[The Dust Bowl Through the Lens How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National Disaster read online] Epub By Martin W. Sandler

Tention and captured my interest uite firmly Goodreads recommended Dust Bowl Through The Lens to me after I read Years of Dust and I glad I heeded that recommendationPart photographic history of the Dust Bowl part history of photography Dust Bowl Through The Lens offers up a vast number of photographs and accompanying information and explanations This book is appropriate for anyone middle grade and up regardless of their knowledge of the Dust Bowl It s appropriate for those with next to no information as it oes a good job of #Explaining The Events But It Also Works # the events but it also works as a companion read with "Other Books About The Dust "books about the Dust Some of the photographs used are truly stunning and it s not hard to see why they had such an effect on the people of the time Good book and very informative Awesome pictures I enjoyed learning about the Dust Bowl This book is very informative Beautifully published images some famous others that should be are explained through the years of the ust bowl and the lens of the photographers Wonderful facts about a trying time in American history Well worth recommending This is a wonderful book to learn about the history of the ust bowl through famous photos I learned so much and the photography was just beautiful this may go into my history curriculum I am writing Coffee table book with many photos of America How Israelis And Palestinians Negotiate during the Dust Bowl commentary about the Okies who struggled west to California and the folks who were left behind. Orn With the help of iconic photographs from Dorothea Lange Walker Evans Arthur Rothstein and many Martin Sandler tells the story of a nation as it endured itsarkest ays and the extraordinary courage and spirit of those who surviv. .
The Dust Bowl Through the Lens How Photography Revealed and Helped Remedy a National DisasterAmazingAmazing that there just so happened to be professional photographers who were "Willing To Go Into "to go into Dust Bowl along HW66 into the migrant camps and just ocument Witness with their cameras The FSA Farm Security Administration hired photographers who wandered the land took photos and had to mail their film back without even seeing the images Dorothea Lange of COURSE BUT OTHERS TOO INCLUDING GORDON PARKSTHIS BOOK COMPILES but others too including Gordon ParksThis book compiles photos and gives them context The story of the wheat boom and bustthe A Primer On The History And Philosophy Of Education drought theust storms But the people are the stars Mothers children FathersRoy Stryker head of FSA said Dignity versus Nieco Inna Historia Cywilizacji Dzieje Bankw Bankierw I Obrotu Pieninego despairI believe thatignity wins out That is exactly what I love about these photos There is a heroism a Frat House dignity that cannot be stripped from the people They find a way to survivetheyo what needs to be one Photojournalism through LIFE and LOOK magazine began in the Dust Bowl Americans saw images they could not eny These artists eye for story helped make these people and their suffering real to others and made these people and their suffering real to others and made hard for us to enyI loved what Ansel Adams told Stryker What you ve got are not photographers They re a bunch of sociologists with cameras Indeed And that s what we needed This would be an important companion piece to any social studies or English class studying this timeor the literature of this time An awesome addition to any library s collection of ust bowl resources I also really appreciated the focus on the The Dust Bowl was a time of hardship and environmental and economic Op Mijn Hoofd disaster More than 100 million acres of land had turned toust causing hundreds of thousands of people to seek new homes and opportunities thousands of miles away

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Mpact photographers and photography had on raising awareness of THE DIRE AND ITS IMPACT ON THE PEOPLE dire situation and its impact on the people recommended Already in MS library Great high school background knowledge I recently watched a five part Crash Bang documentary The 1930s from American Experience and it reignited my interest in The Great Depression and especially The Dust Bowl What little I knew I learned from reading The Grapes of Wrath back in high school When I checked out The Dust Bowl Through The Lens Iidn t realize it was geared towards middle readers but nonetheless it was a fascinating little book that provided a cohesive and interesting overview of The Dust Bowl Each page featured a simple essay and a related photos taken by one of the photographers hired by FDR s New Deal program "The Photographs Were Instrumental In Communicating The "photographs were instrumental in communicating the and environmental evastation of The Dust Bowl to the rest of the nation and eventually helped to promote government aid I recognized some of these photos but many were new to me and all were powerful images that gave me a better sense of what The Dust Bowl experience really meant A uick and worthwhile read for anyone wishing to understand the basics of one of America s first isasters Earlier this year I read and reviewed Albert Marrin s Years of Dust which rekindled an interest in the Dust Bowl that I hadn t felt since I read Out of the Dust as a child Years of Dust brought the photography of the Dust Bowl to my at. Hile millions chose to stay and battle nature to save their landFDR's army of photographers took to the roads to The Patriarch document this national crisis Their pictures spoke a thousand words and a new form of storytelling photojournalism was

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