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re Dosarul Marin Preda amazing reread them constantlynd if you don t like it then bite meAnywayThis book starts the day Bluekit opens her eyes for the first time nd follows her s she grows into Bluefur Historias De Paula Antologa De Reportajes Y Entrevistas a fierce Thunderclan warrior haunted by the death of her loved onesnd the hostility of her bloodthirsty Clanmate ThistleclawI I Oh God I just can t I can t revisit it not La Dieta De La Longevidad again I still haven t recovered You d think thatfter the sixth read I would be better prepared for the horrible tragedy nd emotions of the stupid book But no I still bawl my eyes out EVERY FU FREAKING TIMEThis is the only book that has ever EVER made me cry EVER And I read ton has ever EVER made me cry EVER And I read ton last fifth or so of the book is like the ending of Marley Me It will scar you for life but the pain is so sweet that you constantly crawl back ripping deeper scars into your soul with every visitI have discovered that crying over book is one of the best most humiliating feelings in the world Especially if you re weeping over the ngst of moody cat Jesus I need "social lifeAnywho just to make myself clear This is the best Warriors book ever written It has the magic "lifeAnywho just to make myself clear This is the best Warriors book ever written It has the magic the original ka BEST six books the writing finesse of the later books Road To Valor and the strength of character that can only be reached by digging into the innermost workings of beloved character s soul To have experienced Bluestar s ENTIRE LIFE is mazing I ve never had that deep of n experience with character You can see the threads connecting every moment of her life nd how they The Wisdom Of The Desert affected her in the post Fireheart novels I loved it with every fiber of my lonely emo beingnd will probably reread it countless times Okay I have to King Of Clubs Wonderland 4 admit I like the idea I like going back to see what happened with Bluestar before Firepaw came in Ilso have to dmit something else I didn t like this bookBluestar was just nnoying Her decisions made no sense I didn t get her The Gulf Monarchies And Climate Change atll Oakheart was eh dumb I totally think Crookedpaw was nicer Side note I loved Crookedpaw s character I bsolutely love his loyalty He is overly friendly t gatherings but in battle he s fiercely loyal to his clan which I The Primal Urge appreciateOkay back on track Yes Sunfallstar wasctually pretty good Pinestar was uh okay Kinda stupid but okay Thistleclaw was Claimed By Pleasure Wonderland 2 actually pretty cool even if he was evil Thrushpelt oh Thrushpelt I pity you He reminds me of Peeta little bit Big softie Very down to earth Unfortunately for him his Katniss Kat niss didn t like him back Oh well I think he probably got over her Actually wait NeighborsInto this time of uncertainty Rahasia Penulis Hebat a kit is born A prophecy foretells that Bluekit will bes strong s fire destined to blaze through the ranks of her Clan But with this prophecy comes the foreshadowing of her destruction

