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Zoobreak Swindle 2 lTo read my full review visit my blog Rating 35ove punch stars You just Nocilla Experience looked at meike I took all your choices Thank s was a sexy funny sweet alien romance that was on the fluffy side I enjoyed it uite a bit This is another case of me not really iking the heroine and IT MAKING IT A DRAG TO GET THROUGH THIS making it a drag to get through This off well but once we got to know Jetta I soon became annoyed with her She acted ike such a brat and played games with Daxx She already knew how she felt about him but still dragged him along ike a puppy If I overlook Jetta then I can say that I Did Like The World Building And The Concept Of These like the world building and the concept of these alien men wanting to devote themselves to these women Reread April 10 2020I am a sucker for a bit of sci fi Alien romance and this one hit the spot for meJetta is tricked into becoming some kind of mail order bride and finds herself very far from her home on earth and complete with a brand new alien husbandSo I absolutely oved this Jetta was a strong and feisty individual who definitely met her match in the muscled alien hotty who was also so achingly SweetDaxx knew exactly who and what he wanted from day one and although Jetta herself does take some convincing its about having her choices taken away from her than any great aversion to being with Daxx She fought her feelings uite severely initially but I think this was down to her stubborn natureI really was rooting for these two all the way they made such a charming couple This was humorous and sexy and such an easy and fun readIf you Taken By The Werebear Pack like your Aliens hot sweet and devoted Daxx then is most definitely the ET for youI enjoyed this just as much the second time around this really is a great readReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom I really enjoyed this book I started reading it because I had read Detour from DD Prince which is another penname of Scarlett Starkleigh Ioved that book Detour and was curious to see this author write a sci fi book and how that would go And I really enjoyed it Also this book is on Alternative Cover Edition of ASIN B01MVDCYI got tricked and now I'm on another planet We're here "To Be Matched With Alien "be matched with alien who haven't had access to women in years They are aching for wives desperate to have children I got tricked and then the government wouldn't Homecoming Swansea Girls 3 let me opt out They say I need to sleep with one of the aliens within 72 hours in order to getife saving antibodies otherwise I'll die So I slept with a hot 7 foot tall alien after he and 3 other hotties battled for the right to marry me I told him I'd sleep with him no strings to break his dry spell and save me from death But now the alien considers me to be his WIFE He's hot alpha bossy but sweet and I might be in ove with him Even if I don't want to admit it HOT ALPHA ALIEN HUSBANDS This is book one Daxx and Jetta (Hot Alpha Alien Husbands, #1)E it and while I thought it had potential unfortunately I found it acking Jetta was really hard to Cats Paw like after the first few chapters While I understood her feelings of betrayal her anger seemed to take soong to get over and overall it was really boring I did Anadromous Fish Resources like Daxx I always find enjoyment in a society were woman are scarce Now while I didn tove this one I may consider reading the next book because I am curious about what Treya is hiding and I would American Headway 5 Teachers Book Amp Test love to read about Zane and Ollie This was my first Sci fi Alien read and Ioved it I ove everything DD Prince put out The author mentioned not having a great Knowledge of Sci "FI ALIENS AND NEITHER DO I "Aliens and neither Do I I Must Say That She I I must say that she to be well knowledgeable to me I ove how she put everything advanced from what we are use to ike I was really thinking that this was some real ife stuff I was to excited wishing I could be in this Alien world Everything about this Alien read had my interest the author made you believe in everything she wrote and it was amazing Now I Never Let You Go love that theenght of this book exceeded 300 pages I love a ong read and I didn t notice any errors the storyline will pull you in and hold your a ong read and I didn t notice any errors the storyline will pull you in and hold your until the end Dexx and Jetta was my idol couple I Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra love the attraction between them the sexual tension was so thick that I felt it outside of the booklol Dexx characteristics and personality will make every woman won t a Alien I know I was definitely envious of Jetta He was so sweet andoving but definitely a dominate bad ass when needed Poor Jetta didn t stand a chance against this Alpha Alien man Overall I The Tobacco And Solanum Weevils Of The Genus Trichobaris love to see authors step into the unknown and I promise you DD Prince will not disappointe with this read Readers that have no clue about Sci fi Alien won t miss nothing because the way the author writes this book makes you vision yourself on this planet with all her vivid details Besides all of that who doesn tike to find Broken The Divine 3 love and that s what happens here as well Dexx and Jetta findove together An Amazing book worth trying FREE on today 10118. Bit and it means fighting threat of war general unease unrest and threats to pillage other planets for women if something wasn't done to get these men what they needed Tests were run and since we’re biologically compatible deals were made I was tricked onto the space ship I was also tricked into getting married without my knowledge I'm fighting my emotions but Daxx is doing all sorts of things to try to break down my defenses the scheming insatiable hot bossy swoony alpha Dirty talking steamy panty melting scenes over the top alpha male insta Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume 1 love A funight read in the sci fi romance genre with only a Consulting The Faithful little bit of world building but a wholeot of steamy insta ove fun a happily ever after Future books will follow but this is a complete story with an HEA no cheatin.

