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Mind blowing Out of this WORLDOH MY GOSH THIS BOOK I SERIOUSLY GOSH This book I seriously in FREAKING love with this series This author took book I seriously in FREAKING love with this series This author took on a journey I wasn t expecting but GAH I m so happy I did Serena Akeroyd is a new to me author and I am SO happy I found her her amazing work TriAlpha blew my freaking mind It was full of action and GOD the steamy scenes those four had I m obsessed and I can t wait for the next series within this world Armageddon FaeLykensChangelingsSeraphimSounds ood Interesting perhaps Who could have believed that #Book With So Mutch Happening # with so mutch happening it could be so absurdly boring Conclusion to the series as next book while continuing the world and eventswill not be centered around our double Royal foursome A rollercoaster rideWow is all i can say this series isn t your typical shifter romance books at all It starts off slow and has you fall in love and rooting for certain people Even thinking oh this will have your typical love ending Not The first lover I swear I thought he was a pansy Would stay that way and she does a entire 360 Everyone you thought was this one that ended More I need nowWow I can t even I have been hooked on this series from the Army Of Darkness geto and am now so dang sad that it s over but even happier to learn that we are How To Use Hostgator And Its Cpanel To Create Your New Website gonnaet from this series even tho they won t be just about this amazing uad this series is a total MUST READ for any paranormal RH fan for me this will definitely be a re read series and I can t wait to see what happens with the upcoming books Serena Akeroyd thank for one of the reatest first reads of 2019 and one of the best Paranormal RH series that I have rea. Armageddon was supposed to mean the end of the world Instead it means the end of everything humans thought they knew to be real Thalia Lyndhoven until recently was a Pack Princess Not exactly spoiled she was barely tolerated by anyone in her family until an Elder came along and told her fathers the leade. ,

TriAlpha TriAlpha Chronicles #6Major emotional roller coaster of a book that will keep you up and reading well past bed time Couldn t ask for from a GREAT book Love this series What the heck I have loved every moment of the TriAlpha series the baseline of the story the characters and the unravelling of each and every twist and turn it has hot
AND WOMEN WITH SEX SCENES ARE SO DESCRIPTIVE women with sex scenes that are so descriptive are left feeling flushed and eagerly waiting for what happens next I love the everyday parts that make the characters seem that little bit lifelike than everDefinitely a series to read although I found book six was not as ood as the previous 5 you do have all your uestions answered and I was left feeling slightly deflated by the endingWorth a read though after all not everyone feels the same way I do An extended epilogueThis book was ok It really felt like an extended epilogue and meandered through the ending and tying up loose ends It didn t really have a huge plot turning point or drama or conflicts It was ok and interesting because I love a bit of an extra happily ever after but this felt a bit too much Maybe Dunno Perhaps if there are spin offs then it was important and such It did feel a bit flat to me however I enjoy reading this series Thalia Rafe Mikkel and Theo are amazing All that they have been through Man did the Hercules gods put them through the ringer I amlad she and mates Darraghs got a second chance with their littleirl and she wolf The spin on the God s and religion was good How the fae we re seeing being tied to religion wasood The war that the changelings have started is La Fsica En La Vida Cotidiana going to be crazy And you know what I can t wait. Thalia finds herself the ueen in a time ofreat change for two worlds But with change comes anger and anger can lead to violence Can Thalia keep her family safe in this most troubling of times Find out in TRIALPHA The final book in the TriAlpha Chronicles series Books one to six are NOW AVAILABLE on KU. ,

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D to date WowThis series caught my eyes when I ot the first book for free Then I used my Kindle Unlimited membership to read the rest Amazing series Wonderful world building Wonderful to see different POV s It was reat to see each character row Secrets revealed The interactions between the heroes and heroine Very loving and thrilling ride What an adventure And to come AWESOME Well done Serena Akeroyd Love loveOMG This is a series that if you haven t started it yet pull up a chair with plenty of time to start and not stop until #the last page of this book You ll be wowed you ll asp # last page of this book You ll BE WOWED YOU LL GASP AND wowed you ll asp and else you can think of And above all you love this series MUST you can think of And above all you love this series MUST SERIESI just wanna say I have been reading this series since book one and to see how everything unfolds is just mind boggling The twist and turns in TriAlpha are just top notch Thalia along with her mates Theo Rafe and Mikkel are still doing the ods bidding For what the Twilight gods want they willet Thalia will make sure of it SPOILER ALERT They have a full plate ahead of them yet again especially since Morningstar still needs to atone Terra wants all her children back home To include the dark fae and the ancients Thalia has no choice but to see this done The fae for one don t want them there Certain dark fae are plotting behind their backs The ancients have a choice to make As well as the humans who have been locked in the vault Maana Doesnt Mean Tomorrow get to choose to live or become apart of the wheel of souls Thalia has alot to over see already while still working with the American president to bring the humans in line so lykans don t dies All this in one. Rs of the North American Pack that she was at the center of a prophecy Along the way she's found her three mates learned of the existence of three new races and has discovered that the Devil is real and his name isn't Lucifer but Vulcun and he doesn't have a tail or horns Life couldn't be complicated and.

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