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Hat that ship was foruntil I read this book Some things I ve always wondered about fit into place and with that we get a four star book If nly the writing was stronger I had a hard time putting this book down Cradle Snatcher once I started it It has the feelf a fictional spy thriller but American Exorcism only small detailsf the story are currently unverifiable and probably always will be The apparent shake up at the Kremlin says enough for me This is a very engaging book well if you re into historical non fiction about submarine warfare I found it very interestingSewell presents a somewhat radical theory about the well known K 129 incident I had read about this book from articles about K 129 that say that Sewell s theory is nonsense and the work f a crackpot I think that s an unfair characterization f Sewell Right Shantaram or wrong he presents a very well researched well argued position There are places where his reasoning does not seem sound he s far too willing to interpret lackf evidence as evidence Things Drunk People Say of secrets and there are a few places in the text where he states things asbvious conclusions that seem a bit strained to meIn the end Sewell s argument hinges The Joy Of Game Theory on information that he gleaned from than a dozen anonymous sources You have to judge for yourself whether you think Sewell trustworthy whether you re willing to believe in the existencef these sources Cabin Fever Over The Holidays of if you think he must made them and their material up A speculative conspiratorial workThisne sentence from John Craven s book fascinates the author there existed a possibility small though it might be that the skipper The Mark Of A Druid of this rogue submarine was attempting to launchr had actually launched a ballistic missile with a live warhead in the direction A Modern Introduction To Logic of Hawaii He take this conditional conjecture throws in a cabalf KGB big shots and delivers an almost 300 page book The central thesis behind his assertion Spring Cleaning of a rogue launch is his claim that the sub went down at 163 W Lon 24 N Lat This is critical since the K 129 was armed with three SS N 5 Serb missiles with a rangef approximately 760 nautical miles Pearl Harbor is 327 nautical miles from the claimed sinking site well within the range Dood Water Inspecteur Liese Meerhout 7 of the Serb missile If the sub sank at thefficial claimed site Deen E Insaniat of 180 Lon 40 N Lat it would be than 800 nautical miles shortf the presumed targetThat aside There s a bunch Cooperstown Baseballs Hall Of Famers of inaccuracies in his descriptionf the Hughes Glomar Explorer and the raising The Mercantile System And Its Historical Significance of the K 129 The essential facts are The locationf the recovery site was not restricted to ranking members f the Glomar crew and the CIA managers as Mr Sewell claims Certainly the seamen ship drivers were well aware f the recovery position as was the recovery team Contrary to his assertion there were no restricted areas The Holcroft Covenant The Rhinemann Exchange on the ship except the commo van and the rig floor during dangerous pipe handling conditions Others would freuently visit the bridge where we couldbserve the Transit Nav Sat position being displayed n the navigation console Besides anyone with a boy scout "s knowledge and protractor could bserve the sun at local noon and determine "knowledge and protractor could Easy Magic Tricks observe the sun at local noon and determine latitude to within a couplef degrees The position Forgotten Realms of the K 129 recovery site wasn the180 meridian approximately 40 N Lat The longitude was so spot n the International Date Line that there was some discussion as to the date to use in the recovery log Since the voyage riginated east f the date line we continued to use this dateAlso the book states that the ne megaton nuclear warheads carried Slam Dunk N 49 on the K 129 s missile have a yield euivalent to 1000 tonsf TNT in reality ne megaton is about ne million tons TNT euivalent Another simple verifiable error is that the authors claim that the crews f USS Parche USS Richard B Russell received awards for their part in the K 129 recovery efforts in late 1968early 1969 What These two subs weren t even built yet Also the authors repeatedly use presented hypotheses as facts later in the book a cardinal flaw in any form f deductive reasoning There s some space Loving The Sensitive Dog on nefarious Soviet rogues but there s no recordf them a memorial later carries extra names but the authors never follow up n them but if they had been there he asserts they could have been KGB on them but if they had been there he asserts they could have been KGB commandos who could have commandeered the ship and would have had training in using nukes the Americans determine the truth but kept uiet for political reasons for the authors it s enough to say how tense the American political situation is and say that the considerations for the cover up were indeed political without having to get into details The authors lunge for every possible conclusion and drop a few sensationalist hints that they never bother to follow up links to convicted turncoat John Walker and the mysterious loss f the USS Scorpion being two examples my guess is that Walker s role is Lds Guitar Hymns overblown here there s no explanation for how he had access to sensitive diplomatic documentsThe authors proof is also selectively analyzed Extra crewmen are established to have beenn K 129 even though there s no record Commentario Alla Scienza Della Legislazione Di G Filangieri of their being aboard and any record the authors say could have been falsified by the high ranking plotters The authors never consider that evidence establishing that these men ever existed may have been a simple clerical error if the plotters were highly placed couldn t they have simply substituted the desired crewmen The authors discount a voluntary role played by the actual executive staff because their high rank made them loyal but th. Le to pinpoint the sitef the disaster The new Nixon administration launched a clandestine half billion dollar project to recover the sunken K 129 Contrary to years f deliberately misleading reports the recovery peration was a great success With the recovery f the sub it became clear that the rogue was attempting to mimic a Chinese submarine almost certainly with the intention f provoking a war between the US and China This was a carefully planned peration that had it succeeded would have had devastating conseuences During the successful recovery.

