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On thrills and characterization Warpath brings together a number of threads including a Mirror Universe one and makes the reader eager for I particularly loved the of threads including a Mirror Universe one and makes the reader eager for I particularly loved the between Ro and uark and the fatherdaughter relationship established thru Vaughn and Prynn Kira s dreams were a bit confusing though so I would say this book lost a star for that There were some really great parts including the every continuing ever complicated relationship between Ro Lauren and uark returnreturnHowever the book as a whole had a hard time keeping my attention Mack really tried to fit too a hard time keeping my attention Mack really tried to fit too sub plots within one story There were at least 5 distinct stories within chapters intermixed with the other and some of the characters referenced in Chapter one were not even identified until the final chapter returnreturnIn addition the storyline around Taran atar seemed really weak It was as if he ust decided he didn t like what David George did in the last book and tried to find someway to undue it Which is sad because what George did before I felt completely made up for some of his earlier work returnreturnAs with almost every other book in the DS9 Relaunch series the most interesting part of the story was the ongoing storyline back on the Station and not these other distractions This is the first book in the series that when it ended it didn t lead me to wanting to get first book in the series that when it ended it didn t lead me to wanting to get next in this series as my next book even with it not being the worst book in the series that belongs to A Stitch in Time by Andrew J Robinson Leading into some interesting Mirror Universe stuff and plenty of action. E Taran'atar has lashed out against those he was sworn to aid While Captain Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Ro Laren both lie near death aboard DS9 their assailant has taken a hostage and fled into Cardassian space pursued by Commander Elias Vaughn on the USS Defiant But as the hunt unfolds Taran'atar's true objective becomes increasingly less certain as the rogue Jem'Hadar leads the Defiant to a discovery even shocking than his cri. Overall really enjoyed this book One of my favorites of the DS9r Does set up a lot of things I am generally NOT a fan of the mirror universe but I am really digging the plotarc that this book starts Awesome A truly stunning read Full of lyrical prose a deep and satisfying storyline major plot twists impressive tech even by trek standards not to mention the massi I m ust so tired of Elias Vaughn A ploddingly hot mess that focused WAY too much on the getting there part of the plot but that one moment with Ben Kira in sickbay made up for the slow slog to the end Maybe NOW we can have everyone together On the station In a single book Please A PERFECTLY SERVICEABLE INSTALLMENT IN THE perfectly serviceable Installment In The Good Pacing Okay Characterization in the Good pacing okay characterization mostly unobjectionable writing cohesive coherent plots Not enough charming character moments or interesting world building details to really capture my attention but leaves off in a place where I want to continue reading the series Lots of action scenes which were probably decently written but I have a low threshold of interest for so skimmed past I also skimmed any part focusing on Vaughn because I aggressively still do not care about this character I love Star Trek and to get back to this amazing world once again was great I appreciate all of these relaunch novels so much This way the Star Trek series will never really end The confusion the indecision the lack of direction that had plagued him for weeks was gone Clarity had returned with action Forward motion was its own reward Doubt had been replaced by certainty by an absolute trust They were created to be killing machines Highly intelligent resourceful and deceptively complex the Jem'Hadar are a species engineered for war and programmed at the genetic level for one purpose to fight until death as soldiers of the sprawling stellar empire known as the Dominion No Jem'Hadar has ever lived thirty years and not even their masters the shape shifting Founders know what such a creature is capable of becoming wer. Hat he would know what measures to take when he arrived at his next uncture He was beyond the vague to take when he arrived at his next uncture He was beyond the vague of Odo braving the unchartered waters of free will In this novel Taran atar has ust attacked Kira and Ro and flees the station with Prynn as his hostage It s obvious that something s up with him and the A Likely Story journey to find out what that is and what s really going on is an exciting one with some twists and turns along the way As it becomes clearer and clearer and right up until the end which you really didn t see coming itust gets better and better The story DRAWS YOU INI ALSO REALLY LIKE you inI also really like spiritual side of Deep Space Nine and here Kira has contact with the prophets as her life hangs on the line They re planning something and as usual with the prophets it s shrouded in somewhat of a mystery It does become clearer that it involves the Eav o and the Ascendants which ust gets me even interested I ve been waiting a little bit to see what will happen with this new species that we got to know a little bit back in Rising SonI m looking forward to read the next book to see where all of this will lead So yes it did end in a cliffhanger But that s fine with me since the next book in this series is already ordered and on its way to me A fun and exciting novel filled with great action and some fantastic setup for the stories to come This is classic David Mack a number of stories come together with some fantastic payoff while still setting up the novels to come Four out of five stars is my rating for Warpath Not to be missedFull review David Mack has a knack for acti. E it to be freed of its servitude One Founder however has dared to wonder Appointed by Odo himself to learn peaceful coexistence aboard Deep Space 9 â„¢ Taran'atar an Honored Elder among the Jem'Hadar had for months been a staunch if conflicted ally to the crew of the station ever struggling to understand the mission on which he was sent until something went horrifically wrong Consumed by self doubt and an ever growing rag.

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