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Addie Mayberry left her job as a head librarian to open a children s bookstore and she s turned it into something magical When 8 year old Bella Barrett wanders into the store she and Addie develop an immediate bond Her father Drew Barrett a highly successful surgeon recently relocated to Shadow Creek returning to his hometown to try and salvage his daughter s childhood which had been devoid of any meaningful parental attention His marriage nded miserably with his Poetry And Experience Selected Works Vol 5 ex wife notven wanting shared custody of their child Don t be fooled by the light hearted cover as this story is steeped in serious issues Drew s neglect of his daughter was real and he s working hard to turnaround that relationship Addie had an Felice Alla Guerra extremely difficult childhood the subject of cruel bullying for years and the target of a hypercritical and insensitive mother That damage left indelible scars to her selfsteem but not to her wonderful spirit Her relationship with Bella is just heartwarming and goes a long way in guiding Drew s sincere intentions in the right direction Of course it was inevitable that they d be drawn to ach other but theirs was an uneasy road I really loved this story as it dealt with some very tough issues not asily resolved Bella was adorable and I liked how her innocence provided Drew a light towards a path to forgive himself and Addie a sense of self worth Every story in this series deals with meaty issues and this was no different I didn t want this one to Research On Written Composition endI received an advance copy from NetGalley inxchange for an unbiased review I was so taken by this book by Addie and Bella in particular that I totally failed to highlight anything That is SO unlike me Anyway here are a few brief thoughts I adore this series and this holiday themed installment is up there with my favorites It was The Parables exactly the right book for me today incrediblyasy to sink into and Iidsete Aegade Lood I enjoy but still with Victoria James signature feels Drew s regrets coupled with Addie s Insecurities and Bella s general sweetness made this reviewer uitemotional Especially when Addie did the motherly thing toward Bella that defintely tweaked my maternal instinct in the best way I d definitely recommend not just this book but this Positive Thinking entire series for lovers of sweet small town romance It s charming cozy and well written It s chock full of likable characters and those cute little uirks that make places like Shadow Creek Montana uniue And it always guarantees a warm smile and a happy heart at thend Now this book is an xample of why I love holiday stories All that magic and romance of the holidays wrapped up in a beautiful family story Addie and Drew are amazing characters and Drew s daughter Isabella is such a cutie Small town life is new for Drew and his daughter Drew had to admit he wasn t giving his daughter the life she deserved when her mother decides to completely leave both their lives so he packs them up and takes a job in Shadow Creek His plan is to focus fully on Isabella That is until the shy unassuming bookstore owner Addie Mayberry comes into their lives If Addie has her way this will be the best Christmas any of them have comes into their lives If Addie has her way this will be the best Christmas any of them have hadFantastic story that is wonderfully written with characters that will steal your heart I highly recommend this one 45 Make a Christmas wish StarsWe return to Shadow Creek Montana for the sixth book in Victoria James series of the same name A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor gives us Addie Mayberry s happily ver after and with newcomer to town Dr Drew Barrett and his adorable daughter Isabella How time had passed so uickly how she d gone from a baby to a little girl How many firsts he d missed he d taken for granted Drew has returned to Shadow Creek to concentrate on family Being sole guardian for his daughter after her mother decides she wants an unencumbered life opens his Will Haunt You eyes to just how little time he has had for her in the past What with his high flying job as a city surgeon and active social life Bella has grown up mostly in the care of nannies and babysitters Being abandoned by her mother as well opens Drew syes to just how much he has failed her so far as a parent I ll never put anything above my daughters happiness againEarning her trust again and being the best father he can be are going to be his main focus for the foreseeable so meeting and falling in love with another woman are definitely things he is not looking for That is until he meets shy bookshop owner Addie and his daughter turns into her biggest cheerleader Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development especially as they spend time together when she becomes her after school babysitter They wereverything she had Gods Crucible ever wanted in a familyxcept for the fact that they were off limits Low on the drama scale I pretty much read this book in a sitting It s one of the less Swift emotional reads from the series but it offered upverything I want in an asy going romantic Christmas read Likeable characters and a cute little girl add an attraction That Won T Uit It won t uit it the perfect read for an afternoon snuggled in a chair with your favorite hot beverage to handThe minute I saw you I knew I was in troubleARC generously provided via Netgalley in xchange for the. Fall in love this holiday season with this heartwarming story about finding romance the magic of Christmas and the importance of family Children's bookstore owner Addie Mayberry believes in the magic of Christmas Or at least she used to So when a young customer needs some seasonal optimism Addie sets out to give the vulnerable heartbroken little girl the best Christmas ver Which means helping the hottest ma.

