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The killer portraits read like Wannabe Entertainment Reviews Instead Of entertainment reviews instead of cut and dry to the point facts Disappointingly this is another book that unfortunately provides less information than a select killer s wikipedia articleSomething I did njoy with this book is that it did have a wide scope that introduced me to a broader range of killers than I was previously familiar with And with his desperate and not so thinly veiled attempt to promote himself as an The Parables entertainment writer by providing top 12 lists of his favorite killer movies and fiction seriously I came away with one or two recommendations And while he does include a bibliography he doesn tver source his material and claims in the text so its ultimately for show and minor reference than any real use Ultimately this book comes *Of Distorted In Intent It Seems Way *distorted in intent It seems way the author s attempt to break into writing for the big time with sensationalist Iidsete Aegade Lood I extreme shock journalism style writing versus being a professional factual knowledgeable source of accurate information I could forgive the sparse facts if only the author took himself seriously and put some realffort into providing the information his book is aimed to provide instead of trying to make something as serious as serial murder sexy and took a appropriate articulate tone I have a hard time Positive Thinking enjoying let alone recommending this bookspecially not to people who are new to the topic of true crime and are looking for an xhaustive informative book on the subject if I find such a book I ll sing it s praises This is the kind of thing you d pick up with half book I ll sing it s praises This is the kind of thing you d pick up with half from the library and return before getting halfway through the text This book xceeded all my xpectations When looking for a book about serial killers I was mainly looking for reasons why they did what they did I found those reasons and so much Not only did the author include the psychology sections that I was looking for they also provided cultural information like why are people so fascinated by serial killers and how long has this been going onwhich the author pointed out that it has been going on practically forever The author had information about the popular killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer and also ones that are not as heard of Although the book was completely disturbing and disgusting it held my interest all the way until the nd I also particularly liked that the author included further reading and a bibliography in the back although I don t think that I need to know any about serial killers at this point Very good read and I recommend it to people who are interested in serial killers as long as they can stomach the great amount of horrific details. Ofit For celebrity and for “companionship” For the devil and for dinner For the thrill of it for the hell of it and because “such men are monsters who live beyond the frontiers of madness” PLUS in depth case studies classic killers’ nicknames definitions of Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development every kind of deviance and derangement and much much For than one hundred profiles of lethal loners and killer couples Bluebeards and black widows cannibals and copycats this is an indispensable spine tinglingye popping investigation into the dark hearts and mad minds of that twisted breed of human whose crimes are the most frightening and fascinati. Interesting premise but WAY too broad *It should have been split into multiple books and then maybe ach chapter wouldn t have *should have been split into multiple books and then maybe ach chapter wouldn t have So Redundant He Used The Same Phrasing redundant He used the same phrasing describe multiple people and Swift every time he re mentioned someone he d describe them all over again I guess I cant getnough of learning about serial killers and criminal minds When u have a passion about something you don t stop doing and pursuing it While reading about true crime and the life of the killers you understand how complicated human mind can be Sometimes you start having mpathy about those kind of people But most of all the time you are shocked how people can turn into such monsters If you re looking for information on the big name serial killers try another book big name serial killers try another book are several for ach killer listed in the back for information because it only has a condensed listingsummary of the major killers The first few chapters overview the types of serial killers and the history of serial killing This a fact based book covering brutal cases with stark clarity There are a lot of little known killers mentioned as well as the usual suspects of Bundy Gacy Dahmer Jack the Ripper the Zodiac Killer Son of Sam Richard Rameriz the Night Stalker and othersuick concise The Return To Camelot entries about various killers are sorted by types of killing grouping the sexual sadists together the posioners in another spotven the black widows Very informative book if you re into serial killers Well you can t say its not informative This is basically the definitive guide to serial killers Not necessarily the individual serial killers though its not short on information but the who what why of serial killers Hey its in the nameMy biggest criticism is how repetitive and long winded it can get For Six Femmes Du Monde example I m pretty sure Albert Fish and his crimes are repeated at least on 5 separate occasions absolutely the most complete media about the subject absolutely loved it it not only chooses toxplore less known serial killers but it also does a wonderful job at truly Mst125 Essential Mathematics explaining the phenomenon from motive to psyche to genre to raceverything is looked upon it Summer evennds with a wonderful recommendation list of different media and arts about serial murders fictional and notif true crime interests you you absolutely NEED to read this one I m a fan of mysteries and documentaries so this book was great for me It had a lot of facts why some people become serial killers and how to recognize one It also discusses the phenomenal societies obsession with serial killers Very interersting book indeed I have a morbid fascination with death so what better book for me It outlined many famous cases and I learned about many new ones. THE DEFINITIVE DOSSIER ON HISTORY’S MOST HEINOUSHollywood’s make believe maniacs like Jason Freddy and Hannibal Lecter can’t hold a candle to real life monsters like John Wayne Gacy Ted Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer and scores of others who have terrorized tortured and terminated their way across civilization throughout the ages Now from the much acclaimed author of Deviant Deranged and Depraved comes the ultimate resource on the serial killer phenomenonRigorously researched and packed with the most terrifying up to date information this innovative and highly compelling compendium covers very aspect of multiple murde.

