Star Spangled Scandal Sex Murder and the Trial that Changed America (kindle Pdf) by Chris DeRose

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D drama I received this book from Regnery "history for a short review as i was "for a short review As I was with what I now believe was a mild case of Covid I don t remember one thing about this book and will have to reread it later this year Great story but drag out for too long While most people have never heard of Dan Sickles he is pretty well known among Civil "War buffs for several reasons1 He was of the few Major "buffs for several reasons1 He was of the few Major His act of cowardiceincompetence arguably won the day at Gettysburg3 After his leg was amputated for which he received the Medal of Honor he donated the remains to what is now the National Museum of Health and Medicine4 He was the first person to successfully use the temporary insanity plea after killing his wife s loverThis book is about the fourth point The story was made ven notable because Sickle s was a prominent politician After murdering his wife s lover he retained the services of Edwin Stanton one of the few people to serve on a presidential cabinent for 3 presidents of different partiesAnd did Just wanted to let you know that I received a free copy of this book from the folks at Regnery Publishing in return for an honest opinion and review of the bookThis is the 2nd book that I have read by the author and once again he has done a great job of research and writing This book deals with the murder of Philip Barton Key son of Francis Scott Key by US Congressman Daniel Sickles due to Key s adulterous relationship with Sickles wife Teresa I had remembered Sickles due to his heroic Contemporary Hermeneutics efforts at the Battle of Gettysburg but was unaware of this part of his life Here the author delves into the past live of all three involved in the incident and then gives us a really good overview of thevents leading up to the shooting Probably the most open secret in Washington was the affair between Key and Teresa with the only person who was ignorant of the situation was Daniel Sickles and once he found out there was no doubt as to his actionsOne of the best parts of the book is Chapter 15 Special by Magnetic Telegraph which introduces us to the telegraph system and how that changed the way news was transmitted as well as the new speed getting out the story So many similarities to today s internet texting and Social Media it is truly a great part of this storyWe also have the first Dream Team of defense attorneys and that harkens back to the OJ trial as does the media coverage the case receives Coverage was so Enter The Dragon extensive that it was next to impossible toven seat a jury of 12 disinterested men The book is filled with trial testimony opening and closing statements and arguments and the use of temporary insanity as a legal defense for the first time in a case such as this I give this book a hearty 5 rating and recommend this to one and

all fast paced 
Fast paced short and highly readable chapters and as a senior citizen a great big thanks for having the book printed in xtremely ye friendly font style Thanks Regnery for a great read. Motion a tragic course of vents that culminates in a bloody confrontation in the street that leaves one man dead and the other charged with murder This is the riveting true story of the murder and historic trial that shocked nineteenth century America now brought to vivid life by historian Chris DeRose with the help of Mrs Sickles' writings and other primary sources. ,
Every so often a trial comes along that is described as the trial of the century OJ Simpson filled that slot in the 20th century but there was a trial in the 19th century that though many may not have heard of it was certainly much xciting In 1859 US Congressman Daniel Sickles shot and killed US District Attorney Barton Key son of Francis Scott Key on a Sunday morning near the Whi True crime with a little history politics adultery courtroom drama and the O Mundo De Sofia evolution of how crimes of passion came to be treated in the law A lot going in this book And how did people get their news before the invention of the telegraph uite the interesting story of a long forgotten scandal uitenjoyable solid 35 stars for me Gracious thank you to the publisher for a gratis copy in xchange for an honest review Scandal sensationalism and the telegraph Chris DeRoses Star Spangled Scandal Sex Murder and the Trial that Changed America discusses the Daniel E Sickles trial in Washington City Washington DC in 1859 in which he was charged with murdering Philip Barton Key the son of Francis Scott Key for having an affair with Sickles wife Teresa On Sunday February 27 1859 Daniel Sickles left his rental house Ewell House to confront Barton Key as he was known in Lafayette Suare about how Mr Key has dishonored my Sickles house Sickles then states You must die What for Key asked Sickles pointed a pistol at him and fired The sound shattered the Sunday afternoon uiet bouncing off the mansions of Lafayette Suare and the White House And that was only the beginning Sickles fired three times hitting "Key Who Was Unarmed "who was unarmed all three shots Then Sickles approached closer to Key and aimed the gun directly at his head Click Misfire Sickles then turned himself into the police and confessed There has been an almost unparalleled xcitement in the public mind The Team That Jack Built ever since the news of the shooting down of Philip Barton Key in the street by Daniel E Sickles spread abroad upon the wings of the telegraph Leslie s IllustratedAs a result of sensational headlines and newspapers selling as fast as people could buy them played out throughout the country February 28 1859 His future promised to be most prosperous but l homme proposet le Dieu dispose The New York Herald Never was a place mad for scandal than Washington The New York TribuneThe trial of Daniel E Sickle began on Monday April 4 "1859
