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Character BreakdownThe method style that Zawe choose "to use alternating chapters between rose and script was a really uniue way to tell her "use alternating chapters between rose and script was a really uniue way to tell her It made the book carry real emotion as it felt like watching it as a lay Thank you for sharing your story with us around race sexism within your industry grief and many It also switches between fiction and non fiction which I found a little jarring but i m Sure Some People Would some eople would enjoy It is definitely a great read if you as missing theatre Sweetness Followed productions or any kind of fringeerformance Probably of a 2 star in terms of enjoyment From the first chapter which I had a hard time reading I knew it wasn t for me I love Zawe Ashton from Fresh Meat to her episod Character Breakdown usually refers to a brief description of a character in a film or Totem Dhe Tabu Sigmund Freud play script In Zawe Ashton s memoir fiction hybrid it does allude to that meaning but could also be understood differently The actress the I therotagonist she is heading to a breakdownCharacter Breakdown switches between Sledgehammer prose and scenes which are written like a script tells the story of an actress Zawe who landed her first roles as a child Through the recollection of different roles or the events around different roles we see therotagonist growing up This book is a wonderful meditation on the realities of the film tv business showcasing all the different ways BWoC are kept outside from beauty norms to sexual harassment from limited roles to being deemed difficult solely by existing but also asks bigger uestions about the roles we all Uncle Johns Lists That Make You Go Hmmm perform in our daily life and how to not lose yourselfZawe Ashton most recently was in the series Wanderlust and the movie Velvet Buzzsaw but she has been a writer most notably oflays for a long time too This book is not a straight forward memoir it is not a gossipy tell all instead it is an intelligent and often funny depiction of the lived realities of an actress I might never see red carpets in the same way I flew through the book and really enjoyed it There were some minor Liberation Road parts I wish were written slightly differently but nothing which actually limited my enjoymentI received a review copy from theublisher I have always admired her work on screen so was ver. 'A smart funny and well written take down of modern showbiz' ELIZABETH DAYCult heroine Zawe Ashton brings us a uniue look at life work and the absurdities of contemporary lifeZawe Ashton has been acting since she was six She has layed many different roles from ‘cute. Y intrigued to read this memoir The format is not a traditional linear memoir which I appreciate She recalls auditions conversations and events from school age through to adulthood In the rocess she touches on bullying body image racism misogyny and anxiety A raw and revealing insight into some of her life although I now know about her insecurities and the many challenges I now know about her insecurities and the many challenges s faced in her career to date I feel there is much still to be shared with readers and admirers of her art Zawe Ashton is a brilliant woman I knew this going into the novel However I was not repared for just how incredibly real she is There is not a veil over her words experiences Character Breakdown is genuine gritty with a hint of social commentary that makes the reader think Honestly if you "Get The Chance To Read This I Would Not Pass "the chance to read this I would not Better Than Life Red Dwarf 2 pass up Perspective is an incredible gift given on the side topics shied away from by our society are openly embraced Read Character Breakdown Some days I feel like a human woman walking down the streetretending to be a human woman walking down the street Honest and bold without doing it for shock value Character Breakdown breaks down a career and arts of a life melting fact and fiction to expose the reality of an actor the sexism and racism rampant in the industry and the vulnerabilities of being and growing in our time especially as a woman Told through two different alternating styles the book is a thought rovoking yet surprisingly easy to read in a short stretch of time Also very funnyThank you Vintage for gifting me a copy of this book 35 rounded down The first chapter sort of lost me but then the one about the shampoo Claus Beck Nielsen 1963 2001 pulled me back inI liked the honesty of the book but it was missing something for me Prehaps there wasn t enough uite enough emotion for me However It s a short book so I would recommend reading it Character Breakdown is usually a brief description of a character in a film orlay script In this memoir fiction hybrid the brilliant actress and Books By Nassim Nicholas Taleb playwright Zawe Ashton switches fromrose to scenes which are written like a script and tells the story of her career as an actress She begins from her first role as a child to her stragglers to Little girl’ to ‘assassin with attitude' Oscar Wilde’s Salome to St Trinian’s schoolgirl by way of Fresh Meat’s VodTo stay sane an actress must tread a high wire between life and art keep sight of where a character ends and the real erson begins So she doesn?. ,

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Ake it in Hollywood Told in a bold original way she recounts events "some of them very intimate which are sometimes heartbreaking and tough sometimes funny "of them very intimate which are sometimes heartbreaking and tough sometimes funny intense It is an intelligent thought Melo Ekonomika provoking book about how the Hollywood environment works and how to remain truthful to yourself in spite of the difficulties that this kind of career impose Some issues the actress face throughout her life are dealing with a sensitivity and tact you don t expect revealing that not all that glitters is gold especially in the showbizIersonally saw her in Betrayal and was leasantly impressed by her actingso that I decided to urchase her book I feel a bit meh about this book I didn t hate it I didn t love it and it wasn t enjoyable It is very emotional it feels like a confessional But I was left wanting from Ashton I wanted self awareness and self analysis because as it is I m not entirely sure if there was a Refuge E point to this book It s always interesting to get inside a creative mind but I don t think Ashton really told us why she was inviting us in I m some ways I almost felt like she resented us being there The actress andlaywright Zawe Ashton recounts scenes from her own life in this book which treads the line between fiction and memoir Told in two alternating styles it cuts from descriptions of the roles she s Cracks In Time played from an early age the character breakdown is a brief description of the character and what they are looking for in an actor and scenes from her later life which areroduced in a script screenplay format These scenes see her wrestling with her life as an actress and trying to make it in Hollywood Funny arch and at times heartbreaking we follow Zawe as she deals with the inherent sexism of the acting world and its thinly veiled racism We hear about the disappointment of discovering that Wash N Go doesn t work on her hair the thrill of finding herself with the cool bullying kids Go doesn t work on her hair the thrill of finding herself with the cool bullying kids school in the wake of her first TV appearance coping with the death of her aunt whilst still doing a full day s acting entering the bizarre fashion game of the red carpet and It s a fresh and different take on the role of the actor in the modern world told in a bold and original way. ??t lose herself completelyIn Character Breakdown Zawe scrolls through a version of her life Or is it a version of her art Or something in between In it she encounters glamour horror absurdity and uestions like is a life spent on erformance than reality any life at all. ,