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Away member He struggles to memorialize the clan s history I usually despise magical realism but the fantastical elements of the tale despise magical realism but the fantastical elements of the tale woven well into the stories of the individual members and their peculiarities Not as good as I expected In order to set main character up as jaded and cynical author uses a great deal of vulgarity and crudeness Not really necessary and clashes with later role of character As story is told in 1st person vulgarity Andre Brink on his birthday May 29 There are two kinds of madness one should guard against Ben One is the belief that we can do everything The other is the belief that we can do nothing Andre Brink A Dry White Season p304 An African magical realism of huge interlinked narratives history and myth the multilevel richness of the archetypal feminine brilliant and strange fables of identity justice This book is bonkers and unlike his others I have read thus far I enjoyed the theatrics and the outlandish uotable lines. Evil's Valley is as it seems the supernatural is an ingredient of every day the living and the dead are never uite separate the grotesue coexists with the banalVibrant and darkly humorous Devil's Valley is splendid entertainment from a master storytelle.

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Peer in without fear of falling I am the biggest Brink Fan on the planet He is my favourite author so I am biased with all of *his work don t expect a balanced review *work Don t expect a balanced review me As with all Brinks work the backdrop is apartheid South Africa and the stuggles of white and black alike This is my favourite book of all times I ve read it about 20 times I think it might be because it feels a bit like visiting my granny s house again comfortable old school and smells like cookies I ve read most of his books subseuently always searching for the same magical high that I found in this one but I ve never been able to find it again anywhere else This is my third novel by the South African writer Andre Brink and I am taken by the pains he takes to include women s stories even acknowledges that there is such a thing Brink follows a failed historian cum journalist as he tracks down the mysterious and reclusive clan of Devil s Valley after witnessing the death of a rare break. Nted at by a oung student in Cape Town who was mysteriously killed Lochner meets Lukas Death's clan where righteousness prevails by day and Depravity By Night Where by night where for misdemeanors is summary et brutal murderers walk unscathed Nothing in Kind of a creepy book Not sure what actually happens to the protagonist in the end He either escapes or dies Ha Of course those are the two options Well written keeps ou reading but not very satisfying in the end This was a great book It is a mythology of sorts Your never sure which bits are concretely anchored and which are hallucination It is like a portrait of the Boers who settled South Africa done by the Mad magazine artist I almost swallowed this book whole Could
not stop reading 
stop reading A long tiring read that keeps ou hoping for but ultimately ends disappointingly without climax chocked full of cliche If I hadn t been reading it for a book club I d have put It Down Less Than A 14 Of down less than a 14 of way through I had to force myself to keep coming back Very disappointing This is one of those books ou become so involved in reading it takes No you a minute to return back to reality It is fantastic it is probing it makesou think It allows ou to go to the brink and. When Flip Lochner a seedy tired journalist fleeing a failed marriage sees a beautiful woman with four breasts in Devil's Valley he thinks it's a mirage But then a man called Lukas Death stands before him So begins Lochner's search for the truth first hi. DuiwelskloofDevil’s Valley

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