Guard and a thoughtful but unbending strength Marlie finds irresistible When the revelation of a stunning family secret places Marlie's freedom on the line she and Ewan have to run for their lives into the hostile Carolina night Following the path of the Underground Railroad they find themselves caught up in a vicious battle that could dash their hopes of love and freedom before they ever cross state lines. .