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Good but Sister Mary Helen s antics are starting to get on my nerves I don t think I ll continue with the series Sister Mary Helen s crime solving escapades continue when her secretary is murdered The other sisters who help her are delightfully entertaining After collecting and savouring Sister Carol Anne O Marie s novels I m thrilled that they are suspenseful and hard hitting I correct anyone calling them cozy mysteries The eventually released details of this murder are "very off putting which does not in the least fit the "off putting which does not in the least fit the label Carol Anne was obviously bold enough to show seedy people The blessing is that the author jerking unpleasant topics out from the closet is a highly creative and exceptional writer Don t flinch at the religious home base I m not tied to any conventional religion but am a person of strong faith who advocates justice and that is what ou find The tour granted us of this university is atmospheric and we see that the principal trio are very forward thinkingI love each of their very identifiable personalities Helen is Motherly and sturdy Eileen has wonderfully blunt Irish wit and Anne in her twenties is esoteric and musical Pushing relief through awful subject matter are laughable moments For instance Helen jolts in surprise after she invites her fellow nuns to watch her secretary perform at a bar and they have all heard of the place Or she cons them into helping her investigate a suspect by patronizing the spa at which that lady works You can imagine the wry complaints about the mud bath that caked all over their bodies This secretary is dead by morning and the task is tall figuring out from whence this uiet colleague came In The First PlaceEncounters With Numerous Residents Of Her Apartment the first placeEncounters with numerous residents of her apartment and the bar are all

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creating an until the novel closes I m disappointed that officer Kate caved into domestic pressure from her husband even in 1986 but she s an immensely likeable contributor to these cases I look very much forward to their next mystery Another find from a library book sale that s been sitting on my shelf for awhileSister Mary Helen is a septuagenarian nun who loves reading murder mysteries and also manages to help the police when she occasionally happens upon a murder herself This time she discovers the body of her secretary a Das Feenorakel Licht Amp Schatten 4 young lady with a mysterious past Sister Mary Helen involves her friends at the convent and assists the very likable Detectives Kate Murphy Bassetti and Dennis Gallagher in the investigation and eventual solution of the case This is pretty much what I d consider a cozy mystery fairly light but still entertaining with some cute characters and catch. Readers have come to delight in the murder solving exploits of septuagenarian Sister Mary Helen and her cohort Sister Eileen two nuns with a nose for nabbing killers Publishers Weekly calls the Sister Mary Helen Mysteries refreshingly different and a heady mix of humor and suspense Onceou meet this spry clever sleuth ou'll want to ,

Advent of DyingY humor I also enjoyed the way Catholic ritual and tradition is woven through the story not in an overbearing way just informative and what I find interesting Sister Carol Ann O Marie was herself a Sister of St Joseph of Carondelet taking her vows in 1954 and along with another Sister ran a shelter for homeless women in San Francisco for many ears Unfortunately she died in 2008 I believe or maybe it was 2009 and left us with only 11 entries in the Sister Mary Helen series I enjoyed this series Advent of Dying is the second book about religious sleuth Sister Mary Helen written by Sister Carol Anne O Marie in 1986 In Advent of Dying Sister Mary Helen s ecclesiastic secretary Suzanne invites her and several other nuns to a bar to witness HER DEBUT AS A BLUES SINGER NO ONE WAS debut as a blues singer No one was shocked as Sister Mary Helen who always suspected Suzanne of being a former nun When Sister Mary Helen goes to speak to her the following day she finds Suzanne dead with a silver letter opener protruding from her chest her apartment in total disarray Feeling guilty for not listening to Suzanne when she was approached in the past Sister I enjoyed this even than the first book of the series Sister Mary Helen is a fun character and I like the way Catholic tradition experience and teaching is worked into the story I especially love the fact that the chapter experience and teaching is worked into the story I especially love the fact that the chapter refer to the