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Ling the story of how Mexican immigrants to the US are relegated to invisibility through that of Eduardo Gutierrez one such immigrant who was killed in the name of profit and greed From describing Gutierrez s small hometown to giving us an idea of the fear and danger involved in crossing the border to detailing the internal politics of New York and each individual decision and action that lead to the death of Gutierrez Breslin weaves all of these threads into a complex but cohesive whole that lead to the death of Gutierrez Breslin weaves all of these threads into a complex but cohesive whole didn t enjoy his writing style at first everything seemed a didn t enjoy his writing style at first everything seemed a umpy as if he s going on a tangent every other page but by the second half of the book it really comes together It s sad as you near the end not only because Gutierrez dies but because the his death is that much tragic now that you know everything he and others like him have been through Eduardo was twenty one years old when the building he was working on collapsed and he fell three stories and drowned in wet concrete Twenty one I m twenty two He traveled thousands of miles to get to where he did he was supporting his family in Mexico he was in love and he had his whole life ahead of himI ll hold off on rating the book At first I was put off by Breslin s masturbatory writing style but as the book goes on it becomes and

accommodating and acceptably 
and acceptably and in the end it s uite a powerful book Though digressive as all hell Breslin paints a spot on portrait of New York City and municipal government corruption but most of all he humanizes the most anonymous character on the city street the illegal Mexican worker With tenderness and trenchancy he brings the abstract statistic to glorious life It all about the systems and the assholes who run them. H of an undocumented worker along with broader issues of municipal corruption and America’s deadly and controversial border policy From the Trade Paperback edition.

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The voice of the narrator is a little disconnected for me but maybe it s the ounalist in the author The story is a moving and emotional one that I wish WERE REUIRED READING IT S PLAIN reuired reading It s plain unflinching in the truth of the matter Highly recommended for the end product I d also recommend Christ in Concrete for those interested in further reading around this issue I only read this book because of my English for those interested in further reading around this issue I only read this book because of my English class for college I was already upset that I had to read it not my taste for books so I disliked it from he beginning It was an interesting read Seeing the back stories of immigration that most people don t know about but it was a little hard to keep up with I often felt confused because i couldnt really keep up with which character was talking It was as if they ust popped which character was talking It was as if they The Threat just popped of no where I don t know maybe I must not smart enough to keep up I love Jimmy Breslin I know he s a cantankerous old bastard and his output hasn t always been 100% This book however should be used as Exhibit A in any argument for his continued relevanceHere Breslin recognizes new wrinkles in the eternal hyprocrisy of the city and the world If you live in a neighborhood with a heavy Mexican and Central American population particularly a large day laborer section you owe it to yourself and your neighbors to read the story of Eduardo Gutierrez and his travails from Puebla to Brooklyn There s something offputting about the narrative voice especially in the beginning the forced lyricism coming off as stilted and stuckup soon though the compelling story takes over and it s an engrossing story from then on There are a host of facts and details that seem to be besides the point at first of course in the end the thread. The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutiérrez is a towering achievement by one of America’s most respected ournalists A work of conscience that travels from San Mat. .
S unite into the single inescapable fact that Eduardo s fate was at the mercy of SOCIOPOLITICAL FORCES BEYOND HIS CONTROL LET US NOW PRAISE forces beyond his control Let us now praise late Jimmy Breslin a man who seemed incapable of writing dully The Times in its obituary today called this perhaps the uintessential Breslin book but I find it something of an outlier although it demonstrates many of his virtues the prose that is breezy but not without substance dense with information without sinking of its own weight And it has the trademark scornful wit aimed in the direction of politicians in this case Rudy Giuliani and his too close relationship with some shady builders associated with the Hasidim dedicated voters Breslin may have been the only writer in history who could make a narrative involving building inspectors and An interesting look at a very sensitive issue in today s politicsillegal immigration It was very eye opening for me to see a side of the immigration issue that I had not previously thought about It is also interesting to see what the author has to say about the corruptness of Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guiliani I didn t find this book as Engaging As Others Likely as others likely I thought there were too many elements and issues presented in too few pages but I do think that Breslin did a great ob of approaching what is clearly a vast historical and complex issue in a succinct way and through the eyes of a young man who may otherwise be forgotten by society as so many in his shoes often areI would recommend this for people who want to learn about or are already interested in immigration rights urban poverty international human rights racial profiling housing fraud etc An important book because it seeks a sort of ustice by tel. ías Cuatchatyotla a small dusty town in central Mexico to the cold and wet streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn this searing exposé chronicles the life and tragic deat. The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez