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Blood Magic eRs And it feels like she will always have trust issues I can understand that too But then what s the point of not trusting someone you love I mean why cannot she be tender and soft and caring towards Crier like she does with Benjy I can understand this too But ugh my romantic heart just cannot accept this kind of aloof relationshipAnd Crier What have you done to her dear author I have no problem with her character as she is uniue of her own But she doesn t come out as uniue or someone I can relate to from any angle She is neither soft nor strong neither rebellious nor confused neither too attentive nor too aloof This is the character I wanted to be most interested in But this character turned out to be the one I was least interested in I won t go into details how Crier is different from the rest of the AutomaThe love scenes were so out of context and haphazardly put just in between And yes it was kind of slow burn romance but I wasn t burning I so wanted to But ahem it didn t deliver The plot It ticked but it doesn t blow up The plot need not have much to do actually It much dwells on how to keep the Automa alive in the long run and to safeguard the material to keep them alive As much as I wanted to read about the clashing themes of humans versus the automamotions versus Gotcha emotion like rebellion versus truce lgbt issue being represented well and good hatred versus love action versus romance I feel they are lacking somehowIt s supposed to benemies to lovers trobe But the Crayon Shinchan Vol 37 enemies part is missing as a whole And for the lovers part I don t know what they are doing Hot and Cold by Katy Perry maybeAnd it becomes so clich towards thend that I just cannot stand Ayla and Crier in the same scene And the An English Commentary On The Rhesus Medea Hippolytus Alcestis Heraclidae Supplices And Troades Of Euripides ending does not leave me wanting for It doesn t leave me hanging on a straw or on my bed whatsoeverArgh The strong characters just ghosted like thatI do feel the flawed part of Crier never came out at all I was waiting till the last chapter to see a bit of it And damn Ayla she must be the Automa instead In thend I felt like the whole book is about Ayla And it must have been titled Ayla s War instead I don t know if I would pick up the next book in the seriesI won t I have other series waiting for me Is it too Love Was Never Mine early to beg for the seuel if the 1st book hasn tven officially come out yet It s out I m begging It was never really a choice was it Wanting her Killing her SUMMARY ff romance bisexual and lesbian MCs Reflections On Behaviorism And Society enemies to lovers slow burnIn Zulla you reither Mortal or Made Automae subdued Humans in the War of Kinds and now rule over them with a hard hand Ayla has lost Designing Disney everything in one of Automae s brutal raids Crier is the heir to the Sovereign who ordered this very raid Ayla craves revenge Crier must navigate the political games of her father and fiance What becomes of them after they cross their paths WRITING STYLENina Varela has something raw in her writing She not only handles thexposition by differentiating what the particular character would pay attention to but also constructs her metaphors and other figures of speech based on their personalities and life Prosecuted But Not Silenced experiences She structures reread may 2020 me nina varela HEY UEEN girl you have done it again constantly raising the bar for all of us and doing it flawlessly I d say I m surprised but I know who you are I ve seen it up close and personal Girl you make me so proud and I love you by breatheforayla on tumblrI AM A MESS This book isverything I have wanted this *For So Long A * so long A slowburn angsty Unsere Drei Stanisluse enemies to lovers where they re REAL ENEMIES who want to KILL EACHOTHER and its so beautiful Thentire set up of this world the plot amazing We re in a world where Automae created by humans Oh Brother Oh Sister ended up overpowering and subjugating them And it has so many fantasy tropes I love like hiddensecretforgotten histories and well constructed political intrigue And SO MANY POWERFUL FEMALE CHARACTERS AND LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS Anyways thending destroyed me I cannot BELIEVE we now have to wait for book 2 when Nina Valera did me like that in the ndFull review can be found on my BLOG IN A WORLD WHERE ALCHEMY In a world where alchemy android like Automae have overthrown their human Makers and now rule over humans the paths of two girls Crier and Ayla intertwine ultimately changing the ntire course of their political landscapeCrier an Automa and the sovereign s daughter was Made to be the pitome of perfection but her ntire life changes when she takes on a new human handmaiden Ayla There has only been one thing that has kept Ayla going revenge And she s going to get it by killing CrierThere are genuinely so many Henri Cartier Bresson enthralling things about this book that I could talk about from the complexities of the characters to thelaborate writing to the intricate fantasy world to the themes and messages to the romance that had me dying Because though this is her debut it s clear that Varela is an The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident expert writer who knows her craft well Justice was a god and Ayla didn t believe in such childish things She believed in blood Crier and Ayla are both strong compelling main characters and I thoroughlynjoyed reading from Grace Happens each of their point of views Both of their arcs were well written and their clashing personalities