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Ents have kicked him out of the house and Steven older by a few years and a nur Just a novella Enjoyable nough and a VERY uick read But No tension No depth only 3 and a bit characters I wouldn t read But No tension No depth only 3 and a bit characters I wouldn t consider this a feel good book although of course it is HEA definitely not worthy of a repeat readNot up to your standard Jet sorry Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance25 Stars rounded up to 3I ll tell you why I chose this book The cover Look at that thing I do have a preference for all things culinary so that too was a contributing factorSo a guy moves into a building sounds like a sitcom huh It kind of reminded me of one too with Patty being the crazy neighbor next door that has no boundaries and is all up in veryone s business Patty I liked She has no filter and says a few things that made me cringe but I generally gravitate towards those big personality people It s not that I didn t like Devon or Steven per se I just found them sort of sadLet s start with Devon Devon is a 22 year old not gay guy who can t get himself out of bed on time to go to work without his mommy and mooches off Steven He was failing his classes at college so his parents cut him off and basically told him it was time to grow up and move out Steven is a 31 year old chef who hasn t been in a relationship for 8 months and is immediately besotted with Devon so he allows him to mooch and mothers him I found this to be a bit depressing for a relationship s beginnings dripping with desperation That coupled with the inexplicable focus on their age difference which frankly confounded me When did 31 become over the hillThe conflict in Devon Cream is pretty standard in the MF genre It s rife with self martyrdom and illogical reasoning ie I can t be with you because insert artificial rationale here However I know many many people who njoy this trope so take my pickiness with a grain of saltMy only other ualm is Steven being a chef I love cooking and chefs I ve read many many cookbooks talked with chefs The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident etc so I know being a chef is full time job It s 18 hour days getting up at 4 am and bustin your ass in a kitchen for hours onnd Yet Steven is able to be home AND cook dinner for all of them Grace Happens every nightThe dialogue read authentic and organic There are nogregious spelling or grammar rrors I liked the chef aspect and the GFY story arc I think the time jumps facilitated the relationship nicely while also dodging the instalove plot device so many have trouble accepting myself included Devon Cream is of 25 star read for me personally but I don t think the book s overall rating should suffer because it s not my cuppa which is why I m giving it 3 stars I would like to thank Aspen Mountain s not my cuppa which is why I m giving it 3 stars I would like to thank Aspen Mountain for providing me with a copy of this book in xchange for my honest review Reviewed on Hearts On Fire Ms Mykles has pulled off another coup with this wonderful friends to lovers story Steven is a 31 year old chef who is climbing the ladder to success but his success with men stinks He and his best friend and neighbor Patty are just getting ready to sit down to dinner when they hear a crash outside the door to Steven s apartment Steven rushes out and to his surprise sees a beautiful young man Devon putting his belongings into a moving box Patty and Steven set dinner aside and help Devon get moved into his studio apartment Steven is a self admitted Mother Hen and instantly takes the 21 year old straight Devon under his wing Dinner at Steven s apartment become a nightly affair with the unrestrained Patty grilling Devon mercilessly Steven is hung up on Devon but will not make a move until one night he kisses Devon with drastic results Steven resolves to keep their friendship strictly platonic until things start to change between the two men which totally throws Steven I loved the give and take dynamic between Stev. N is straight and totally off limits Knowing though doesn't stop the desire Steven fights very time the two men are tog. ,

I will not make this a rule but usually Jet Mykles characters are always paired with a very self conscious man and another one that is cute funny maybe straight or at least he believes so Heaven Faith In Devon Cream I found again that pair but with some interesting differencesSteven should be the self conscious gay man the one who has verything clear in his life But Steven is also the mother hen of the story the man who can t help himself to help Secrets In The Fire everyone around him from feeding neighbors to collecting stray cats Steven is a really nice man andven if he is alone since Fast And Easy Emotional Trauma And Ptsd Treatment eight months he is not the type of man who I see alone for a long time He is so nice and generous that sooner or later someone will snatch him away So Steven is not the male version of a spinster he is not in desperate need of love his love towards Devon is not as it was his last chance to happiness and for this reason I read it as sincereDevon is the young boy who moved upstair Steven s apartment Devon is handsome physically he is also imposing than Steven tall and muscular but he has those puppyyes that practically melt Steven s resistance Devon is not used to live alone he was kicked out from his parents house since he failed college and now he has to take care of himself a task that at first he is obviously not ready for And so Steven starts to take care of him and yes maybe he xaggerates in doing so since he is infatuated of Devon But the things are clear between them till the first day thanks to his noisy other neighbor Patty Steven is gay and instead Devon is straight so no way that Steven could have his way with DevonSaid that I don t believe that this story could be classified as a 100% gay for you one there is not tortured decision in Devon not an almost painful realization Devon is only really young and he hasn t had any chance to xperiment so he is really a virgin to love in absolute both male than female ven if he is not really a virgin mind you Jet Mykles is really good in planning Devon s slow but sure path towards his adult life