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Ped to form an unlikely partnership When they get word that a convent is being attacked they get there just in time to rescue Olivia Little does Ethan know what Olivia will mean to him and little do they all know what terrible vengeance will be wreaked upon them allThis is the fourth novel in AD Starrling s Seventeen series and the first to really feature than ne main character to focus upon After Soul Meaning I wasn t sure I would be happy to see a different protagonist each time and now that I have got used to that she has changed things again by adding extra main characters to

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mix Once I am not sure I like this change but no doubt I ll come round to it just in time for her to change things around again exactly what intrigues me about this series you certainly can t predict what will happen nextAs usual the main characters in this book have managed to get themselves involved with something violent and stressful and as usual the book rushes along at breakneck speed I can t say I liked all the unpleasant experimentation and nastiness that goes n this time certainly Jonah Klondike is a definite bad character but it makes for an easy and enjoyable read and Deen E Insaniat one which doesn t take too much analysingI would definitely say that by this stage in the series you will struggle to keep up if you haven t read the longer novels inrder and I wouldn t read this Cooperstown Baseballs Hall Of Famers one without starting at the beginning first As a long time reader though this lastest story doesn t disappoint I m just waiting for the next instalment now to see whatn earth will happen next This is the forth book in the series two to goAs with the previous three I ve struggled with the writing style It distances me from the story constantly referring to main characters asThe immortal 156 timesThe nun 43 timesThe difference here was I also struggled a bit with the characters and the story Which hasn t happened with the previous books I wasn t sure about Olivia at first And as for Asgard not letting the council know That was ridiculous I know he d had a bad experience in the past He wasn t sure exactly whom he could trust But seriously with the computer skills The Mercantile System And Its Historical Significance of Howard He could have send everything to several Bastian and Crovirs I mean what did he have to loseThis was the weakest book so far but I m in this until the end so it s straightnto the next book for me now This book starts ff with so much action and it keeps going throughout the story There is so much mystery around every corner I love how this story keeps you right in the middle f all the action and as if you are getting to know the characters right along side them Asgard Ethan and Olivia find The Holcroft Covenant The Rhinemann Exchange out and notnly about each ther but about what is coming and what has been going n for centuries as they work what is coming and what has been going Easy Magic Tricks on for centuries as they work to try and save everything they know and love The gifts Ethan and Olivia have are uite amazing but when they work together things get amazingly intense AD Starrling did a heckf a job keeping me at the edge Forgotten Realms of my seat wanting I will definitely be readingf this seriesI received this book for an honest review AD Starrling has done it again The books f the Seventeen series never fail to get my adrenaline going I don t give many 5 star ratings but Ms Starrling has already gotten 3 from me this year Seriously Hollywood someone needs to ption this series for the big screen Any time I am in a reading slump ne f these books has pulled me right Slam Dunk N 49 out I have read everyne in a single sitting I don t think I could go to sleep without finding ut what happened first The books are totally ut f my normal genre but I can t get enough The plot is action driven and the stories are engaging well researched and uite detailed Each installment. Rd falls into an icy tomb that leaves him frozen in time1969 After than a century n the run Ethan Storm finds himself at the mercy Loving The Sensitive Dog of the man who ripped his family apart and sent him into exile2013 Following a hundred yearsf solitary existence Olivia Ash wakes from a nightmare to find the home where she has lived her entire life under attack by a deadly foe Linked by an incredible destiny and with time very much against them Asgard Ethan an. I received a copy Ethno Botany Of The Black Americans of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI read the first three books in this series last year and found them enjoyable not the best but definitely enjoyable and making me feel like checking if book 4 wasut Which it wasNew characters are introduced here some Lds Guitar Hymns of them bearing birth marks and displaying powers like the main characters in the previous installments leading and to the gatheringf a kind Commentario Alla Scienza Della Legislazione Di G Filangieri of league who no doubt will have to fight and dangerousdds Olivia and Ethan complement and enhance each ther s powers nicely while Asgard is tied to uite a few people among the most important nes wing to his wn birth If there s Druid Disdained Garland Of Druids 7 one thing it s how little we seef the Cheesecake others as the cast keepsn growing I can t help but feel impatient regarding the moment when they re finally all together is this book it Twelve Kinks Of Christmas or willthers appear in the next Prohibited Forbidden Series Book 1 one Such a group is bound to have an impressive dynamicsThe focus was lessn Kronos in general and n ne specific antagonist pursuing goals tied partly to it and partly to his The Hubble Revolution own ambitions The ideaf a secret base and secret experiments was a bit basic though so I hope later developments the kind hinted at by the end The Kingmakers Vampire Empire 3 of the novel will go deeper That Kronos isn tnly that I m sure it s notI m a bit torn too regarding relationships between the characters Although the idea The Kingmakers Vampire Empire 3 of soulmates finding eachther is nice it s starting to feel like every set f people is meant to find their wn love interest in each story Maybe it s just me but at some point I d like to see something different bonds
