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The biography of HG Adler 1910 88 is the story of a survivor of Theresienstadt Auschwitz and two other CONCENTRATION CAMPS WHO NOT ONLY LIVED THROUGH THE GREATEST camps who not only lived through the reatest of the 20th century but someone who also devoted his literary and scholarly career to telling the story of those who #perished in over two dozen books of fiction poetry history sociology and religion And yet for much # in over two dozen books of fiction poetry history sociology and religion And yet for much his life he remained almost entirely unknown A writer's writer a scholar of seminal pioneering works on the Holocaust a renowned radio essayist in postwar Germany a last representative of the Prague Circle of literature headed by Kafka a key contribut. ,

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H G AdlerA's sixtieth birthday and with favorite sister present; the of a younger eneration of artists and intellectuals including the Israeli artist Jehuda Bacon and the novelist Ivan Ivanji; the preservation of Viktor Ullmann's compositions and his opera The Emperor of Atlantis to see them premiered decades later to world acclaim; and the penury of postwar life while churning out the novels poetry and scholarship that would make his reputation all of these are part of a life survived in the moment but dedicated to the Future And That Of and that of man committed to helping human dignity survive in his time and that to co.

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Or to the prosecution in the trial of Adolf EICHMANN ADLER A MAN OF HIS TIME WHOSE Adler was a man his time whose lived through him His is the story of many others but also one that is singularly his own And at its heart lies a profound story of love and perseverance amid the loss of his first wife Gertrud Klepetar who accompanied her mother to the as chamber in Auschwitz and the courtship and extended correspondence with Bettina Gross a Prague artist who escaped to the Britain only to later learn that her mother had also been in Theresienstadt With Adler Before Her Eventual Death In Auschwitz His Delivery Adler before her eventual death in Auschwitz His delivery a lecture in Theresienstadt commemorating Kafk. .