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The Bride's KimonoAfter I checked this out again 1218 I realized I d tried to read it before Hence the listing as DNF to remind me to skip it before Hence the listing as DNF to remind me to skip series My initial impressions of this book weren t good The story takes Rei away from Japan the country she chooses to live in and the setting that makes the books a really interesting read for me As well as going to what I thought would be a mundane location I thought there were several bits of unrealistic lot happenings early in the book Rei still fairly new to the antiuities business is entrusted with taking a shipment of valuable old kimono from a museum in tokyo to a museum in washington in Tokyo to a museum in Washington and the whole setup and incompetence of the two museums didn t ring true for me Of course I should have trusted the author as most of the things that bugged me in the beginning turned out to be lot devices rather than Duels Of The Mind plot holes by the end of the book And the transition to the United States workedretty well too Rei is half American and grew up in California and the inclusion of her Pigs parents in this book definitely furthered theersonal side of the series There was also a lot of things where we saw America through the eyes of Japanese tourists and so the setting wasn t as run of the mill as I d been expecting but actually worked Simulating Analyzing And Animating Dynamical Systems pretty well In the end thelot wasn t as good as it could have been but the side of the story dealing with Rei s relationships really developed very well in this book and I like it as an episode in the series though I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who wasn t following the series I m definitely looking forward to seeing what Massey does with the characters next Had a Maltese Falcon feel to itIt s the fifth in the Rei Shimura series but it stands alone just fine Shimura goes to Washington DC with a selection of Reality Of Communism priceless kimono on loan to a museum One of them goes missing and is tied up with the murder of a young Japanese tourist I managed to sort of figure out thelot but there were still enough surprises to keep me entertained all the way to the endhttpwwwpussrebootspaircomblog Being a Japanese American Washingtonian I was thrilled to American Teen Romance Films pick up this book which not only involves a half Ja. Antiues dealer Rei Shimura has managed to snag one of the most lucrative andrestigious jobs of her career a renowned museum in Washington DC has invited her to exhibit her kimonos and give a lecture on them Accompanied by a gaggle of Japanese office.

characters The Bride's Kimono

Panese character but also takes lace in Washington DC Maybe I was overly critical because this is familiar territory The author seems to think that Smithsonian Institution is in Sledgehammer plural that northwest DC is actually northeast and that Washingtonians are racist assholes who slash your tires and knock you upside the head with rugby balls for no good reason It also bothered me that she d insert Japanese words that clearly have English translations eg tansu and sometimes end sentences with ne That s a majoret Uncle Johns Lists That Make You Go Hmmm peeve with me If I wanted random Japanese words sprinkled into a book I want it to be done naturally Otherwise I d much rather just read a book in JapaneseOther than that the story was somewhat interesting and it was a uick read I wish the ending wasn t so rushed It was lazy writing like she just came up with the culprit at the last minute so she could end the novel 35 stars So far my favorite of the series Rei is always facing challenges between her Japanese heritage and her American birth This conflict continually comes through as Rei tries to do the right thing Her love of Japanese antiues and in this case antiue kimono fabrics has taken her to Washington DC to bring an exhibit to a museum Her Japanese boyfriend sends her off with his favorite good luck travel charm however noroposal While at the museum Hugh comes back into her life a kimono from her exhibit disappears and one of her travel companions is found dead Rei finally solves the mysteries and reunites with Hugh Looking forward to the next in the series 5 Rei Shimura series MysteryAnother winning mystery Rei Shimura is Half American Half Japanese Born American half Japanese Born California she relocated to Tokyo to open her own Antiues Business And Explore Japanese CultureRei Is business and explore Japanese cultureRei is by a highly regarded Tokyo museum to travel to Washington DC with many of their highly valuable kimono the Liberation Road plural being kimono for an exclusive exhibit Rei jumps at the chance to expand her knowledge of the history and art of the kimono and share her knowledge with other lovers of Japanese cultureThe author in every book focuses on one main Japanese aspect of culture the history the meaning and importance in. Ladies bent on a week of shopping Rei lands in the capital But her big break could ultimately break her Within hours one of the kimonos is stolen and then Rei'sassport is discovered in a shopping mall dumpster on the dead body of one of the Japanese.
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Japanese life One book for example The Flower Master was a wonderful look at ikebana the art of Japanese flower arrangingRei s hope for an outstanding lecture A reception and kimono exhibition which would be another To Siberia professional feather in her cap turn sour very uickly Multi layered mysteries a murder events too confusing to begin to turn things aroundaralyze
Rei Not Knowing Who To 
Not knowing who to or where to turn get worse when a big surprise occurs In spite of the fact that no museum would EVER Final Test Exit Sachin Tendulkar perpetrate therofessional and legal blunders no museum would EVER Counting Tens Fenestra 4 perpetrate therofessional and legal blunders in this novel I suspended belief sat back and enjoyed the adventure here This is my 5th Rei Shimura book read out of order I m not sure why I m reading these books out of order but it does seem to make the series a little bit less redictable for meAll my reviews of the Rei Shimura books are gonna be retty similar I think Sujata Massey is an excellent writer The writing flows well and I really enjoy the exploits of Rei the description of Japan when she s there Japanese culture her love life etc As far as this being a spy or mystery book it s only so so But I keep being drawn in every time I finish another book It s the book version of binge watching a TV show I just can t stopIn this book she is version of binge watching a TV show I just can t stopIn this book she is to Washington DC where she is to do a resentation of historical kimonos for a couple of weeks as well as courier the kimonos to DC from Japan by air She goes there as art of a tour group to save money But once she is there two rather unpleasant things happen As usual I m not a great fan of Massey s detective writing There is no real build up of suspense the action is disjointed and the reveal is unsatisfying But as I have said I m addicted to the series and I will continue to read it as I enjoy the life and drama of the Claus Beck Nielsen 1963 2001 protagonist I strongly recommend that any new readers read this series in order For a random bookicked up at the library I enjoyed it Has a good blend of mystery tidbits about Asian culture and female Books By Nassim Nicholas Taleb pop fiction I also enjoyed the heroine enough to consider reading another book with her this book did fine reading by itself though it did refer briefly to events from earlier books. Tourists Trouble is only beginning though for now Rei'sarents have arrived and so has her ex boyfriend To track down the kimono and unmask a killer Rei's got to do some clever juggling fast talking and uick sleuthing or this trip home could be her la.