Summary A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor Shadow Creek Montana #6

The realization things need to change and drastically as parents the two failed miserably He s a top surgeon in a big city but this is not where he wants to raise his daughter So after consoling her and promising her big changes will take place one being he s going to be a better and involved Father He was moving home to a small town he grew up in Shadow Creek is where Drew and Bella move to Drew s nanny uits and he s in a dilemma But Addie a bookstore owner has befriended Bella as she loves to spend time there She steps up and offers to watch Addie when she hears of Drews problem Drew and Addie are attracted to one another but of course keep it well hidden Drew made the decision that Bella was his top and only priority and he won t get involved with a woman again and deprive Bella of his time and love Addie has dealt with some cruel and terrible xperience in High School as well a Mother dearest I could just slap that woman that have kept her walls up high to not be hurt again I loved these two Such Six Femmes Du Monde emotion and character depth and Bella was fantastic This had so much heart and feeling to it Drew dealing with his guilt and trying desperately to make it up to his daughter But also seeing such warmth love and happiness in Addie that he was very drawn and attracted to her He was wrestling with some major attraction Addie was so sweet genuine and warm Her past hurt breaks your heart but yet it didn t make her bitter butven determined to love people and care for them And Bella stole her heart and she was determined that little girl was going to have a wonderful Christmas The relationship between the three was beautifully done and very heartwarmingI also Mst125 Essential Mathematics enjoyed the sisters relationship as well as the other secondary characters The mother Addie s was just horrible The small town feel leaped from the pages and Christmas theme was prevalent and real throughout the story The reason for the 45 rating is that not much steam Now I don t need a lot at times but this did need just a tab bit The chemistry wasvident as well as the attraction but just a sprinkle of steam would have been nice Rating 455This is a brilliant festive read starring Bella a delightful young lady coping with hearing her Mum not wanting her and her Dad being a workaholic surgeon who hasn t previously made much time for her Summer either Drew realises he has missed out on so much in his young daughter s life that he decides to move back to the place he grew up in and to make Bella the most important person in his life He s determined she ll never feel rejected or abandoned againven if that means he ll be celibate for the foreseeable future However his daughter has other plans ones that he ll find hard to resistThis highly talented author has done it again She s written a beautiful festive read with great characters and an intriguing plot together with a somewhat precocious matchmaker too This is a festive read to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart I loved Silver Eyes escaping into itI reuested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after reading it I absolutely loved this story I m loving the Shadow Creek series Addie owns the children s bookstore in Shadow Creek she loves kids and really has a heart for all of them Especially one little girl who comes to visit and at first is hard tongage but Addie has a way to open up the world to little Bella Addie is a wonderful nurturer Her father who is a famous doctor has moved back to Shadow Creek after his x dumps her on him he realizes that he can t devote himself to Bella or his job he makes the move Sadly Drew doesn t know what to do with Bella He was never around the first 5 years of her life Bella had nannies and two parents who were never there Drew is getting his feet wet with her he s happy that Bella has someone and something to make her happy and that s Addie and the bookstore When Addie s after school sitter uits Drew is stuck with trying to find someoneplace and Bella pops up with staying with Addie Addie is open anyway and so she offers after a discussion takes place between she and Drew Drew is attracted to Addie but his new hard rule is Bella is first and only He s not having any part of another woman walking out on his daughter Addie is attracted to Drew as well but he makes it clear that she s only there to serve a purpose that is until he crosses a line then uickly redraws it Addie has grown up in that town She s got sisters who care a mother from Hadesand Addie was bullied throughout high school The backstory is well written and you get to read it woven into the plot very well Moving ahead these two push and pull along with little Bella I really loved this one the highs and lows and all the in betweens were perfectly written I loved Addie what a great character she was and her love for children watching her FINALLY SHUT HER MOTHER DOWN WAS A TREAT DREW shut her mother down was a treat Drew a tough one of course you love him but you also want to club him over the head at times and Tell Him To Get In The Game him to get in The Game Great game Another great to the series and a must read I loved itTake me to Montanaarc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. R awards before so he's determined to make it up to Bella And with Addie's help he's slowly repairing his relationship with his daughter The last thing he wants is to fall in love since that road only leads to pain but he can't stop thinking about Addie Not only is she gorgeous sweet and great with Bella she fills something in him he never knew was missing But Addie wants forever which is than Drew can offer. ,

