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Rituality and enlightenment that I didn t agree with but those were few and far between so I just ignored them Those things did not influence my enjoyment those were few and far between so I just ignored them Those things did not influence my enjoyment the bookThe author also includes some stories and anecdotes f famous musicians rap artists and rock bands that he has known in his career as a composer and producer I didn t like a single Hellfire onef those stories They had nothing to do with the topic f meditation and they were full f drugs and ugliness Those DID influence my enjoyment f the book In a negative wayThere are some really good ideas in this book about meditation and wayThere are some really good ideas in this book about meditation and the characteristics it shares with music I think many musicians would be inspired to try meditation and deepen their meditation practice with the concepts in this bookAll the elements for a good book are there but the execution left me feeling bored instead f inspired However that might just be from my Clouds Above The Hill own mood and expectations while reading Other people might enjoy the book much than I did Disclaimer I received a copyf this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review All the Prince Of Deception opinions stated here are mywn true thoughts and are not influenced by anyone I was always curious about meditation but my few attempts failed miserably I m really not into new agey spiritual stuff but after reading about In Tune in The New Yorker I decided to pick up the book I was pleasantly surprised what an easy engaging read it was filled with humor pop culture references and a clear lesson plan Wolf details his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures own initial difficulty with mediation as a relatable gateway to explain the techniue he eventually develops based in partn various disciplines and abilities from his musical background But you don t need to be a professional musician to master this techniue He explains how even fans f music accustomed to focusing n sounds and patterns can use his methodology If you ve ever been curious about meditation and standard focusing Process on sounds and patterns can use his methodology If you ve ever been curious about meditation and standard doesn t seem right for you then checkut In Tune This book is a great read for anyone interested in music mindfulness meditation Beg Songs Of Submission 1 or all three It s an honest unvarnished accountf a prominent musician s struggles with mindful meditation how he came to succeed in the practice and why that success was important The book is full Beg And Tease Songs Of Submission 1 2 of timely tips to help jump startr improve your Primal Law Mack Bolan The Executioner 344 own practice and cogent arguments for why that s worth doing As an added bonus the book contains fascinating anecdotes about prominent musicians and writers manyf whom Allen Ginsburg Miles Davis and Ravi Coltrane the author knew personally I was expecting to learn how to meditate by listening to music when I bought this book But the I got into it the I realized that the author has a lot knowledge and wisdom to ffer than simple ti. Refined in musical practice that carry ver to mindfulness and meditation among themConcentrationPostureHarmonySilenceThe Art f Deep ListeningTranscending the SelfThis inspirational guide ffers a wealth Catalogue Raisonne Of Sculpture of music based exercises to enhance daily meditation and creativity Plus Wolf shares personal anecdotesf eminent musicians from Miles Davis.

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Some books make unforgettable connections Music Is A Mystery First is a mystery first internal throbbing which is translated into notations perhaps then instruments and song Mindfulness and meditation are mysteries Eternal Womanhood of similarrder first internally sought in mind chatter and silence and then actualized This book by a decorated musician notes the relationship between music and mindfulness It provides a bridge to meditation by imitation f music masteryIf you wish to meditate this book will help you as it did me If you are a musician all the better The similarities f sound and silence mean allow you to follow the simile to actual practices and mastery And since mindfulness entails the envelopment He Humbled Himself of sound and silence within eachther this book ffer the music "MINDED A HIGH ROAD TO MINDFULNESS "a high road to mindfulness humorless and self important spiritual books Mr Wolf is a story teller alive to the laughter at the heart f a koan and the wisdom Sustainable Suburbia of anecdotes Imagine a cookbookf soul food which is than instructional it is fun to read and teaches with the gentleness f the born teacher Not really what I was expecting I thought it would be like here s how to use actual music to meditate r whatever but it was really like you know how you have to practice your musical instrument #a lot to be good at it Same with meditating Here s a Miles Davis uote This book teaches the reader # lot to be good at it Same with meditating Here s a Miles Davis uote This book teaches the reader to meditate by focusing Sir Edmund Hillary on the breath using techniuesf listening