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E she aint show none Too badToo LateToo LittleToo Much Bloodhas Spilled littleToo much bloodhas spilled "much misery for too long for the ordinary people of the Middle East "misery for too long for the ordinary people of the Middle East because the evil few s bottomless greed And here a bunch of obese trash bags are discussing how wonderfulhow smart how peservering despise of great oddtheir heroine has triumphed over never mind the skulls and bones she and her boss lelf behind How unfair How horrible How disgusting Hence my rating for the author s failure to recognise the obvious Just like I have stated elswhere and in particular my review of HEART OF A SOLDIER the noblest aspiration of a writerno mater who he perceives himself to beis to be a defender of the powerlessvoiceless and often than not penniless INSTEAD OF serving as propaganding loyal dog for the VICIOUS RULING GANGThis is the very reason of the basic freedom of speech to counter balance the omni presence of the God like RULING GANGpolitely referred as THE STATEShame to you the ones who use their pens not as weapons to protect the cheated and exploited MASS but as a mouthpiece of the so often greedyruthless and vicious members of the nobles and high priests. T a dream she eventually cast aside Rice graduated from high school at 16 and from the University of Denver at 19 She ultimately found her career calling from her professor there Josef Korbel former Central European diplomat and father of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who sparked her passion for Soviet studies After receiving a PhD at age 26 Rice became an assistant professor of political science at Stanford starting on the path that led to her becoming the youngest ever provost at Stanford the youngest and first ever female national security advisor and the first black female secretary of stateThe story of her path to excellence is an inspiration to all regardless of politics Ms Felix's book Condi not only gives us the first comprehensive portrait of the person who has the president's ear perhaps than anyone else in his administration a black woman who has risen to the top in a field traditionally dominated by white men but also a greater understanding of and insight into the workings of the White House.

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Condi The Condoleezza Rice StoryAn amazing woman with parents who provided the atmosphere for her greatness A very nice revisit and new insights to this very talented incredibly smart person of politics Did you know she was in church down the road in 63 and heard the bombs go off You think John McCain has an amazing life story It was really good I knew Condi hadhas accomplished a lot however this book really dug significantly deeper into this talented lady s life FYI The writing style can get a bit thick Born In Birmingham Alabama in Birmingham Alabama 1954 as a black child Condoleezza Rice witnessed discrimination first hand Through guidance her well educated parents provided her with a solid foundation full of religion education and overall confidence as a path forward Beginning at an ea I had no idea how talented she is it s inspiring to see what a person can do A very positive book it makes me want to be better at what I do A child from the Jim Crow "South Condoleezza Rice Became One Of The Most Influential Women "Condoleezza Rice became one of the most influential women politics in modern history Her biography is well written Got to know this fascinating lady politician and intellectualShe is a down to earth individual who is. As Secretary of State and a close confidant of President George W Bush Condoleezza Rice is the most influential woman in the history of the United States government and perhaps one of the most famous black women in "the world Her latest stint in Washington DC follows her role as National Security Advisor to the President and a distinguished "world Her latest stint in Washington DC follows her role as National Security Advisor to the President and a distinguished as scholar professor provost and foreign policy advisor that has taken her from Birmingham Alabama to Denver Colorado to Palo Alto California to the White House all by the age of 50But ust who is this powerful woman who has experienced firsthand some of our nation's darkest and brightest moments who was a key player in the government's response to the September 11 tragedies and who some believe will likely be a future governor senator vice president or even presidentDrawing from exclusive interviews with dozens of relatives colleagues friends and teachers and from scores of previously published interviews and articles Antonia Felix gives us the first biography of this extraor. .

Worthy of being president of the United StatesShe is truly a silent American hero whose contributions have brought our country forward I love this woman She is one of my role models This book helped me understand how she started out and what of my role models This book helped me understand how she started out and what of a background she has She is "an amazing woman and is grounded her faith "amazing woman and is grounded Her faith God is one of a kind As a person of An Oppressed Group Of People oppressed group of people the U S due to their skin color what has she done to improve their sorry lot What has she done to tame the U S foreign policy reeked with smell of decomposed corpses of people of color excluding armed Isrealis courtesy of her boss s neo colonialism robbing and killing to gain access to oil in the Middle Eastern countries I also wish to pose these uestions to Gen Colin Powel as an insertion into my review of his memoir MY AMERICAN JOURNEY Last but not least why didnt she resign when the overwhelming evidences clearly showed her legacy will be almost certainly tarnished with her image of ayes woman a running dog politician of her dimwit and vicious boss Hasn t she seen even Colin showed some distaste and mild disgust with his ob and his boss whil. Dinary American a poised immensely appealing fiercely loyal and deeply religious woman whose passions include music football and RussiaHer remarkable story is founded on a compelling family legacy With ancestors on both sides who were white slave owners and slaves Condoleezza Rice comes from two lineages the Rices and the Rays devoted to education and achievement She was born in segregated Birmingham in 1954 and grew up in the upwardly mobile high achieving black middle class enclave of the city Her music loving parents both educators named her after a musical term con dolcezza to play with sweetnessThe Rices started their only child on piano lessons at age three and filled her childhood years with ballet figure skating tutoring in French and Spanish football viewing and a constant flow of books at her bedside table setting forth a standard of excellence that would give her the twice as good edge necessary to be on an even standing with her white peers in the segregated SouthWhile in training to become a concert pianis.