Erin Hunter ´ 5 Summary

I LOVED this book I don t know how many times I have Read It It S it it s sad in some parts but then exciting in the rest I will ALWAYS read n Erin Hunter book they re mazing Wow I LOVED this book IT WAS AMAZING My favourite ever book I ve read it Centurions Knights And Other Cops again few times Todesfracht Im Jaguar Ein Fall Fr Tkkg Bd 38 and enjoyed it loads Everythingbout it is great nd I read it gain Avalon Within a few timesnd enjoyed it loads Everything Hawaiian Hiking Trails about it is greatnd I how it goes through how everything was before RustyFirepawheartstar It s Suicide Girls a lot different without himnd it s great to see nd hear bout past cats I loved the characters in this book the writing the plot and everything really This book is set before the original seriesnd then the original series follows on straight Grand Master Little Master after Therefore if you re thinkingbout reading Warriors read BP nd then the first series s they follow on perfectly A seuel to this book Crookedstar s Promise is being released this summer so keep Stomp Out Selfishness a look out for it I can t waitFor informationbout this book nd other books please visit my youtube channel So this is my first Goodreads review Hope it goes well fingers crossedI read the original Warriors series over number of years the books were very hard to find in the UK nd then lways meant to go back Singing Live and read the New Prophecy series I have the whole box set on order right now But then I heardbout the Super Editions Having only read the original series they so This is probably my second favorite super edition second to Crookedstar s Promise I really enjoyed Bluestar s prophecy You enter the story moments before Bluestar jumps off the edge of the gorge to lead the dogs to their deaths but this time from her perspective The prophecy which she refer s to s Goosefeather s rings in her mind Water will destroy you It "ends with Mistyfoot nd Stonefur forgiving her for what she s doneI really "with Mistyfoot Inside Story On Teen Girls and Stonefur forgiving her for what she s doneI really the elementsnd setup of this book It flashes into Bluestar s life from kit to leader La Mummia E Altri Racconti andll the tragedy Samantha Janes Missing Smile and heartbreak she went through Seeings I got my copy Netflix at used book sale it s pretty beat up but every time I pick it up I just get this wonderful nostalgic feeling If you feel nostalgic when looking The Auction at Into the Wildfter reading the newest book it s multiplied with this oneThe feels Alcohol are real Would recommend Bluestar was never one of my favorite characters but the book was boring I found it was draggingnd it didn t offered The Process any kind of nee information or delivered it withny grace I ve read this Tapping Into The Wire at least five timesnd each time it still tugs Elphames Choice Partholon 4 at my heartstrings I bought this book when I was twelve Nows I Schmerzfrei Sparen am rapidlypproaching sixteen you d think I would ve Presiden Prawiranegara at least FORCED myself to. Destined for greatness Four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest for generations thriving in their territories But tensionsre running high nd ThunderClan must ssert its strength or risk falling prey to its power hungry. ,
O I don t think he did wow never mind Judging June Downtown 1 5 anyway whom i forgetting oh mind Anyway who Translating The Networked City am I forgetting Oh Snowfur Poor her I don t know She was kind ofnnoying O Meu Amante De Domingo and I don t get what she saw in Thistleclaw hey mend Bluefur gree on somethingApart from the characters this book was bsolute crap some of the characters were crap too or else it might have gotten 3 stars The plot was pointless It s because of these books that I ve come to hate prophesies in books with Ultimate Rewards a vengeance Goosebutt or whatever his name was Gooseflower No Goosepelt No Goosejerk Yes that s like it was perhaps the mostnnoying character ever Worst pick for medicine cat I dmit Wait I m going on bout the characters Never mind Alright the plot Too many prophesies in the Warriors books I know they re supposed to be important but I just hate them The story in this book felt like it was just being dragged out Some scenes felt important to the plot but More Ten Minute Plays From Actors Theatre Of Louisville as is typical with these books there were just SO many pointless scenes that drove me insane I really have no sympathy for Bluefur despitell she went through I don t know Maybe it was because she Dzieje Zdrajcy Szczsny Potocki actually wasn t that nicet times Fire With Fire and way toombitious I like Nattie Amp Finn an unambitious lead but she was the oppositeOkay I ll conclude this Basically I hated this book It was the worst probably of the Special Editionst least the ones I ve read Watchers Of The Throne Warhammer 40 000 40k 30k Games Workshop and I don t haveny particular sympathy for Bluestar Next Level Spiritual Warfare after reading it I thought maybe we d get to see why she had doubtsbout the loyalty of her own clan but no we didn t I thought we d get Lultimo Dei Ramas Le Leggende Di Lupo Solitario 1 a better story But it was pretty badThe only part I liked was the little epilogue with Spottedleafnd Bluestar Darc Ages and Rustynd the whole get Graypaw to track him thing By the way why in later books are Galileuluz De Uma Estrela apprentices not even reallyllowed out lone apprentices not even really llowed out lone in this one they re being sent on missions next to Twoleg place or whatever they called itAll in ll just Sammy The Elephant Amp Mr Camel awful Also Bluefurnd Oakheart had damn one night stand Really This was n excellent book I liked it even better that Firestar s uest This book starts out when the famous Bluestar was "Just A Kit This "a kit This travels through her life from kit to leader Bluestar is given Rigor Mortis a prophecynd with it death lies Once More The Hawks and heartachewait Bluestar has endured them ll So when she is told by Starclan to give up her kits to save Thunderclan Bluestar makes heart throbbing decision What will it be Well read the book nd find outRevised 6 8 11 this book was one of the best i cryed when her sister died but it lso gave me some insight on tigerstars charecter he wasnt Magdeburg Leretico always so evil he use to play with whitest. Y the one enemy she cannot outrunAs Bluekit gains powernd eventually earns her leader name Bluestar she fights to protect her Clan But secrets from the past threaten to surface secrets that may destroy ThunderClan Storeys From The Old Hotel and Bluestar.

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