Beth Lambert [epub or Pdf] Brain Under Attack

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Have learned in a few hours of reading this book You will learn some hypotheses about how this condition comes about for our children You will learn about symptoms signs struggles and how the medical community continues to doubt and uestion the diagnosis and doesn t support families going through this You will learn a bit about standard treatment protocols But most importantly you will hear from real families who have children in remission and what they have done to get their children to that point You will hear from medical professionals with a holistic approach to treatment And How They Have how they have success in those they treat and support #through this process Rarely in this huge circle of parents xperiencing this #this process Rarely in this huge circle of parents September Sacrifice experiencing this youver hear the success stories. Ducation Military Tribunals Amp Presidential Power empowerment and preventionBrain Under Attack is an ambitious undertaking forven the most savvy physicians and scientists regarding the increasing prevalence of neuro autoimmune disorders PANS now facing our children With statistics indicating that as many as 1 in 200 children are now affected with PANS parents will again be challenged with a condition of significant disabling severity with a paucity of resources for assistance This book provides the reader with the necessary #Tools To Help Their Affected #to help their affected via the provision of an The Hermetica Of Elysium The Elysium Texts 1 excellent overview case studies opinions fromxperts resources and glossary of terms in a compelling parent friendly format while being current with the latest information available from the field of integrative medicine An up to date laboratory assessment on how to test for PANS is also discussed Kudos to Lambert and Rickert Hong for bestowing this handbook for parents and practitioners alike Michelle Perro MD Pediatrician and Co Author of the Bestselling Book What's Making our Children SickBrain Under Attack is a must have resource Parents are now armed with all the information needed on how to treat these conditions ffectively combining treating the root cause along with incorporation of integrativ. A great handbook for PANSAE parents Did it have a some of the info I already New Yes However it was a nice refresher course on those #aspects and great to have all of the info in one place The book also had a #and great to have all of the info in one place The book also had a of info on therapies that I did not know In my opinion it is a great addition to my home library It took me almost two years of xperiencing PANSPANDASAE in two of my children which REALLY started 4 years ago we just had no idea what was going on for the first 25 years actually getting diagnosed 5 months on Antibiotics and Antivirals and Antifungals followed by bloodwork supplements biomedical treatments 6 months of Homeopathy and hours upon hours of reading other families stories posts and comments in Facebook groups to learn what I could. Does your child have rages OCD tics aggressive behavior prolonged tantrums andor anxiety Is your child Revenant exhibiting sudden behavioral changes or a developmental regression Your child may have PANS PANS Pediatric Acute onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome is an umbrella term which includes diagnoses such as PANDAS PITANDS and Autoimmune Encephalitis all of which describe a condition marked by concerning psychiatric and physical symptoms that often appear suddenly Children in the US are being diagnosed with PANS at a very concerning rate What is behind thispidemic What makes a child vulnerable to these conditions Most importantly what can be done to bring to bring our kids back to good health In this book you will learn What PANS PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalitis are and why so many children are being diagnosed with these conditions What causes PANS Why PANS is so commonly seen in children with autism How PANS is treated How to get to the root causes of PANS What parents of children with PANS have done to bring their children back to good health What leading PANS xperts have to say about the cause and treatment of PANS Epidemic Answers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to reestablishing vibrant health in our children and ourselves through When children recover parents truly want to move on and no longer #Spend Time In The #time in the support groups or visiting their very xpensive specialists just to check in so you don t hear a lot of success stories I njoyed reading these success stories very much and continue to have new ideas and most importantly restored HOPE about recovery There is so much to learn when you are starting out on a path that feels #mostly uncharted as a parent of a child with Autoimmune ncephalitis PANS or PANDAS It s wonderful to have a great #uncharted as a parent of a child with Autoimmune Christ In Celtic Christianity encephalitis PANS or PANDAS It s wonderful to have a great point and one resource for the crash course on these conditions I sure wish this resourcexisted when we first started out on this incredibly challenging journey but I m thrilled that it does now Very helpful informatio. E modalities Brain Under Attack puts the power back in your hands and allows you to take charge of your family's health in a safe and natural way Madiha Saeed MD Board Certified Integrative Family Physician and Author of The Holistic RxThis little gem of a book takes a Total Load approach to this lusive illness

Instead Of Treating Those Difficult 
of treating those difficult symptoms and suppressing the immune system with gut disrupting drugs learn about possible underlying nvironmental triggers infections and lifestyle factors that are contributing Read heartfelt parent stories from some who have healed their kids and find practitioners who will treat you with respect as a member of your loved one's healthcare team Let this well researched book be your most helpful guide Patricia S Lemer MEd MBA Author of Outsmarting Autism and EnVISIONing a Bright FutureA lifeline An mpowering and actionable compilation of clinical insights paired with the stories of loving and courageous families rescuing their children against all odds Brain Under Attack is an important resource for improving our understanding of these conditions and getting children the support they need Kathleen DiChiara FDN P Functional Nutrition Practitioner Author of The Hidden Connection and Resilien.

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Brain Under Attack