and along the path we see Devon s changes they are both physical he blushes less and he acuires a feral look from puppy to wolf than behavioral he less and he acuires a feral look from puppy to wolf than behavioral he to do things before people tell him to do soSteven didn t set up a plan to seduce Devon I really think his truly idea was to help a boy in need but it s like putting a match near The Straw At The straw at the spark the fire is uncontrollable What I like of Steven is that he didn t hide his feelings or at least he didn t do that to whom has yes to see since maybe as I said Devon is too young to read the signs Steven likes Devon and he almost accepts his caretaker task as a torment of Tantalus having near something you can t reach On the other side there is no malice in Devon he didn t parade himself around Steven to tease him ven if he parades and a lotThis story is a funny sexy romp the sex is good and just the right dose funny sexy romp the sex is good and just the right dose has the right dose of cuteness without being a female in a male body and Steven is a believable gay man without being flamboyant Nice contrast in Devon being the pretty thing of the couple without having the physiue du role he is the taller and stronger in the couplehttpwwwdp1934531839 U want corny and cheesy This is the story for you It s done well though so it s not a total loss Short and sweet GFY story about an arly thirties chef and a younger man on his own for the first time Oh and the younger man thinks he s straight As if Nice sex not very much but the book wasn t very long Very njoyable Plus look at that ass on the cover Dayum Steven Connolly is immediately smitten when he meets Devon Pavenic Devon is a 22 year old young man on his own for the first time and he s moving into an apartment in the building Steven lives in Due to his failing college classes his par. When Steven helps his neighbor Devon move into the studio apartment upstairs he can't help but drool And that's all Devo. ,

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En and Devon They are well fleshed out characters and so very likable Patty is just hysterical and the perfect foil for Steven with her dry wit and so very likable Patty is just hysterical and the perfect foil for Steven with her dry wit and of humor The book has been called a gay for you story but I don t buy that I believe that Devon was gay but just afraid to act on it The sex scenes were well thought out in keeping a first timer in mind I would recommend this wonderful story to anyone looking for a feel good book 35Cute asy and funSteven is a cook a care taker a fixer and he finds the perfect guy for all his talents in DevonDevon s parents moved him out and he s on his own and it s not Their Words Are Music easy for him Steven steps in feeds him regularly lends him money and his car andven wakes him up at 3 in the morning so he s not late for his jobNow before you think Steven is a saint and Devon is a loser who is using and smooching I have to say that first Steven is totally Manikam Kalbu enad and in lust with the younger andxceedingly cute Devon and this part was important for me when Steven is overworked and stressed Devon totally steps up to the plate and takes care of Steven without being asked without telling Steven or Oxford Specialist Handbook Of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology And Nutrition Oxford Specialist Handbooks In Paediatrics even wanting acknowledgmentOf course there is that little inconseuential problem Devon is straightright The I read Jet Mykles books the I like them I really thought that Steven and Devon had a connection and both were believable as a couple I know the Gay for You theme isn t always well liked but I love it Jet is the master of it There are a few authors that are on my automatic buy list Jet Mykles is one of them I know when I buy a book written by her I am guaranteed I will be getting hours ofntertainment Her books always have a place on my keeper shelf and are stories I fall back on when I want to re read a great romanceSteven is a caretaker at heart At 31 he is climbing the success ladder as a chef he calls himself a cook has many friends and is pretty content with his life Often being accused of having Mother Hen tendacies when he hears a loud crash outside of his apartment of course he has to investigate the cause and do what he can to help out What he doesn t Principles Of Wood Science And Technology expect is catching a younger man having anmotional moment as he struggles to move his things into the apartment above him Alone Steven immediately knows he is in trouble Not only does the man have a face of an angel and a body made for sin he is younger and obviously straight But being unable to shake his nurturing instincts aside he not only helps his new friend Devon he immediately takes him under his wingDevon has never really been out on his own He has moved from a small town and is ready to start a new life At 22 he works at a job he really doesn t like and has usually done things that have been xpected from him all his life When he meets Steven and is taken in by him he is overwhelmed by Steven s kindness
willingness to help him out he needs support in any wayI loved this story I liked how Steven and Devon s relationship progressed from friends to lovers Under Steven s xample Devon grows from a boy to a man and a good man at that Watching them support one another and look out for the other s best interest made me care about them and cheer their relationship on Both Steven and Devon are people that are asy to relate too and someone I would be proud to call a friend I loved both of them and I hated to see their story come to an ndTo read about Jet s other works she has an AWESOME website has some of her beautiful artwork displayed and she is very good about keeping it updated with her current vents and other fun things Jet and other fantastic male romance authorsAlly Blue James Buchanan JL Langley and Laura Baumbach are some of them also blogs and writes FREE short stories on Friction with Fiction website It s awesome Check it out at 45 out of 5 starsLOVED IT. Ether which is a lot since Steven has decided to take Devon under his wing until the young man can get his life together. ,
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