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People never fail to disgust me this book proves why As a fan of true crime I was so xcited to read this book However once I brought it home from Barnes and Noble I was just about instantly disappointed There s cons than pros with The Serial Killer Files that I almost don t know where to startThe biggest most obvious annoyance I have with this book is that the author is straight up bad at writing I feel like he
wanted to be 
to be successful fiction author but just didn t have the chops hence leading him to write subpar nonfiction like *this He notoriously uses the same descriptors over and over again most notably *He notoriously uses the same descriptors over and over again most notably and its variables as well as savage slicing and the annals of crime Without hyperbole he uses the word psycho at least once almost Biblical Hermeneutics every single page He also can t hide his lack of skill with writing when he grossly sensationalizes these crimes often using poor word choice to make the horrific crimes seem as if the author finds them sexually tantalizing He also shows almost fanboy ish levels of interest in a select few of offenders his favorites being Albert Fish Jeffery Dahmer HH Holmes and John Wayne Gacy He talks about these guys so often that he often resorts to repeating their stories without adding new details padding the novel in a way that doesn t hide his lack of skill Pushing the author s obvious lack of talent aside he also can t stop himself from injecting his own opinions and attempting to pass them off as fact which is simply unacceptable in a work of nonficiton In a section discussing the variouslements of culture that society often blames for crimes he defends pornography with all the vitriolic rage of a Red Pill poster He flat out lies and claims that there s no proof that porn negatively impacts it s viewers a claim that has long since been disproved through various studies to be fair this book was published in 2003 the year these studies were being performed or just coming out He also left a sour taste in my mouth by My Life And Work ending the book on a section titled Serial Killer Groupies in which he derisively writes about how its women s proclivity to fall for bad boys and that women s universal taste for these bad boys is a fact of life Again a dull dim witted juvenile man with no intelligence trying to pass off his rejection fueled scorn for women as universal facts Which leads me to my next point anyone trying toducate themselves on the topic of true crime or the actsbehaviorsthoughtsmotives of serial killers should steer clear of this book The Serial Killer Files offers small glimpses into the crimes and motives of the killers but often glosses over major A Light In The Storm elements ofven well known offenses Also with his trite sensationalism. Rers from psychology to cinema fetishism to fan clubs “trophies” to trading cards DiscoverWHO THEY ARE Those featured include Ed Gein the homicidal mama’s boy who inspired fiction’s most famous Psycho Norman Bates; Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi sex crazed killer cousins better known as the Hillside Stranglers; and the Beanes a fifteenth century cave dwelling clan with an insatiable appetite for human fleshHOW THEY KILL They shoot stab and strangle Butcher bludgeon and burn Drown dismember and devour and other methods of massacre too many and monstrous to mention hereWHY THEY DO IT For pleasure and for pr.
 Francois Pinault
The Serial Killer Files