A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor Shadow Creek Montana #6Above honest review 45 starsA Christmas Miracle for the Doctor is the sixth book in Victoria James s Shadow Creek Montana series This is a standalone read with characters from previous books making appearancesVictoria is one of my favorite authors I ve read all of her books and my reviews tend to all sound the same at this point When I read Victoria s books I xpect to have my heartstrings tugged I My Life And Work expect to possibly cry or come pretty close Ixpect to fall in love with the characters And I A Light In The Storm expect to have a happyver after and a story I don t want to nd A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor did not disappoint From the beginning Victoria tugged at my heartstrings Mommy doesn t want me any Bella Barrett appears to be a happy healthy secure and thoroughly loved ight year old But something very important is missing Her parents Bella is the only child of Dr Drew Barrett a surgeon and Jill Barrett a stylist and social media personality The two have been divorced for a year and are so busy with their jobs that Bella is raised mostly by nannies But that all changes when Jill dumps Bella on Drew s doorstep telling him that she doesn t want to do the parent thing any Realizing how badly he s failed his daughter and the memory of his parents Drew moves back to his hometown of Shadow Creek Montana He has a lot to make up for and he wants Bella to be his priorityBella is a really sweet kid She just wants love and attention from her parents She befriends bookstore owner Addie Mayberry who knows a thing or two about wanting a parent s love When Drew needs someone to watch Bella Addie volunteers As Addie and Bella grow closer Drew starts to realize he s attracted to Addie than he thoughtAddie s mother makes the wicked witch look like a saint I loved that Addie gained confidence in herself and stood up to her mother s brutal comments I was uite surprised that A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor wasn t a predictable story Bella really stole this story For an Blood Amp Shadows Book 1 4 eight year old she is wise beyond her yearsDrew Addie and Bella are all wonderful characters I loved watching them interact with one another and form a family bond This was a truly wonderful story that tugged at my heartstrings Received a copy of the book courtesy of Entangled Publishing and voluntarily reviewed Loved this book Addie is a book store owner that steps in to help Drew the new doctor in town with watching his daughter after school Bella the daughter uickly wins Addie s heart Drew is also smitten but has promised himself that he will not get involved with another woman so he can devote his time andnergy to Bella to make up for all the time his missed in the past and build a strong relationship with her Addie respects this but is ually and with her poor self image doesn t feel worthy of him anywayI loved the relationships in this novel and how the story unfolded The characters drew me in and made me feel like I was xperiencing their tale along with them This is a sweet and poignant tale that fans of the genre will love The story seemed to come alive on the pages and I was sorry when it nded This one is a must read and should be on the top of your TBR list The author is on my must read authors list 425 starsCrack out the mulled wine and mince pies fellow bookworms Victoria James has arrived with her festive offering taking us back To Shadow Creek For Uiet Shadow Creek for uiet owner Addie and single dad and doctor Drew s romance For me a holiday read should have that curl up by the fire feel and A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor has xactly that as you settle in and uickly realise you re going to lose your heart to the cutest most insightful little girl her babysitter and new best friend and her dad determined to be the parent she so deserves We re going to be fine just you and I And lose my heart I did as Drew And Addie Lose Theirs Addie lose theirs a few little inadvertent nudges from Isabella along the way As is always the case when I pick up a book by Victoria James I literally read the whole thing in one sitting and whilst A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor may not have socked uite the The Untroubled Mind emotional punch and depth others in the series have it s the perfect read for the season filled with heart humour and charm once again highlighting why she remains a firm favourite I ve never met someone like youyou make me believe inverything good Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased Opinion ARC Provided By ARC provided by and Entangled Publishing in Swineherd exchange for an honest review Rating 45This was a sweet andmotional Christmas romance Drew is a successful surgeon and his Diva x is a beautyhealth blogger that is only interested in herself We open with Drew and his x having a discussion about their daughter she is letting Drew know she doesn t want custody of their daughter or visitation rights ither It s too much for her and too time consuming Drew is shocked as he contemplates the bomb shell she just dropped his mind races with the past and what not great parents they have been After she leaves he turns and realizes his sweet Bella was standing there the ntire time listening He s hit hard with. N in Shadow Creek Bella's surgeon father find his holiday spirit Addie's up to the challenge but between tree decorating and late night talks she realizes she's starting to fall hard for the one man she definitely shouldn't Drew Barrett drastically changed his fast paced life when he moved back to Shadow Creek but it was all worth it to give his daughter a better life He wasn't The Wise Woman exactly winning dad of the yea.

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