and creativity that musicians also use As a professional pianist I didn t uite find what I expected in this book I thought it would be a book about USING music as a way to meditate but this is mostly about how music practice and meditation practice share the same techniues and characteristics I guess I was looking for advice about meditating WHILE playing an instrument Political Realism or listening to music but the author advises meditating in complete silenceThe writing is clear and interesting but verbose and repetitive The writing style is beautifully lyrical but uickly becomes tedious as each paragraph isverloaded with words Each chapter is a restating Angst Volume 2 of the same meditation ideas that have already been introduced in previous chapters with just a slight difference in the perspective Allf the meditation guides are very similar focus n the breath think f a mantra imagine a sound I would have preferred variety It s all excellent advice The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House Of Renwick 1 on meditation but it s the same concepts through twelve chapters This book could have been much shorter I enjoyed the first chapter and my enjoyment diminished with every chapter because I got tiredf reading the same things 1 over andver Each chapter has a slightly different focus but not enough to warrant an entire chapter as if it was a new concept There are also some strange ideas about spi. In Docker our noisy world music is the key to inner silence Richard Wolf first tried Zen meditation in his teens but no matter in what posturer for how long he sat transcendence proved stubbornly Warlord outf reach It was nly years later that he found the bridge that could take him there music In Tune charts twelve “bridges” skills and sensibilities. ,
Ps n how to listen to music mindfully What he teaches can have an effect *on many aspects f your life from the way you understand art to the way you see *many aspects f your life from the way you understand art to the way you see world Wonderful Many The Smiley Snowman of the practices within worked for me make for wonderful meditative experiences I was deeply moved by this book Wolf s writing makes it easy for everyone to understand something weften write Boom off as too complicated Mindfulness and meditation can be intimidatingr tricky but this book made it accessible and easy It motivated me to meditate even when it was difficult It s filled with meditation techniues and tips I think it would be great for anyone curious about getting into mindfulness and any level f musical background can be helpful I think the book is super necessary for all stressed ut musicians and necessary for all stressed Midnight Runners out musicians and up a beautiful new perspective into life for any non musicians too This is not the kindf book you necessarily read from cover to cover in several sittings At the end f every chapter there are instructions for meditative mindfulness Wolf s book In Tune is a breezy amassing f analogues between musical practice and meditation practice at its core Once it develops those commonalities and expounds upon them Wolf also adds several suggestions Sea Creatures 4 of how to incorporate Deep Listening practice inner pitch and musical ability into breathing practice I m than happy to re explore thanks to his re introduction the geniusf Pauline Oliveros This book is an important tool to help develop a relaxed breathing practice especially for people for whom mindfulness Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel of breath can be a triggering point since a lotf people nly check in n their breath during periods Collected Poems of high anxiety It also raises some possibilities to explore in termsf how the treatment f ne could augment An Indian Summer or benefit treatmentf the Summoner Girl Volume 1 other Since music and meditation are things I m interested for similar reasons it was perfectly enjoyable to see someone draw those connections and then further elaboraten deepening those connections so that both practices can enforce the The First Indian War Of Independence 1857 1859 other I also wrote mywn ideas into the margins because the book is an The Fire Of Spring open platform for connections and inuiries Mynly Hog In The Fog objection here and there are the extraneous stories about famous people behaving inrdinary ways The Western Comrade Vol 5 or many aside rhapsodies that aspire for something adjacent to spiritual profundity Those acrobatic moments make the prose feel like it s striving toward something maybe just delicious prose but the conseuence is a sensef striving in a book that Lettys Christmas Our Australian Girl Letty 4 ought toften than not reject the Koreografen objectf striving considering it s mired in Buddhist ideology Some f Wolf s attempts at terse profundity don t land the mark but this is not a serious critiue Ultimately the book didn t need to be any than what it needed to To Dr Dre to illuminate points along the intersection f music and mindful living As you begin to move fluidly between these two transformative disciplines you’ll notice the focus composure and peacefulness that comes from practice as well as the joys f tuning in to the music all around you and to the symphony that plays silently from withi. In Tune author Richard Wolf