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The main characters Mull a Husayn was one of the first people who was the one who found The B ab He searched all over Iran traveled a long way to find the B ab When he did find the B ab He did not tell Mull a Husayn that He was the one Mull a Husayn has been searching for The B ab invited him into His house and they talked for a whole day than was when he realized that he has found who he was looking for This is only one of the main characters in this book there are so many and all of them ran into many problems throughout their missions for example one of the problems Mull a Husayn ran into was everywhere he went he couldn t find The B ab and no one knew who he was and where he was living but he never gave up and looked in every single city in Iran All of them were hero s in their own way and my favorite character was T ahirih she was the first woman who removed her Hijab in front of everyone She is my favorite character because she was so brave and stood up for herself as a woman and basically said why can t we be eual I cannot relate to any moment in this book or any characters because the hardship they went through I can t even imagine going through it for even one second I can only feel the same and not even as extreme but a little bit of what they went through with dealing with the Islamic people and how they tortured them Now it s not as bad but still continues in Iran they treat all the Baha is they tortured them Now it s not as bad but still continues in Iran they treat all the Baha is same but less extreme than before I love this book I ve read it than 10 times I don t have a favorite part because I really love this whole book and love every moment of the stories that are being told The Author did a great job and what makes this book powerful and understanding is that Nabil was present at some events that he wrote about he was mostly there when everything that he said was happening and the ones he wasn t there Was Read And Corrected By read and corrected by characters that were in

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story I recommend this book to whoever that likes history and knowing about other religions and people who like to read big words and long words that no one understands Also people who like non Fiction Mostly history teachers or whoever is really interested in history would really like this book Absolutely vital reading in being a Bah. Ial heroism which He alone inspired Words and events were related first hand Nabil i Azam by many eye witnesses and participants in this Divinely inspired and short lived period which cleaved the clouds of entrenched tradition and prepared nothing less than the long awaited dawning of the Ancient of Da. .
Of ears ago is still living invisibly He will come with Imam Husayn on the eve of the judgement day Imam Muhammad popularly known as the Mehdi in the beginning used to communicate through specific persons known as Babs The gates After the foruth bab the tradition was stoppedDuring the 1840s a handsome outh from the city of Shiraz claimed to be the Bab His name was Siyyid ali Muhammad He was of the lineage of the holy prophet People began to flock around him and soon it took the of the lineage of the prophet People began to flock around him and soon it took the form a popular revolution much to the chagrin of the Dynasty and the ulamas the Muslim scholars Eventually the government had to unleash its power on the babis and thousands were perished many heroically Even the life of the Bab wasn t sparedBahaullah another leader of the babi revolution was put in an underground dungeon and there he gets a divine revelation He reaches the prison city of Akka and begins to preach his new gospel which eventually culminates in the promulgation of the Baha I religionThe Baha I community believes in a universal world order accepting and respecting all the prophetsThe language used in the book is at the same time beautiful and simple I still can t forget some of the episodes such as the death of Bab When he was fired on by 750 soldiers and how miraculously he escapes only to be killed in the second attempt the tribulations of Bahaullah in the underground dungeon of Siyal i chai and in the end how he ushers the beautiful religionIf ou really want to study the baha I history this book is a mustMy rating 45 How do ou rate a book like this Compared to whatFor me is a five star book but then how many star shall I give to I n the book of Certitude 10 starsI gave had a very hard time with the rating of the books The Dawn Breakers is a narrative of the early days of the Baha i revolutions This book is about different stories that happened in the 19th century in Iran until 1863 This book is made of small stories about The B abis and The Baha i history and how it became what it is now The main characters are the historical hero s in the Baha i faith which are Shaykh Ahmad and Sayyid Kazim Rashti the B ab the Letters of the Living among which are Mull a Husayn udd us T ahirih and further Dayy an Hujjat and Baha u llah One of. N the dramatic events which inaugurated the promised dawn foretold in all the Sacred Scriptures Central is the Figure of the Blessed Bab 'matchless in His meekness imperturbable in His serenity magnetic in His utterance' as it documents the tragic and triumphal events fueled by a visionary and sacrific. This book is intense and long Inspiring And Amazing There Were Bits and amazing There were some bits broke my heart and some bits that filled me with joy and some bits that made me want to run out and change the world I love knowing that these people are my people now that these are the storie Not my first time attempting to read The Dawn Breakers but my first time finishing The Dawn Breakers Glad I did Much easier to do when ou ve got a group of fellow readers to help keep ou accountable This is a huge volume and there s a lot to take in Would love to reread in the future this was worth it what a noble inspiring account of the early days of the Faith I read this book over the course of a ear during my time in the Baha i Holy Land With its combination of lengthiness complexities and awe inducing scenarios I was left dumbstruck by the time I had completed it I am so thankful that this book was written during the early Achieving Qtls Status years of the Baha i Faith capturing many an important aspect of Baha i history Without it the true events of the beginningears of the Faith may have become obscured over time and leave us destitute I give this book 5 stars not only for explaining in perfect detail such historical evidence of the Bab and Baha u llah as I have never come across as of et but also for the impact it has already had on the Faith and the essentiality of it in the many ears to come These epic and true stories of Courage And Faith In and faith in social and historical setting which was new to me were moving enlightening and beautiful The writing is a little dated but the details of the early days of the Baha i Revelation are clearly narrated Well worth the time Nnot an overnight read though I ve read it a couple of times and find that this time I am finding new perspectives and facts that I missed or glossed over the first couple of time I read it Recently read The Dawn breakers by Nabil I Azzam the chronicler of Bahaism The book was so good that I pondered over many thingsSynopsis19th century Iran An obscurantist cruel clergy which is bent up on pillage and rapine on the poor inhabitants A populace that is steeped in superstitions The rule of the ajar dynastyIn Shia islam there is a belief that the last of the 12 imams Muhammad who disappeared thousands. The Dawn Breakers is the most comprehensive and authoritative eyewitness account of the beginnings of the Baha'i era A reprint of the 1932 original and full of wonderful features this book is a necessity for any serious scholar of Baha'i history If ou desire fullest details then read this sourcebook The Dawn Breakers Nabíl's Narrative