eBook [Ticket To Love short stories] by Donna Jay

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I wasn t really sure what to expect from this book but I m glad to say I was pleasantly surprised even after re reading some reviews It was a nice mixture Of Fluff Angst And Light fluff angst and light the moments between Tara and her mother were sometimes heartbreaking to read she luckily has lots of lighthearted ones between herself and a slew of secondary characters to make up for it Her interactions with Kathryn Kath Kat went from being

"funny and teasing "
and teasing flirty and downright sexy fairly soon but given the length of the book it was to be expected With great pacing and chemistry this book was real page turner The only very minor issue I had was that the last few chapters felt very sappy cheesy and everything was wrapped up with a bow that was a little too neat This ends with an overall 375 ratingTW homophobic slurs and behavior previous physical abusive relationship domestic violence CanoodlingThis ended up being OK after a rough startI did read reviews that mentioned light BDSM So I thought maybe a scene or two for fun But no This is a huge part of the main character Tara I don t get it so I can t relate And it s hard to stay interested when you ust can t connect I don t know anything about BDSM really But I did wonder how realistic an 18 year old would already be a Dom and playing with someone in her mom s house while said mom is out playing bingo for a couple of hours So she gets sent off to her Aunty in New Zealand And after a few years the house is getting cramped so her Aunty arranges to have her boss Katherine take her in So there Is An Age Gap And an age gap And that wasn t an issue I couldn t stop thinking ok Katherine as a parental figure She would refer to Tara as a young lady And even later would call her a sweet girl But I pressed on because this is a 4 star book so I had to be missing something As soon as Tara started sleep walking things started to turn around The relationship that develops is sweet Has depth And there are enough things family conflicts friendships and past relationships that keep the story moving forwardBut overall it wasn t that uniue for me It was another age gap romance where one was struggling with family acceptance of her sexuality and the other is trying to move on from a past relationship Now available in Kindle Unlimitedcom Lesbian romance set New ZealandAs a writer who flies by the seat of my pants when I started this book I had a very brief outline Sassy young Australian meets uptight NZ office manager As the story unfolded it became about so much While this book does have some heat it s far from the kinky read I anticipated The story is set in Wellington New Zealand Sometimes the end is ust the beginningWhen Tara's mother catches her in a compromising position she's given an ultimatum A therapist to help her get over her issues or a one way ticket to New ZealandFrom the moment Tara walk.

Donna Jay â 8 Summary

Ur capital city Located at the bottom of the North IslandMy heroines take the ferry to Picton which is at the top of the South Island Contrary to what many believe you can not drive between both islandsThen they continue by car to Nelson I hope you enjoy the ourney these characters take you on as much as I didDonna Jay Australian Tara James has been living with her aunt Sue in New Zealand after her mother gave her a choice of therapy to straighten out her kinks and orientation or Ticket To Love by Donna Jay was such a hard slog for me I started it in November and for some reason I ended up putting it away time after time and read over 50 books in between I Borderline Times just could not get into the right mindset to finish it until today when I pushed myself to get to the endIt s not really Donna Jay s fault I usually like her books but for some reason this couple did not work for me The dynamics were off Iust could not see young Tara in a convincing domme role and it kept throwing me out of the story I am in the minority because the book scores 4 to 5 stars in general so don t mind my review too much ff explicitThemes it didn t feel #the spark mommy issues OCD sleepwalking3 stars Donna Jay really writes novels that are ust so feel good while #spark mommy issues OCD sleepwalking3 stars Donna Jay really writes novels that are ust so feel good while being incredibly naughty After being caught by her mother in a compromising position Tara flees Australia to live with her Aunt in New Zealand There she rents a room off of her Aunts Boss and friend Kathryn Kathyrn has been hurt before and isn t in the position to ever feel that way again but she can t help this chemistry she has with Tara This was a lovely book the romance was very sweet but also fun and a little naughty at times I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between the two cha 425 Stars This was a very sweet romance with some spice While I really enjoyed Jay s last book Mistaken Identity I think this is my new favorite I have read a lot of Jay s writings and what I noticed is she continually gets better with every new book she puts out I have a lot of respect for authors that work on their craft instead of ust pumping out books I Do Have To Mention have to mention there is some BDSM in this story But also like in Jay s other romances the BDSM is on the lighter side It s enough to spice up the sex scenes but it never feels overboard or forced This would be a good place to start for a reader who is a little interested in BDSM but doesn t want to be overwhelmed The heart of this story is a real sweet romance Because of that I would put this book in the steamy romance category not really eroticaThis is an age gap romance between two people that are pretty much opposites but. S through her door Kathryn’s orderly life is knocked off kilter The sassy Australian ten years her unior is as charming as she is off limitsWhen lines are crossed fireworks explode and not all of them good Emotions run hig. Ticket To LoveThe connection is solid You absolutely believe in these two as a couple and the chemistry is obvious Both characters are well written you care about what happens to them There Both characters are well written and you care about what happens to them There conflict that drives the story but there is no unrealistic angst which I always appreciateLastly I want to mention there were actually a few really funny moments I don t really remember Jay adding humor before but I enjoyed it The snake scene was so funny that it was actually laugh out loud funny And it ust made me love the character of Tara all the This was a real feel good sweet romance with some steam I enjoyed the read and I can t wait to see what Jay writes next A copy was given to me for a honest review This book is on sale for USD1 99 today only Stands up in the Bookaholic Anonymous Meeting my name is Farah and I am not a fan of this bookWhat I like The hs Tara a spunky 21 year old h Out and proud loves non vanilla sex Kathryn a successful 3O year old h Been at the rough end of the pineapple a few times yet still standing strong even stronger when Tara enters her life Tara and Kathryn s family whacky loving and supportive The clothes pegs A swoonworthy epilogue What this woman want I would like the getting to know period to be slightly longer before the Titanic car scene Tara s mom should not play a bigger role in the story Her antics will make you want to drink before suashing her like a bug Sorry insects lover Instead of the dragging family drama it ll be interesting to read about Tara and Kathryn handling couplehood More toys DI m in the minority here some of the trustworthy Lesfic fansreviewers love the book This is unavailable on KUScribdKindle price is USD199 for a day only 42 stars I generally like everything I ve read by Donna Jay this being no exception In fact I consider this to be her best book yet Loved the characters loved their interactions All the flirting and blushing was excellent with an unexpected but very nice and light BDSM undertones I even liked the supporting cast and hated those who are supposed to be hated you ll know when you read it No major complaints really maybe besides the end of the book that is a bit random #IT WENT FROM THEIR ROMANCE TO #went from their romance to kind of message about family being important It s not bad but I would have preferred the book focused on the pair I was left with a feeling that the latter part of the book didn t live up to the first part of it But it s still good and I can recommend this read to everyone Also age gap I love age gap books This was a sweet spiky romance fell in love with Tara and Kathryn Although I enjoyed her previous books this one is my favorite. H loyalties are tested bonds are made and bonds are brokenJust when Tara thinks life has settled into a comfortable routine a door to her past looms ahead Taking a giant leap of faith with Kathryn by her side she steps throug.