liturgical ear using St Andrew s feast day and the Sundays of Advent to mark time I also appreciate that the author includes characters behaving in realistic ways that go against church teaching and shows how some of them at least come to see the error in their behavior and take steps to change it The book shows a very loving attitude toward these characters which I think does a lot of good for the of the Catholic church among non Catholic readersThe mystery itself was also compelling and though I figured out few things early on I didn t piece the whole puzzle together until Mary Helen did I found that I cared about the victim in this book than the last one probably because there was an air Light fun read Sister Mary Helen might be a nun and she may be in her 70 s but don t think that stops her or slows her down An avid mystery reader she was sent to Mount St Francis to retire and do research when the murder of the head of Mount St Francis history department interrupted her retirement and she helped Inspector Kate Murphy solve the murder When her receptionist Suzanne invites her to the Sea Wench to hear her sing she is a bit surprised as Suzanne is so uiet normally but she happily agrees and gets her friend Sister Eileen Francis and sister Anne to go with her Suzanne Barnes tur. Ake a habit of reading her adventures again and againTimid little Suzanne Barnes was the perfect ecclesiastical secretary efficient discreet self effacing So it came as a shock when Suzanne invited Sisters Mary Helen Eileen and Anne to Ghiradelli Suare's Sea Wench Bar to hear her belt out the blues Sister Mary Helen wondered what secre. Ns out to have a beautiful voice The next morning Sister Mary Helen checks out the convent car and goes to pay Suzanne a visit what she find when she gets there will start her out on a new adventure which will test her mettle along with causing a headache for her Mother Superior and Inspectors Kate Murphy and Dennis Gallagher Getting into the building as
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leaves Sister Helen finds Suzanne s apartment door unlocked and ajar when no one answers her knock she let her self in to find the dead body of Suzanne stretched across her bed Who is Suzanne Barnes Why no next of kin listed in her personnel file The answers to these uestions will lead her to Suzanne s killer and much to the dismay of the police investigating the case Sister Mary Helen has no intention of sitting this one outSister Carol Anne O Marie has created a character in Sister Mary Helen who one might remind ou of Agatha Christie s Miss Marple These books are a lot of fun ou almost feel sorry for Inspector Dennis Gallagher who as a life long Catholic has very firm ideas of how nuns are supposed to act and Sister Mary Helen certainly breaks that mold I find these books delightful As a recovering Catholic I wasn t sure if I would like these but it s very tongue in cheek even the other nuns wish that Sister Mary Helen wouldn t get involved I look forward to reading of her books Sister Mary Helen is astonished when her mousy secretary Suzanne invites her and her fellow nuns to see Suzanne sing at the Sea Wench The next day she is horrified to find Suzanne murdered and she offers her police friend Kate help that Kate would like "to refuse but seems unable to do so Sister Mary Helen ropes "refuse but seems unable to do so Sister Mary Helen ropes other nuns Sister Eileen and Sister Anne into the investigation as well They discover a well of secrets in Suzanne s life which leaves Sister Mary Helen a bit ashamed because she hadn t reached out openly to Suzanne before her deathThe dialogue is a little bit stilted and unnatural but this doesn t detract much from the story Sister Carol Anne O Marie s love for the characters and San Francisco really shone through The characters are well drawn and add their own flavors to the mystery The funniest part was when the nuns went to interview the apartment residents and afterwards Sister Mary Helen wanted a report from Anne and became impatient with Anne s replies and Anne and Eileen told her off a bit Sister Mary Helen is only human and she recognizes her limitations from statements from other characters but she s so lovable as are Eileen and Anne in their own ways that this conversation really cemented their group of detectives for meI am very eager to read the rest of the series. Ts lay behind those watery blue eyes The Sea Wench Suzanne was a revelation sassy sexy dressed to kill It was her first and last performance punctuated by a silver letter opener in the heart Who killed the canary Sister Mary Helen and her faithful band must unearth Suzanne's secrets to solve the murder before all hell breaks loose agai.