Kindle ePUB / PDF European State Aid and Tax Rulings by Liza Lovdahl Gormsen

Whether the EC is attempting to use State aid rules to harmonise national tax systems The author Examines This Issue Through Relevant Case Law this issue through relevant case law the EC's actions with OECD guidance and US practices assessing #What Is Legitimate In Terms Of The EC's Actions And #is legitimate in terms of the EC's actions and Through the lens of State aid and tax rulings the author addresses the wider constitutional uestion of how to reconcile national interests with the move to. ,

This book investigates whether the EUROPEAN COMMISSION EC HAS MANDATE Commission EC has the mandate legislate on direct taxation in sovereign states and ultimately uestions whether the nforcement action in recent tax ruling cases in the area of State aid respects the rule of law Liza Lovdahl Gormsen xplores whether the EC's recent rulings in relation to Member States' advanced pricing arrangements reflect a genuine problem of illegal State aid or. European State Aid and Tax Rulings

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