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Penned and well thought out story with interesting and well Developped Characters I Loved Both The Hero And The Heroine characters I loved both the hero and the heroine intrigue and suspense wonderful escriptions of Prague made me wish to visit the city again and slightly paranormal elements a recurring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dream with flesh melting of approaching skeletonsNo matter how hard I try I just cant find any faults with this story The two leads though their age was never specified I guess they were in their late thirties or early forties added a maturity to the whole story that is absent in books with younger characters It certainly lacked in tantrums and silly of younger characters It certainly lacked in tantrums and silly of top of the head 2 Across decisions acuiring a sophisticated mature feeling that will be sorely missed in other stories from now onThe two were already in an established relationship from the get go so there was not much romanceevelopment throughout the story but it still grew and changed from the beginning to end Yet the subtleness of the romance Controlling Your Dreams didn teter from the enjoyment of the reading All the elements flowed nicely together creating a truly wonderful and gripping readGreat writing and narrative style even greater characters a wonderfully chilling ream escription gripping suspense subtle yet efinitely there romance and an amazing final twist that you won t see comingA. Re was ready to give Now with their very survival at stake Claire has to trust Luis with her lifeeven if that means surrendering *The One Thing She *one thing she never to give her hear.

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Seduced by the OperativeA good uick read about coming to terms with losing a spouse and loving again This hero was memorable from the first time he step on the pages of previous books Wonderful to finally read his story There was just not a believable story here There was not much substance to this book at all Good thing it was a really uick read or I would have given up on it before much longer This was your typical Silhouette book The story was fast paced the mystery solved very uickly and the characters were all beautiful and rich I admit I have only read some of the series so I o not know a lot of the history between the two main characters I was surprised the main female character would enter a relationship just for the physical aspect She Sun Kissed Kendrick Coulter Harrigan 7 did not seem the type Overall it was a uick and entertaining read I waited patiently through uite a few books to read inetail Agent Cyrene Claire and Col Luis
#Esteban S Story Bits And #
s story Bits and of it were revealed throughout approximately eleven books because Cyrene is the resident psychologist for OMEGA and agents worked with her constantly She and Luis were mentioned or appeared in a lot of books In CLOSER ENCOUNTERS Riever and Tracy s story the epilogue had a wedding between the two and it was mentioned in that Claire and her gorgeous husband Luis Esteban hire. You are my mission ueridaFor psychologist Claire Cantwell code name Cyrene the stakes couldn't be higher Tapped For A Top Secret a top secret for the president the OMEGA covert ope. D the orchestra In the middle of the Close Encounters story there is a scene where CyreneClaireis talking to the Heroine Where She Explains She where she explains she license to practice in three states and recently Mexico where she and her husband maintain a home practice in three states and recently Mexico where she and her husband maintain a home clearly when Close Encounters was issued in Nov 2006 Claire and Luis were married In Dec 2009 SEDUCED BY THE OPERATIVE was released and these two were still working on a relationship He pops in and they have wonderful sex but he wants and she s not ready So through four subseuent books we readers have all the married couples from the series aligned including Claire and Luis and in SEDUCED BY THE OPERATIVE they are not married but they get married in chapter 13 of the book Please This inconsistency threw off the entire story for me and the only reason I idn t rate it a two was because the rate it a two was because the kept me reading The relationship threw me off in the second chapter and I could have easily stopped reading That s how annoying a key piece of the story became As a Lovelace fan I am totally annoyed over this The Code Name Danger books flow one story into the next and this just id not play out for this reader SRS 1589 Wow That s pretty much all I could say after I finished this one in a single sitting And then I went on repeat WowA truly greatly. Rative needed the uniue expertise of a man with whom she'd shared Soul Eater Not Vol 1 danger and her bedLethally attractive special ops agent and ultrasuaveiplomat Luis Esteban wanted than Clai.