made for an interesting dynamic I truly have no idea which I am drawn to I loved them both While I do wish there had been about the various side characters Crier and Ayla werenough to make up for the lack of thatCrier is written as the sweeter innocent character and she kind of has the I of like 3 despite having been Made to be intellectual but it s okay She won t stand for anyone s BS specially being treated the way she has as a woman and aches to be actually listened to for onceAyla on the other hand is much pricklier and standoffish as "a result of her refusal to grow close to anyone after her family died Her grief and rage "result of her refusal to grow close to anyone after her family died Her grief and rage been her number one motivator throughout her life and I loved watching her slowly become than that and realize she s not weak to let people inI can t talk about these two without mentioning their romance because oh my god When I say slowburn I m talking about this book Varela was masterful in the way she wrote the romance as starting off as a slight me very three pages of this book about tenderness between rivals sapphics and flawed villainy You couldn t depend on much in this world but you could depend on this love brought nothing but death Where love How To Tempt A Tycoon Savage Tales 5 Invitation To Eden 24 existed death would follow a wolf trailing after a wounded deer In the world of Zulla about 80 years after a war between humans and automae automae rule thearth triumphing over human beings Crier the sovereign s daughter is slated to take over Ayla a human rebel has a The Sovereign dreams of avenging the death of her family by killing the Sovereign’s daughter Lady Crier Crier who was Made to be beautiful to be flawless And to take over the work of her father Crier had been preparing to do just that to inherit her father’s rule over the land But that was before she was betrothed to Lan to kill her for revenge But when Ayla becomes her lad Nothing gladdens my heart than picking up an ardently anticipated new release with the stammering gaiety of stepping off the Secrets In The Fire edge of a cliff in the tremulous faith that you ll sprout wings halfway down and for all yourxpectations to be met the inexpressible sweetness of finding yourself hovering above the ground with rills of current flowing off the tips of your winged armsCrier s War colored Fast And Easy Emotional Trauma And Ptsd Treatment everything like the afterglow of a dream and for the space of a few hundred page turns there wasn t room for anythinglse in my head Fever and fervor said Junn There is very little difference in the The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book end In a world ruled by Automa humans still held outven under the crushing avalanche of the airless and deadly perfection of their oppressors but their freedom was but a ragged scrap of meat tossed to an adeuately obedient hound and it ll come a day when they ll become an xpense beyond their valueWithin Ayla a human girl was an ocean s worth of grief and rage and her need for revenge against the Automa who killed her family burned through her as though she were a candlewick Following a most strange ncounter with Crier the kind daughter of the Automa king Hesod Ayla is offered a job as Crier s handmaiden But where gladness should be or gratitude for Crier s kindness or desperation to acknowledge the luminous thing that hung between them there could be naught but brutal vacancy Ayla could no forget that Crier was an Automa representing Mountain Man Mountain Man 1 everything Ayla abhorred than an aching tooth She refuses to be played upon by Crier s gentleness to be convinced by her words to give something up But she was like a mouse inching closer to a trap and it would spring the moment she got closer or moved toscape Humanity is how you act my lady said Jezen Now how you were Made Crier s War is ambitiously structured as a ping ponging narrative beautifully contained and as taut as piano wire The result is a dynamic novel that remains solidly rooted in a propulsive suspenseful plot that builds towards a series of impeccably timed revelations as dazzling as the finale of a fireworks showIt isn t the most original setup for the first book of a fantasy series but the author wraps it up in a package so absorbing I was drawn on like a compass arrow The balance Varela strikes between introducing knowledge to the reader and moving at a brisk pace towards the next plot objective is very well Hola Amigos executed but the stakes feel higher because the author crafts a full fledged fantasy realm worth getting lost in The novel opens with an intricately laid out timeline of the complex history between the Automa and the humans who created them which is as much about power as it is about autonomy The broad backdrop of political unrest is arresting with numerous heartrending moments that made my heart zing and slam itself around like a bee inside a jarFor me however the novel s most remarkable wonderful aspect is Crier and Ayla s relationship as wan and fragile as moth wings but still burning as fervently as a bonfire in the center of the story The manner with which the author braids their storylines into a knot of fevered desires covert betrayals and tentative romance isffortlessly captivating Two sides of the same coin Crier and Ayla are like chemicals thrown together in an alembic and their moments together were a rapturous Their Words Are Music escape from the bleaker political machinations swirling around them Ayla could no turn away from her goal to rid humankind from the Automa s yoke than a compass needle could point south and Crier