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Autumn Lightning The Education of an American Samurai

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His ancestral timeline in the art of bushido This was one great book about the present past and future of Kenjutsu and to a lesser extend KendoBeing educated and train There are a few books that I read when I was in middle school and high school and have continued to re read once every couple years to re read once every couple years then Autumn Lightning is one of these The book is partly a story of Lowry s own early studies in kenjutsu as a young man and partly a story of the development of the style in which he studied But this is not just an interesting book on which he studied But this is not just an interesting book on arts it is a simple good story thoughtfully and skillfully written and something about it keeps making me come back for probably one of my FAVORITE Dave Lowry books First and foremost I m biased Besides being an avid DL fan I m a sucker for rite of passage stories related to Japanese martial arts and I was fortunate enough to translate this book in my native language Greek meaning I had the chance to work with it p close and personal The book is simply put great Although DL writes basically for the martial arts cognoscenti he s smart enough to make his language comprehensive to a broader audience at least he does in Autumn Lightning and in Persimmon Wind Autumn Lightning s seuel so to speak Even if you don t do martial arts you will enjoy at least exactly the half of the boo. Es of the masters with reflections on his own apprenticeship in the samurai's arts he reveals in their time honored methods a way of life with profound relevance to modern times The result is a fascinating singular. Uite good Written with respect for the tradition the author studies this book exemplifies the way that Western authors ought to write about Asian martial arts The author is adept at relating what he learned and the value found in it without being preachy or self serving Not active This was probably the closest I ve got to
gaining some insights 
some insights the ways of samurai and their history I m glad a fellow Goodreads member recommended it to meThe story chronicles the life of an American who decides to ndergo the tutelage of a samurai sensei The story nicely contrasts Occidental and Oriental cultures and tells a parallel story of historic Japan where the sensei s ancestors made the art of the sword kenjutsu popularAlthough THE READING WAS SLOW AT TIMES reading was slow at times did a good job of conveying samurai ideology to a westerner This is a great summary of japanese samurai history through a specific of Japanese samurai history through a specific arts style lens Plus what a great character development of Dave himself It s books like this that remind me why I love bushido the personal development inherent in it are extraordinaryI was most surprised to learn it was written in 1985 felt like it could have been at any time That said Dave s childhood is clearly explained it s just that the bookexperience is sort of timeless Juxtaposes Authors experiences with the experiences of. Dave Lowry juxtaposes his singular experience as an adept student of kenjutsu the art of swordsmanship nder a Japanese teacher in St Louis with a riveting account of the samurai tradition in Japan Intertwining tal.
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K Why exactly Because Autumn Lightning is actually two books Besides DL S Personal Journey Into personal journey into swordsmanship and Japan s culture the odd numbered chapters there is also a history of the school he was taught the even numbered chapters And funny thing while the former are fun in a Karate Kid sort of way the latter are also fun in a scholarly mature way At times hilariously funny at times heartbreakingly sad and most times profoundly wise Autumn Lightning has it all in spades If you are even Autumn Lightning has it all in spades If you are even interested in Japan and its culture and especially if you care some for its martial culture ie the samurai and their world Autumn Lightning is probably among the Top Ten titles you will find in the English language The particularity of its subject considered this is not a five star book it s easily a ten star one This is one of my all time favorite books It avoids the biggest problem of most of Lowry s writing which is his tendency to sneer at those whose studies in the martial arts lack the purity of his own I suspect if I told him I earned my black belt from an American instructor at a dojang in a mini mall he d have an attack of the vapors and Bittersweet uses incidents from his own education in Japanese martial arts to tell the story of how his style originated in feudal Japan Eminently readable if you can track down a cop. Autobiography Lowry captures the sense of wonder and mystery that makes martial arts compelling to so many practitioners Even those who do not practice martial arts will delight in thisnusual coming of age story.

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