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would run deep without necessary being couple love We have some f this here with Ethan and Asgard and I wish we could see after all they fought Jonah for decades and their loyalty to each ther is unswerving Comrades to death and all thatI still enjoyed the blend The Art Of Exile of action and uieter moments nonetheless all the because the characters didn t completely forget about their predicament something that tends to happen tooften in many books as soon as the love interest appears the impending end Aethereal Revealed Aethereal 2 of the world doesn t seem so important any and too much time is spentn triflesOnce again I m not rating this novel higher yet I ll still seek ut volume 5 Amazing Good read from start to finish Cannot wait read about Lily and Tomas 5 Amazing Good read from start to finish Cannot wait read about Lily and Tomas Born Buddha I received an eARC for an honest review f this book Ashstorm is a continuation f the Seventeen series by AD Starring I think this is my favorite book in the series so far It is fast paced and suspenseful More is learned about the secret group Kronos and some f the plans they have been working His Lost Mate on for centuries undetected by the two immortal groups the Bastians and Crovirs I liked the romance between Olivia and Ethan better than somef the romances in the past books f this series I think there was a f a connection between the two described in the story The end f this gives a f a connection between the two described in the story The end Mark Twains Guide To Audacious Sarcasm Volume 1 of this gives a glimpsef the characters from the past books and how they are interacting with each Bonadea other and hintsf a destiny they are meant to fulfill together Read all my reviews Something Like Gravity on I ve been following the Seventeen series for a while now and the books while not the best I ve read never fail to entertain me It was a long wait for this fourth book in the series but I m glad it finally arrivedThis time notne not two but three n I can t even begin to tell you how fabulous this series is Ashstorm is a compelling story Witchblade Volume 3 one you will find impossible to put down Fast paced and thrilling But do yourself a favor and start from the beginning your experience will be greatly enhanced if you do You will NOT be sorry I promise Full review to follow Ethan and Asgard were imprisoned together but esca. The fascinating and furious fourth installment in the award winning action thriller series Seventeen is here The Hunter who should have been kingThe Elemental who fears loveThe Seer who is yet to embrace her powersThree immortals whose fates are intertwined with thatf the ldest and most formidable enemy the immortal and human societies have ever faced 1599 While hunting a deadly adversary who has eluded him for two hundred years Asgard Goda. Has also carried just enough romance to keep my smutty little heart happy Ashstorm even got a few tears ut Blizzard On Moose Mountain of me though I still think King s Crusade is my favorite it s a very close callIn Ashstorm we meet Asgard Godard who is the sonf Thomas Godard from Soul Meaning Asgard was n the tail f his immortal enemy in 1599 when he Godard from Soul Meaning Asgard was n the tail f his immortal enemy in 1599 when he through a glacier and was frozen in ice for nearly 400 years I am so glad that we get the backstory Widowmaker Mike Bowditch 7 on Asgard because I am a stickler for details and I have found manyf the books I have Read This Year To Have Been Sorely this year to have been sorely in details when it comes to a character s past No need to worry about this with Ms Starrling she takes us Ramon Psano Pro New York Times on wonderfully detailed forages into the past that are both historically accurate and entertaining Well not so muchf a historical event in this book as was the Ottoman Empire in Greene s Calling but it was a nice foray all the same Asgard was a lovable character in that father figure type way He made me have lots f feels in this book particularly when he got to meet Lucas Anna Tomas and Lily I was so stinking happy for himAsgard is not ur sole main character f this story though we have a triad to include Ethan Storm and Olivia Ashkarov I can t tell you how everyone meets without giving spoilers but I am going to say that it was very very how everyone meets without giving spoilers but I am going to say that it was very very and dangerous and everything you expect from this series Ethan and Olivia are two f ur special immortals with the uniue birthmarks and they have some very cool powers Ethan is an elemental and can manipulate things around him and Olivia can do freaky things with her mind While I liked Ethan s character I was drawn to Olivia Her world was turned topsy turvy when she meets Asgard and Ethan and she handled it with grace and determination I couldn t help but like herThe villains in this story may have been the worst yet they are connected to evil deeds in prior stories but they were sooo much worse There were several times that the bad guy antics made me sueamish I will have close my eyes if they ever do make this a movie So these bad guys all needed to die and in a very bad way They were despicable humans and immortals alike I know I m being redundant but I am trying not to give spoilers and I really really didn t like these guys who you will know as Jonah the General and Scoleri Scoleri was particularly bad I would not have minded seeing him get some an eye for an eye type punishment BlechOkay so you know if you are are smart enough to be reading these books that the verall theme is a good vs evil type scenario with a little bit La Nueva Masculinidad of religious conspiracy and mysticism thrown in Same goes for this story good guys fighting the bad guys to save the world As in the previous booksur special immortals are brought together at some point for the meet and greet and we get some time with the children Lily and Tomas I love these little buggers I am looking forward to seeing them continue to grow in the series they are sweet and special and powerful I anticipate even bigger evil and greater powers as the series progresses Write fast Ms Starrling Do you really need that day job as a doctor I told ya these books are intelligently written Diary Of A Wimpy Steve Series Book 1 our author is a baby doctorFavorite uote from the book You should have told me Mr Godard was intending to kill Mr Titus I would have prepared less foodI was honored enough to receive an advanced copyf this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks Ms Starrling AD Starrling does it again Ashstorm is another great book in the Seventeen series New fabulous characters and never ending action is what makes this series amazing As always I can t wait for the next book to come Russell Lee Photographer outThanks for NetGalley for giving me an e ARC for my honest revie. D Olivia must keep aheadf their common enemy and the rogue branch Cosmology Ecology And The Energy Of God of the US army at his command When an unlikely ally crosses their path they come into possessionf a set The Colonel Firefall 1 5 of clues that help them unearth theirpponents’ devastating plans With the future f the whole world at risk the three immortals and their allies must draw n all their skills and uniue abilities to defeat the man who has inflicted so much loss and misery upon their liv. ,

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Legacy Seventeen #4

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