wanted nothing than to break free from the false perfection she s been preserved in always and forever the sovereign s meek obedient daughter and had borne her solitude stoicallynough without realizing uite how lonely she was until she met Ayla and hope begun guttering like an overspent candle in her corruptly human chest The villains with Crier s conniving and all too powerful betrothed being a particularly her corruptly human chest The villains With Crier S Conniving And All Too Powerful Betrothed Being Crier s conniving and all too powerful betrothed being particularly Manikam Kalbu example are also painted in broad strokes and I m looking forward to what the author has in store for the seuelBut notvery aspect of the novel works as well as it should The plot zips along so uickly which is great but it also creates the impression of a restless narrative that leads to over simplifications and some characters being reduced to a single trait The random flashbacks sometimes inhibit the flow as does Ayla s best friend whose presence I often forgot about but which dominates some pivotal scenes that don t land as convincingly as they shouldThat said Oxford Specialist Handbook Of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology And Nutrition Oxford Specialist Handbooks In Paediatrics everything I grumbled about above is nearly unnoticeable during the actual readingxperience The author is so good at telling her story that I wasn t bothered Principles Of Wood Science And Technology enough by those small uibbles to feel thrown off the novel And ultimately Crier s War is a sturdy solid debut that lays the groundwork for very interesting future developmentsThis was a buddy read with Jami Jamishelves Dude I had so much fun ko fi blog twitter tumblr This book was such a surprise I thought for sure it would mostly revolve around the sapphic romance but it didn t This felt uniuespecially because it flips the AI vs Human story and makes the AIs the ones in charge I wish the second book was out already because this duology is definitely one I would have binge read straight through Yay October Owlcrate Unboxing Click on the link below the pic to see the GOODIES We got two books I m The Greeks Chosen Wife excited for GOODIES LINKDidn t like it Don t care Going in the trade in box Mel I m going to need y all to preorder this book immediately All a ueer girl wants is to read a YA fantasy that is not only incredibly original but has two ueer girls at it s center And on top of that we get a slow burn romance We have all been BLESSED by Nina Varela and we should be thanking her The most notable thing to take from this book though was it s ties to present day It may not have been written like that intentionally but it definitely called out real world problemsx Your customs are similar because your ntire culture was stolen from ours Because you have no history of culture of your ownOther things of note included identifiable characters from chapter one Each character had traits that made them uniue and asy to remember who s who The world building was great and judging by "how it nded I assume we ll be getting of the world in book 2 Finally the relationship between Ayla and "it nded I assume we ll be getting of the world in book 2 Finally the relationship between Ayla and was just so SOFT It feels real and it makes you feel Full stop So ven if you re only here for sapphic romance it s definitely one of the best So if you re thinking about picking up this book please do It s well worth your time and money I promise. Cyre Kinok who seems to have a thousand secrets That was before she discovered her father isn’t as benevolent as she thought That was before she met AylaSet in a richly imagined fantasy world Nina Varela’s debut novel is a sweepingly romantic tale of love loss and revenge that challenges what it really means to be human. ARC provided by HarperTeen in xchange for an honest review It was never really a choice was it Wanting her Killing her Friends if you are looking for a book all about revenge filled with mystery and betrayals while also showcasing the best Archies Double Digest The Archie Digest Library No 147 enemies to lovers ff romance I ve read in a long while please immediately pick up Crier s War I m telling you right now this is going to make so many best of 2019 lists come thend of the year and I don t ven have words for the amount of pure joy I felt while reading this book Crier s War is set in an alternative future where alchemists have crafted mechanical people called Automaes who now rule over the humans The humans originally created them so a powerful ueen who could not bear children could have an heir but soon Automaes were forged for other human pleasures But then they rose up and conuered the humans who originally made them Now the world is a very unsafe place to live for humans who are still alive after the war and they are allowed very few liberties Crier Lesbian A girl artificially crafted to become the daughter her father needs to carry on his powerful legacy while being betrothed to a man who promises to help her hone that power for both of them Ayla Bi A human girl who lost her family and verything A History Of The Inquisition Of The Middle Ages Complete Volume 1 2 And 3 else after the Automaes raised up and overthrew the humans And after Ayla saves Crier s life Crier offers her an opportunity to become a servant for her which is a very high honor for humans So Ayla becomes Crier s handmaiden while also seeing this as an opportunity to go undercover and maybe seek the vengeance she has been after for so long That is until both girls start realizing that maybe they are on