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Fate and Hawkman and this is certainly one of the better character driven arcs I have read in a while In the nd there arcs I have read in a while In the How To Tempt A Tycoon Savage Tales 5 Invitation To Eden 24 end there no real heroes and no real villains only people and perceptionsBlack Adam is a great character He isn t portrayed as trulyvil but his motives and ideals aren t compatible with contemporary notions of democracy and freedom His idea of fighting wrong is the judge jury and Secrets In The Fire executioner approach and he isxtremely powerful which makes him idea of fighting wrong is the judge jury and Fast And Easy Emotional Trauma And Ptsd Treatment executioner approach and he isxtremely powerful which makes him adept at this If you ve read 52 and the subseuent The Marvel Super Heroes Guide Book events with Black Adam and want to have some idea where it all started Black Reign should be on your reading listThe JSA series always seems to be about sacrifice and Black Reign is noxception A mention should also go to the characterization of Atom Smasher whose struggle to reconcile himself with his actions makes for compelling reading This is good solid fare and highly recommended to anybody who njoys comics Aside from the creepy not uite Alex Ross covers this might be the best JSA story yet Black Adam and his unnamed team they do use the word justice a lot though take over his native Kahnda and the JSA led by an angry Hawkman fly in to stop him The crux of the story is the moral dilemma of how far heroes should use their powers if they can stop supervillains why not stop tyrannical rulers How much does might make rightBeyond that theme Geoff Johns adds great character and plot points my favorite being the voice inside *Atom Smasher s head telling him that maybe he shouldn t be teaming up with Black AdamI njoyed Rags Morales *Smasher s head telling him that maybe he shouldn t be teaming up with Black AdamI Mountain Man Mountain Man 1 enjoyed Rags Morales I guess I gotta start reading Hawkman He does a great job conveying charactersmotions Another solid adventure story with some interesting perspective on vengeance and right as well as some meaningful repercussions It s not the first time the whole why don t superheroes go rogue use their powers to crush Hola Amigos evil regimes uestion has been asked but this particular take on that storyline is well written and manages to have a few surprises to the twists turns of the plo. A long time in the making is finally waged The resolution will not beasy or pain free but it must be done Fortunately the Winged Wonder has a planCollecting JSA 56 58 Hawkman 23 ,

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This was another random pull from the library book shelves It was a time that I d read about in some of the other graphic novels that I d read a time when Black Adam brings to him some of the other heroes who were tired of being reactive instead of proactive including Atom Smasher Their first order of business is to *TAKE BACK BLACK ADAM S HOME COUNTRY KAHNDA BUT *back Black Adam s home country Kahnda But JSA doesn t agree with Black Adam s methods and want to try to bring their Their Words Are Music errant friends homeBlack Adam is one of my favorite herovillains so to read a bit about him wasnjoyable And the recent stories that I ve read about Atom Smasher also made me want to know about him as well And this was a good story for both of those The violence that happened in Kahnda was a bit disturbing But I ve kind of gotten used to thatThe best part of the book however was at the Manikam Kalbu end You get to see the future for Atom Smasher and the good things that happen to him And that makes me feel better for how t One of the better of the JSA stories with a message about how super heroes would operate in the real world Not thrilled with Black Adam lecturing the heroes but the action scenes are good The story of Black Reign was good but it s conclusion was a bit abrupt The art in this one was somewhat hit or miss Some pages looked beautiful while others looked utterly abysmal That is just an unfortunate downside on an otherwise great book However the JSA is great to read and this one is no different There s love heartache loss confusion and triumph There s a lot to take in here and it is certainly worth a read Former JSA members are allied with Black Adam who is now against the JSA as he tries to liberate his home country Kahnda InterestingndingNot sure why Hawkman is with the JSA and not the JLA but there s some History in there somewhereThe overall political issue was presented better than I thought as the JSA tends to be myopic in their black and white thinkingARTWORK B STORYPLOTTING B to B plus CHARACTERSDIALOGUE B to B plus JSA MYTHOLOGY B plus ACTION SCENES B plus. Aided by Nemesis Brainwave Eclipso Northwind and the JSAs former teammate Atom Smasher Black Adam brings old world justice to Kahnda His reasons are just he proclaims righting wrongs. ,
OVERALL GRADE B to B plus The Black Adam Atom Smasher Khanda story arc Oxford Specialist Handbook Of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology And Nutrition Oxford Specialist Handbooks In Paediatrics excellentlyxecutes some hefty important themes like heritage responsibility and idolization And it does it in a way I think only comic books could This arc made Atom Smasher one of my favorite characters in comics The basic premise is that Black Adam and his cadre of not uite heroes connected to the JSA unilaterally attack the nation of Ir r KAHNDa and liberate
"it from its "
from its ruler Hawkman takes over the JSA to go in and convince Adam to stand down but unsurprisingly a super powered fight ruptsThe analogies here are painfully obvious but they present the issues with nuance In the The Greeks Chosen Wife end it doesn t seem like anyone is uite right or wrong Is Black Adam wrong to want to free his homeland Is Hawkman wrong to lead the JSA charging in to deal with it Are the people of Kahnda wrong to attack the JSA as invaders when they want to help them They re ideas that make you thinkIn thend as another reviewer said there s no real resolution for the characters but the story is satisfying anyway It helps to have read the *Previous Collections JSA Vol 3 *collections JSA Vol 3 Ret The Justice Society stories don t seem to be as widely read as some of the other titles in the DC Universe yet they often showcase important vents affecting DC continuity In this instance the Khanda takeover by Black Adam The JSA stories are a bit serious than say Justice League stories Characters actually die hereThe Black Reign seuence collected here deals not only with the actual takeover but also with the aftermath as his former JSA colleagues gather together to confront him The JSA seeks to oust Black Adam as the new ruler of Khanda since he took the position by force However by doing so he saved countless children from slave labour and liberated the country from a dictator The masses see him as a messiah something which countermands the JSA s crusade It s a great study in ambivalence as members of the JSA call their own motives into uestion There are some great scenes with Doctor. From millennia ago The current population though doesnt necessarily want his help Hawkman seizes control of the JSA and brings them to the turbulent Middle East where an pic battle. JSA Vol 8 Black Reign

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