and concluded on 
and concluded on Tuesday April 1859 Let me just say that Mr Sickle had an Pioneers Of Modern Typography excellent defense team You will have to read the book to discover the verdict I will not tell tales out of school Just let it be known that Daniel E Sickles became good friends with Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln and visited the White House often During the Civil War Sickles rank was commander of the Third Corps one of only seven major generals one of only two who did not attend West Point The author provides some colorful statements about the Sickles trial and definitely illustrates how the telegraph sent. The year is 1859 and Congressman Daniel Sickles and his beautiful wife Teresa are the toast of Washington society President James Buchanan is godfather to their daughter Philip Barton Key US Attorney for the District of Columbia and the son of Francis Scott Key is one of the couple's closest friends so close in fact that he oftenscorts the beautiful Mrs Sickles to Hews all over the world relating to the trial but it is almost over the top What is annoying and frightening to me is The Unwritten Law which was used successfully twice ven in the 1950s Precedents are almost unanimous in favor of the assertion that any man has a right to kill the betrayer of his wife his sister or his daughter St Louis Globe How did "Sickle look himself in the mirror When Sickles saw James Barton Key Barton Key s son in and Sullivan "look himself in the mirror When Sickles saw James Barton Key Barton Key s son in Gilbert and Sullivan hopefully the lights went on and realization of what he had done finally hit home History rocksDid you ver hear of the United States Congressman who blew away the DC District Attorney at point blank range right outside the White House lawn in broad daylight on the Sabbath Did you know these men were close friends and that longstanding marital betrayal would forever divide them Have you Poems Of Henry Lawson ever heard of the Unwritten Law thatffectively put adulterers and other similar violators on the Arty The Smarty endangered list for the next century Star Spangle Scandal is the fascinating true story of Sex Murder and the Trial that Changed America Writer Chris DeRose makes full use of his talentsasily coaxing the reader to uickly finish one chapter just to start the next The facts of the case are nothing short of astounding as were its ramifications for another hundred years in crimes of passion that could and often would lead to fatal revenge As the trial would become the most covered news in the history of the world the details are The Nine Lives Of Romeo Crumb Life One exceedingly available Incidentally that s my only complaint of the book The author is so terribly good at writing and the first half of the book is much prose that uoted conversation that the trial does slow down the story It s a very minor uibble and the gravity of its impact on history and its truth is stranger than fiction details than make up for any other shortcomings 25 stars I had high hopes for this book and parts of it were veryngaging but overall I found the book too dense and disjointed to really Hatastrophe enjoy The book tells a true crime story set in 1859 involving Washington DClites If was THE scandal of the day it was for me to get through the lawyers in our book club did Mr Bennets Dutiful Daughter enjoy the courtroom drama which was told with great detail Chris DeRose has told the backstory of what is often a historical footnote Often important legal decisions get named or rate a vaguexplanation in a footnote Star Spangled Scandal Sex Murder and the Trial that Changed America gives readers an oppportunity to know and understand better This book is being marketed with a title a book cover and introductory materials to incite interest For a while my interest waned some I would rather that DeRose had included some courtroom commentary Not all of us who are interested in sex murder and legal dramas are that fluentintuitive about what happens in courtrooms This book is geared towards those who understand and appreciate the courtroom details nuances an. Ocial vents when the congressman is too busy Revelers in DC are accustomed to the sight of the congressman's wife with the tall Apollo like Philip Barton Key who is considered the handsomest man in all Washington society foremost among the popular men of the capital Then one day Congressman Daniel Sickles receives an anonymous note about his wife and Key setting into. Star Spangled Scandal Sex Murder and the Trial that Changed America