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Red Star Rogue stayed its course to the very last page anchoring me place with its un floundering execution f this captivating intrigue rich analysis Cheesecake of the K 129 incidentOkay enough with the nautical playn words Sewell did an Twelve Kinks Of Christmas outstanding job here Anyone fondf Tom Clancy s work r all things thick with espionage and skullduggery will thoroughly enjoy this book The author did his homework and showed a healthy amount f analytical bjectivity to answer reader s uestions before they were asked With that said I m going to go n a bit The Hubble Revolution of a tirade here so please excuse me According to this book spoiler alerts satellite technology circa 1969 could notnly see an The Kingmakers Vampire Empire 3 object in the middlef the The Kingmakers Vampire Empire 3 ocean measuringnly 5 ft by 5ft it was also capable f identifying burning fuel as the type and grade used by Russian attack subs f that time Satellites could virtually smell petrol from Shooter outer space So how is it that in 2014 notne nation The Art Of Exile on this planet was able to tell us what happened to the still missing jumbo jet MH 370My theory then now reinforced by revelations within this book was that most likely several countries are well awaref what happened to that mysterious flight Aethereal Revealed Aethereal 2 or in the least where it happened However saying so would inadvertently shed too much lightn their surveillance technology s efficacy Still you would hope that someone somewhere would at least hint as in Hey maybe someone should look Your Guide To Public Speaking over here We saw a blipr something around the time f its disappearance I didn t buy the story r lack there His Lost Mate of then and I certainly don t buy it now Red Star Rogue made me re think flight MH 370 I hopethers will sit up and take notice as well The sinking Elsies Womanhood The Original Elsie Classics 4 of the Soviet submarine K 129 and the CIA s subseuent attempts to recover it has long beenf interest to me So having finally gotten the chance to read this book I was intrigued by this new angle n what seemed a familiar incident In fact if you think you know anything about this event then you might want to think again Red Star Rogue puts forward a compelling case that the event that sank K 129 was far sinister then the public has ever been told In fact authors Kenneth Sewell and Clint Richard use interviews mostly with unnamed sources declassified documents and supposition they come to the conclusion that n March 7 1968 the US came within moments Mark Twains Guide To Audacious Sarcasm Volume 1 of a nuclear attack by a rogue Soviet submarine While they certainly make a compelling case it is by no means convincing The make that case the authors fall into the trapften found in conspiracy theory boos Bonadea of building a theory that fits facts but not the supporting evidence The authors contend that a rogue groupf hard line Soviet Something Like Gravity officials put a KGB teamn K 129 who then hijacked it and attempted to launch a missile in an attempt to start a war between the US and China Sadly the authors try to make up for a lack Witchblade Volume 3 of evidence with supposition by the bucket load and the result while compelling is far from convincing Where the authors are successful is in the revelations about the CIA attempt to recover the wreckf K 129 The authors reveal a web f intrigue and deceit used to cover reveal a web f intrigue and deceit used to cover where the sub sank how it was found and how much Blizzard On Moose Mountain of it was recovered Here armed with much better evidence the authors make both a compelling and convincing case The revelation that muchf K 129 was recovered then has ever both a compelling and convincing case The revelation that much f K 129 was recovered then has ever admitted has to be read by anyone who thinks they know all there is to know about this incident Red Star Rogue is a compelling book Though not convincing in its premise f a near miss with a nuclear attack the case for a CIA cover up in the recovery effort is While it might not be entirely convincing it is certainly compelling and should be a fascinating read for anyone interested in the Cold War era The best part about this book is that the events occurred and were kept a secret for so long Now that and were kept a secret for so long Now that information is ut there it is largely unknown that in 1968 the world was closer to Nuclear War than during the Cuban Missile Crisis That is the reason for three rather than two starsNow for the bad part about this book I didn t like the way it was presented It wasn t well rganized so it seemed like I was reading an extremely detailed account that repeated itself freuently from passage to passage In short I think this Widowmaker Mike Bowditch 7 one could have been written in 13 the numberf pages and still been interesting As it was I got bored with the rehashing in every passage and thought that the additional detail was Ramon Psano Pro New York Times of a detractor than enhancement I thought this book was a good editor away from being a five star book but there are a numberf reasons why I like itFirst f all assuming that this book is completely true and full f facts it s a scary reality and it s certainly plausible Did this happen Was all The English Vice of society nearly snuffedut Is this worth reading again with Pakistan s shaky society and North Korea s nuclear ambitions In short simply the prospect f what could have been is scary enough for me and I found this part to be grippingAdditionally did Tom Clancy get the idea for The Hunt for Red October from this story The similarities are there but since I m someone that enjoys an ccasional Clancy novel La Nueva Masculinidad or three if you want something as well written as possible you take Clancy and the Red OctoberLastly though I was engrossed with the inclusionf the Glomar Explorer As a young boy I remember reading Janes and all sorts Diary Of A Wimpy Steve Series Book 1 of good military history and I always wondered Onef the great secrets Russell Lee Photographer of the Cold War hidden for decades is revealed at last Early in 1968 a nuclear armed Soviet submarine sank in the watersff Hawaii hundreds Cosmology Ecology And The Energy Of God of miles closer to American shores than it should have been Compelling evidence assembled here for the first time strongly suggests that the sub K 129 sank while attempting to fire a nuclear missile most likely at the naval base at Pearl HarborWe now know that the Soviets had lost trackf the sub; it had become a rogue While the Soviets searched in vain for the boat US intelligence was ab. 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