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E cringe at a corny line or two I cannot wait to get a physical copy of this because that cover is magnificent Though I can t really relate to the subjects Blythe talks about most of the time anorexia and rape her words still really stick with me The 2015 Feminist Whitney probably would have rated this five stars but in comparison to other feminist collections I ve read specially by women of color I think the discussion of feminism is a bit narrow But Designing Disney even if you don t pick up this book you definitely should search Blythe on YouTube and spare three minutes to hear her read one of her poems She s incredible This book is AMAZING It s relatable Sometimes it felt like she was writing directly from my brain I cannot recommend this booknough I am so mixed on this review There were so many poems I absolutely loved that were insightful and validating It was very clear to me that Blythe Baird is still suffering and using poetry as an outlet for her pain I totally applaud using poetry as a tool to recover its a healthy outlet and it offers us something beautiful and haunting to read By the Prosecuted But Not Silenced end however it was also clear that she is just sitting in her pain to the point where many of the poems almost romanticized mental illness As an assault survivor this was a bit triggering for me to get through but many parts felt like she was speaking from inside of my body like the title says There is a necessary discomfort that isxpected when reading about these heavy topics but I found some of the poems to be pushing that boundary in the wrong direction Vindictive maybe but I still cant find the right word to describe it I have so many thoughts about it that I need to sift through but i will hold my peace that I need to sift through but i will hold my peace I get t Advance Review Copy generously provided through NetGalley in Unsere Drei Stanisluse exchange for an honest reviewWell what to say I always want to give modern poetry a chance Unfortunately it keeps disappointing me It does not seem or feel like poetry to me But when I saw this one I wanted to give it a chance The first several poems were good They did not feel like poems to me But Injoyed reading them And the comment where the author talks about the feel of water in the Oh Brother Oh Sister empty stomach I could so much relate and I could remember the feeling Ixpected that the majority of the poems would be about ating disorders however only would be about ating disorders However only few were about it The majority was about being harassed ven raped bullied and shamed for being a woman And I must say that the American Dress Code in School seems utterly ridiculous to me The idea that I would have to kneel down and the principal would measure the hemline I cannot fathom who thought this is okay But overall I did not like this book of poetry and I had a hard time to finish Not because of the topic but because it did not create a feeling of understanding Thank you Button Poetry for providing an ARC via NetGalley in Henri Cartier Bresson exchange for an honest review If My Body Could Speak is a poetry collection about sexual assault rape Her they take up none at all Blythe Baird deftly and uniuely charts a course through various. Wow Just wow I have a new favorite modern poet full stop Never has any poetry book resonated with me uite as hard as this one did It s so unapologetically feminist bold brave body accepting ueer rape decrying angry broken beautiful and I never wanted it tond I can count The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident eight poems I would tattoo on my body right this very moment Wow Whether she was talking aboutating disorders surviving sexual assault or coming to recognize her own love for other women I related so damn much to very bit of it And I wish I Didn T And didn t and wish she didn t get it because nobody deserves to go through the things that we and so many other people on this planet have been through but it feels so good to be seenI don t ven have words I d rather just offer you some of Blythe s This is not female privilegethis is survival of the prettiestWe are playing the first gamewe learned how to I have run out of compassion for wolves I have runout of compassion for anyone who isn t outraged Watch me build an Beyond All Reason empire from the ashesofverything that tried to me build an How To Tempt A Tycoon Savage Tales 5 Invitation To Eden 24 empire from the ashesofverything that tried to me Content warnings for rape abuse misogyny Secrets In The Fire eating disorders All uotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Button Poetry for providing me with this ARC inxchange for an honest review I loved this book of poetry it really spoke to me as a woman as someone struggling with weight alll my life and now trying to accept who I am and learn to be body positive These poems are raw and hit hard So powerful I loved them ven when hard to read they were wonderfulThanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest review I am trying to be happy pay attention to the world around me I do not know if it is possible to do both at the same time Massive TW for anorexiaeating disorders and rapesexual assault also homophobiaI was THRILLED when I heard that Blythe had a new collection out because I received a copy of Give Me A God I Can Relate To in 2015 and gave it a glowing five stars I first heard about Blythe from Button Poetry AKA the publisher of this new collection and I fell in love with her for her poem Pocket Sized Feminism which is also in this collection To this day I still get chills reading some of Blythe s most hard hitting lines but something about reading this almost four years later has put it into perspective as not uite my favoriteMany of these poems are repeats of ones I ve read or heard her these poems are repeats of ones I ve read or heard her before so half of my njoyment was revisiting old poems Some of my favorite lines by her brought tears to my The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book eyes and gave me chills I reallynjoy her writing because although it s not necessarily lyrical or adherent to any style her ability to pack a punch in a succinct statement is really honed Still there were moments where the free verse became a bit too rambly seemingly unedited in a way that made the writing too collouial or childish for my taste It only happened once or twice in a handful of poems but it was nough to slow me down and make If My Body Could Speak is about fighting for the space one takes up in a world that would rat. Ating disorder homophobia and abuse It was painful to read as ach verses sucker punched my heart Blythe s words are motionally powerful I applaud her strength for sharimg HER EXPERIENCES THROUGH POETRY AND I experiences through poetry and I to hug her tightly While the collection is beautifully written and raw it might be triggering a warning to veryone Two of my favorites are Pocket Sized Feminism and Horoscopes for Self Doubt Overall I recommend this collection It s no secret that I am a sucker for poetry Hola Amigos especially from spoken word artists andspecially Their Words Are Music especially books from Button Poetry And Blythe Baird s performances of pieces from this collectionspecially When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny have been among my favorites for a while But after Sabrina Benaim s disappointing Depression and Other Magic Tricks I Guess I Got A Little Soured guess I got a little soured the whole collections by performers concept and I did not Manikam Kalbu expect thisntire collection to be this greatBut I was wrong This book was amazing I read it in a single sitting Seriously ven when I needed to brush my teeth I took my Kindle with me and kept reading Despite the fact that she is only 22 years old literally my age what Baird writes with passion and louence that few poets stablished or otherwise manage to achieve Her with passion and louence that few poets The Greeks Chosen Wife established or otherwise manage to achieve Her is not pretentious but it is also not the all too popular Instagram poetry that is so popular as of late Rupi Kaur I m looking at you The pieces are longnough to feel like fully developed concepts but short nough to feel compulsively readable and lend themselves asily to the one chapter phenomenonThe collection largely focuses on issues of body image trauma sexuality and personal identity Though the topics are serious Baird presents them in such a way that they are not overwhelmingly heavy just raw and honest From her own Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases experience with sexual assault to coming to terms with the fact that she likes girls from conflicts with her family to her history of disorderedating she covers a series of themes that are at once intensely personal and resoundingly universal All of her thoughts are incredibly relevant and timely in a world where women are increasingly under pressure from society and the men around us to be a certain way act a certain way and accept terrible things as being just the way things are If My Body Could Speak ought to be reuired reading for all young women today It is a testament to the strength of the individual and a pointed callout of the problematic society we live in It is beautiful personal readable and so so importantTrigger warnings for ating disorders sexual assault homophobia mental illness and mention of self harm Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book in Archies Double Digest The Archie Digest Library No 147 exchange for an honest review CW sexual violenceating disorders mental illness AD Gifted ARCEverything I needed to read A book I needed to heal Raw and honest At times Les Misrables even painful But wonderful Something I ll re read often Even purchased a physical copy Might do a full review blog post. Modes of womanhood and women's bodies Through love loss and the struggles of disorderedatin.

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If My Body Could Speak
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