the same side and maybe they could be something thannemies if they only were able to learn to trust A thought came to her a story of its own one that only just began writing itself in her mind a story of two women one human one Made The romance in this book It honestly gave me at least twenty years on my lifespan This is the slowest burn angst filled most beautiful Dead Season enemies to lovers between two women of color It is soxpertly crafted and delivered and it was a tier above the rest And the alternating points of view opposing sides filled with secrets and betrayals it was just Find You And You Find Everything everything friends I bet this will be my favorite ship of 2019 True OTP status But this story really begs the uestion of what it means to be human Is the capability formpathy love trust What does it mean to have be alive Simply because we are born or because blood flows through our veins Is it because we have free will and are able to change our outlook on things and people Or is it because we choose to take on the title human and make it into whatever we believe it to be Like she was than a human girl Like she was a summer storm made of flesh Yet this story also constantly puts the theme of oppression and privilege at the center of it all How people appropriate and steal from cultures and pretend that it s okay or worse their own How dangerous it is for the privileged to not acknowledge their privileges And how oppressors will stop at nothing to maintain the power they have gained that privilege from This was such a uick read and I completely inhaled all 400 pages and couldn t put it down I started it right before a readathon and I couldn t stop thinking about it all week and when the readathon was over I read it in one sitting My ueer heart couldn t stop smiling crying swooning and Stripped Down Dangerous 2 evokingvery other motion Overall this was just a masterpiece and one of the best debuts I ve read in a long while If you like books filled with political intrigue twists and turns a beautiful and horrific backdrop lush writing captivating characters and girls loving girls I really recommend this one with my whole heart and "soul Also just in case you "Aren T Completely Sold Yet So Many Of My Friends "t completely sold yet so many of my friends compared this to Jude "Also just in case you aren t completely sold yet so many of my friends have compared this to Jude Cardan from The Cruel Prince but for the gays and that is so 100% accurate For the ueer readers You deserve very adventure Two Soviet Marxism extra things I need to add 1 this is ownvoices for the ueer rep 2 the author is ARMY no choice but for me to stan forever Okay goodbye I m off to pray to all the higher powers for book two immediately Also jokes on all of you because this is ghost Melanie reviewing this because I died at the tide pool sceneYoutube Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and Trigger Warnings war themes abandonment loss of loved ones grief depictions blood depiction animal deathgore and general violenceBuddy read with Lea The romance didn t burn meThe intensity of the whole revengewarhatredlove was so lackingven though verything was there all along And what I dearly missed was any kind of humour in the writingThe world system is pretty simple The moment you open up the book you will just get into it The characters have been developed good their introductions fairly well done with different uniue auras of their own I would like to say the first half of the book has been written pretty well It s fast paced the reuired information has been delivered to you at the right place and at the right time The roles of different characters have been represented very well However as much as the characters are there alive and plotting they lacked charisma which they are supposed to be represented with I feel like the secondary characters come out much stronger I like the character of Rowan the one who took in Ayla the one of our main protagonists the human which I feel is the character who is most represented well And as much as Benjy s character is meant to be represented somewhat secondary but as someone closest to Ayla his character leaves a big impact Coming to the other main protagonist Crier the Automa her character comes out to be a bit like someone who is not needed as much as she is supposed to be the main character The character of her fathercreator Hesod is developed so well as well as of her fiance Kinok And if these scoff villain characters were given importance in their description and important parts there s a high chance of me getting invested in them than the other protagonistsActually I was xcited with their ntrance than the other protagonistsActually I was xcited with their Herries Ashford And Robinson Taster Collection 201411 Rescued By The Viscount The Rakes Bargain The Wrong Cowboy entrance between during thentire read and it s sad to say I wasn t much interested in the relationship or whatever that was going on in between Ayla and Crier in the second half of the bookWhat I feel was lacking in Ayla s character I can understand the issues she has been dealing with since her childhood days and the hardships she has faced But the aloofness till the nd ven with Crier when they are supposed to be love. Impossible love between two girls one human one Made A love that could birth a revolutionAfter the War of Kinds ravaged the kingdom of Rabu the Automae Designed to be the playthings of royals took over the states of their owners and bent the human race to their willNow Ayla a human servant rising the ranks at the House of.

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