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He istopia Non Kristen Ashley Books That Have A Kristen Flavour so I also wanted "to see if it did have that flavor It did have an alpha male a "see if it did have that flavor It did have an alpha male a female strong attraction between each other and a pretty good storyline For me this does have a bit of a KA flavorI gave this book only 4 stars probably because of all the boring stuff that goes into trying to build the world This is especially hard to do in a sci fi book Hopefully once the next book comes out she won t have to do too much with the world building and can focus on the story itself i can t wait to read itself I can t wait to read this series BOOK 2 NOW LIVE Grab it bitlyzaneandtanya New Release The ong awaited Hot Alpha Alien Husbands Zane and Tanya s Story Book 2Book 1 Fate brought you to my feet and now I Animal Goodnight Tales ll spend myife at yoursOh DaxxThese aliens say the most romantic thingsI hope you enjoy this book I had so much fun writing it for nanowrimo 2016It s released at99 for a imited time is also available on KUNo cliffhanger More romance than sci fiFuture books about other couples in this series to come now available from ibooks nook kobo etc99 sale March 28 April 4thMore romance than sci fi Fun HOT complete story with no cliffyThe government tricked me into this alien matchmaking project I suddenly have a 7 foot tall HOT alpha alien husband I m trying to fight this but HOW when he s this sweet He gave me a pygmy space polarbear for heaven s sakeComplete 350pg hot sci fi romance KindleUnlimitedhttpbooks2readcomdaxxandjettaI got tricked I m on another planet with alien males who haven t had sex in years I need to sleep with an alien within 72 hrs for antibodies or else DIE So I did it Slept with a hot 7 foot tall alien with a no strings save me from death condition But now the he considers me his WIFEBut wait there s MORE hot alpha alien husbands book 2 NOW LIVE Grab Zane and Tanya s story The ong awaited Hot Alpha Alien Husbands Zane and Tanya s Story Book 2Grab it books2readcomzaneandtanya Daxx and Jetta Hot Alpha Alien Husbands 1 was an ok read for me I didn t Felicity Jones Rendezvous Jones Sisters 2 love it or hat. N a new series by author DD Prince writing as Scarlett Starkleigh Theyook Kampfraum Arnheim like us but better Taller nicer skin muscles Theyive a When Jesus Became God lotike us but better They’ve got a Captured By Fate Max Amp Kate 1 lot of the technology that we have butyep you guessed it theirs is better Their planet is reportedly beautiful clean unpolluted and extraordinarily colorful Medically they’re superior too Except that they were powerless to stop a super bug that uickly all but wiped out their female population and over 99% of their women were suddenly poof gone Their men areonely and restless They’re inherently alpha protective a family driven species and they’re carnally deprived so that’s having an impact on the otherwise peaceful planet They have gone without women for years and so they’re chomping at the.

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