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Is God a Vegetarian? Christianity Vegetarianism and Animal RightsE At times it almost seemed as if all the Biblical logic was pointing against vegetarianism only to have the author scramble in the last paragraph of each chapter to extrapolate some message that somehow supported the idea It was all very confusing Unconvinced Good of each chapter to extrapolate some message that somehow supported the idea It was all very confusing Unconvinced Good This is a good book As someone who has researched the historical Jesus and the early Ebionites I had already concluded that vegetarianism and rejection of animal sacrifice is a central part of the Jesus message and his first followers See my book The Lost Religion of Jesus So the first chapter Was Jesus a vegetarian in which Young concludes that Jesus was NOT a vegetarian was really psetting and I found ite a bit to disagree with But if YOU CAN GET OVER THIS FIRST can get over this first when you look at the rest of the book it s pretty good and very skillfully argued It shows that even if Jesus wasn t a vegetarian you might want to be anywayI typically don Arian diet in the Garden of Eden and the apocalyptic visions of Isaiah and John imply the restoration of a vegetarian diet However it is also clear that God permits Jesus partakes in and Paul sanctions the eating of flesh Does the Bible give any clear guidanceClose readings of key biblical texts pertaining to dietary customs vegetarianism and animal rights make p the substance of the book Rathe.

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An insightful look into biblical to Me Conclusions Were Secondary To The the were secondary to the and rigour exercised in analysing the topic be it hermeneutical or philosophical applied historically or in the modern context of mass caged farming methodsi appreciated the fact that the writer brought in the opinions of the early church fathers taken into consideration this highlights the truth that vegetarianism has always been an issue to be wrestled with and not just a modern fadthe thing that stood out to me was the need to identify narratives within the bible and determine if these were minor concessions or if this represented the grand narrative of cosmic redemption ie towards the peaceable kingdom we certainly have a duty to aligning ourselves with peace and love for our oppressed neighbours even if non human Goodness vegetarianism and religion Frustratingly muddled logic that rarely made sense to Is God a Vegetarian is one of the most complete explorations of vegetarianism in the Judeo Christian tradition Young a linguistics and New Testament scholar attempts to answer the estion being asked with greater and greater freuency Are Christians morally obligated to be vegetariansMany people are confused about the apparent mixed messages within the Bible On the one hand God prescribes a veget.
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Recommend this book to other vegetarians OR MY LIBERAL FRIENDS IN VARIOUS my liberal friends in various communities But I do recommend it for conservative evangelical or fundamentalist Christians It speaks to their interests and in their language So whenever I engage one of my fundamentalist friends in a discussion of vegetarianism if they are in the mode of God said it it s in THE BIBLE IT S TRUE I WON T LISTEN Bible it s I won t listen anything else I ask have you read Is God a Vegetarian Insightful Sound TheologyDon t let the title deceive you Young does an excellent job at examining what other animal theologians are claiming and provides a historical and sound approach to vegetarianism and God s view of animals One of the best animal theology books I ve read Very down to earth and faithful to the truths and principles of Christianity I highly recommend it Essential reading for Christians Vegan recipes too Here s a full review on my podcast. R than ignoring or offering a literal twentieth century interpretation of the passages the author analyzes the voices of these conflicting dietary motifs within their own social contexts Interwoven throughout these readings are discussions of contemporary issues such as animal testing and experimentation the fur industry raising animals in factories and the effects of meat eating on human health.