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Ncover the truth about sex and "gender With a flawed starting position then this will also affect the conclusions which Fausto Sterling "With a flawed starting position then this will also affect the conclusions which Fausto Sterling to show with #Startling Ease The Only Thing That Surprised #ease The only thing that surprised when reading this was why nobody had written this book beforeFurther her chapters on intersex bodies are also of great import since it shines the light on how gender is imposed upon biology ven if there is no reason for this correction from a health point of view Together with Julia Serano s Whipping Girl Sexing the Body works as a harsh criticism of the very foundation of how we apply gender so rigidly with and why the naturenurture debate is a false debacle that should not have one single breath wasted on it Grace Happens ever again Nature is variation reality is complex There is no simple scale with twonds points where ither of them fit and it is useless to try despite all the attempts to the contrary This book is so good a historical and cultural consideration of how biological knowledge about sex and gender is produced as a social act as well as How Biological Facts Are Directly biological facts are directly into our bodies via the cultures of medicine and psychology Covering many avenues of biological research from studies of human intersex conditions to hormonal rat behavior Fausto Sterling makes the argument that many of the binaries we tend to apply to thinking about sex and gender such as sciencesociety naturenurture or ven sexgender are fundamentally false and that the two partners in How To Tempt A Tycoon Savage Tales 5 Invitation To Eden 24 each dualism are indivisible a M bius strip of interconnectedness Sex as we know it is a social construction that is observations generated by scientists who are social actors and whose research is affected by cultural notions are packaged as sex knowledge in ways that jive with prexisting social beliefs What we perceive as an objective process is ins This fascinating book Secrets In The Fire explores the idea that sex including gender roles and constructs is not necessarily a cut and dry two group system but you might want to skim the first and the last two chaptersConsider the sex ofach xample and therefore the marrying and political rights an XY person who is androgen insensitive looks physicallygenitals feminine undescended testes raised female wants to compete as a female in the Olympics a XX person with facial and body hair a phallus 5 cm long with a urethra at age 21 and cyclic urethral bleeding raised as a male an athletic looking young man with a functioning ovary in his left groin and an undescended testis on the right a child with a small penisclitoris and divided scrotum appears female but during adolescence have their testes descend and facial hairpenis growWhat should be done when an infant has neitherboth genitalia Or when an otherwise healthy baby girl has large masculine looking clitoris Most surgery fixing intersex people has poor results based on any measure xcept aesthetics Without surgery most intersex people grow up as. Haped by the culture in which scientific knowledge is producedDrawing on astonishing real life cases and a probing analysis of centuries of scientific research Fausto Sterling demonstrates how scientists have historically politicized the body In lively and impassioned prose she breaks The feminist theorist Donna Haraway has written that biology is politics by other means This book provides an The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book extended argument for the truth of that claim We will I am sure continue to fight our politics through arguments about biology I want us never in the process to lose sight of the fact that our debates about the body s biology are always simultaneously moralthical and political debates about social and political uality and the possibilities for change Nothing less is at stake Good feminist critical appraisal of mainstream biological accounts of gendersexsexuality Fausto Sterling is an icon in this field and this "work clearly demonstrates why That said I was still somewhat underwhelmed by this "clearly demonstrates why That said I was still somewhat underwhelmed by this If you re looking for an introduction to feminist biology that is heavily footnoted for further reading you ll find it here However this text didn t go as deep as I was hoping forSome significant limitations go as deep as I was hoping forSome significant limitations a general lack of discussion of transgender and non binary people trans folks get a few brief mentions but are never treated in depth and a failure to account for the role that race playedplays in constructions of accounts of sexual differenceI read this in tandem with Thomas Lacuer s Making Sex which was a great complement to this text However neither work seriously addressed race I plan to read The Specter of Sex next to attempt to remedy this gap it may be of interest to others for similar reasons Apparently being ither a man or a woman is a lot complicated than you might think this book argues that social ideas about gender have a strong influence on what we consider to be the relatively uncontroversial realm of biological sex Looking at among other things how hormones have been gendered the problems posed to binary sex categories by intersex people and the ways scientists have looked for sexual difference in brain structure the author argues for a nuanced understanding of how nature and Mountain Man Mountain Man 1 environment interact with particular implications for our ideas about the flexibility of gender identity and sexuality Fascinating and uiteasy to read though I did find myself losing interest a bit when she went into lots of detail about rats Though she had an Hola Amigos eye to the bigger picture looking at how and why scientists did what they did and how the work and findings were considered relevant or not to humans I was still a bit bored during that chapter BEST BOOK Fear not this is a dry academic book and the most lurid parts are probably the chapters describing the sexual behaviour of rats complete with diagramsDespite the in depth ratology Fausto Sterling does a very good job of challenging the very notion of our underlying assumptions of sex and gender She draws on centuries of research only her references covered 200 pages and presents a very good case for how the way we think of bodies what is normalabnormal and how our preconceived notions of gender influence the very research meant to Why do some people prefer heterosexual love while others fancy the same sex Is sexual identity biologically determined or a product of convention In this brilliant and provocative book the acclaimed author of Myths of Gender argues thatven the most fundamental knowledge about sex is

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Happy well adjusted people often marrying and with good sex livesShould transgender people be reuired to undergo surgery possibly risky to their health scarring xpensive and with poor results in order to legally change their gender If not should they be allowed to marry Should the picture on your driver s licensepassport be a cultural match to your registered sex on that document or can a man be pictured in make up and long hair if this is how she normally dresses in 1601 a young soldier named Daniel Burghammer shocked his regiment when he gave birth to a healthy baby girl After his alarmed wife called in his army captain he confessed to being half male half female Christened as a male he had served as a soldier for seven years while also practicing as a blacksmith Uncertain of what to do the captain called in the Church authorities who decided to co ahead and christen the baby whom they named Elizabeth After she was weaned Burghammer nursed the child with his female breast several towns competed for the right to adopt her The Church declared the child s birth a miracle but granted Burghammer s wife a divorce suggesting that it found Burghammer s ability to give birth incompatible with role of husbandThis book is filled with thought provoking facts It s sad that most of them never occured to me until I read this book Professor Boyd Kramer recommended this to me after the Lierre Keith transphobia fiasco at Lawrence I wanted to dive deeper into feminist theories of gender and the biological background of sex and gender The book started looking like it was going to scratch those itches but in retrospect it was kind of disappointing Sterling spends most of the book critiuing scientific investigations of gender from a biological perspective For instance chapters 2 4 cover intersexes formerly known as hermaphrodites while chapters 6 8 cover sex hormones The two parts are not very well connected in the first she is acting to display natural human genital variation and complexify the biological concept of sex but also acting as an intersex advocate while in the second she is doing a feminist critiue of science with a side project of undermining a simplistic biochemical view of sex In these histories she makes a good point in an minently clear way these investigations were not car It s remarkable how uickly some things can become dated in leven years transsexuals have a website but the scientific history given here still holds Fausto Sterling gives a remarkably thorough look at how our current ideas "about sex gender identity and orienta Great book as long as you know nothing about race and "sex gender identity and orienta #GREAT BOOK AS LONG AS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT #book as long as you know nothing about and I would suggest reading it alongside Mary K Bloodsworth Lugo s In between Bodies Sexual Difference Race and Sexuality which does a much better job of racially contextualizing our notions of the sexed body Fausto Sterling writes in a racial void missing a great deal of important information on the history Own three key dualisms sexgender naturenurture and realconstructed and asserts that individuals born as mixtures of male and female xist as one of five natural human variants and as such should not be forced to compromise their differences to fit a flawed societal definition of normali. ,
Sexing the Body Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality
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