[Read online Accidental Goddess Harem of Discord Book 1] Pdf By Avery Rae

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Liant and from standoffish to Unbelievably Sweet Each Rules Over sweet Each rules ver wn faction and they've been locked in a cold "War Unfortunately I've Arrived Just As Things Are Starting To "Unfortunately I've arrived just as things are starting to upAccording to this mysterious prophecy I'm the ne who's supposed to make them get along If I don't they're going to kill each ther and I'll be

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Aught in middleWhich means they expect some human weirdo wearing nothing but her slippers and underwear to solve all their problems This isn't going to end well is itAccidental Goddess is a full length Science Fiction Reverse Harem Romance with a high heat level "And Heavy Doses Of "heavy doses f sweetness and laughs to balance it ut. The recipe for world peace Five "HANDSOME ALIENS AND ONE GODDESS "aliens and ne goddess Unfortunately got a nerdy girl in bunny slippers insteadMy escape pod Crashed On Their Planet on planet didn't get the memo but apparently my arrival was foretold in some prophecy So yeah they worship me now Awkward rightMy five new disciples range from ruthless to bril. Accidental Goddess Harem f Discord Book 1