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says Osuagwu Todays Book review a Fiction book that I was lucky to ave sent for review and is all about Social Networking AddictsFacebook Addiction The Life and Times of Social Networking Addicts Nnamdi Godson Osuagwu 2009Do you spend all your time on networking sites like Facebook constantly update your page 10 40 times a day ave stopped any outside life in the real world to sit in front of Facebook all day If so then this book is for you and also provides you with the reassurance that you are not alone in the world though this book is written as a Fiction it shares many ualities that one would find in a non fiction so bits and pieces of it may actually be relevant to what people are going through in today s world with #the introduction of facebook a site worth billions #introduction of Facebook a site worth billions dollars This book inculdes 12 case studies of men women old and young that are all ready to share their stories and admit and say those words I am a Social Network Addict it sounds a bit like an introduction to Alcholics Anon or on the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic Mine would be Hi my name is Paula and I am a DVD a Dream Animals holic Included in the book is what is known as a Social Networking Addicts guide which includes now this is the part that sounded a bit like an AA The Social Networking Anonymous 12 Step Guide Two steps included 1We came to believe that there is to life than our online community 2We made a decision to reconnect with our offline community This book is a fun read and suited to everyone whoas ever joined a Social networking community and whether you are an addict on the applications or just updating your statuses I Mu123 Discovering Mathematics Book C highly recommend all to read this book if you don t learn anything it will in turn surely give you a laugh Included in the appendices of the books are Articles about FB web references etc For More information Check out the website that features prominently in the book wwwsocialnetworkingaddictioncom or wwwFacebookAddictionco. The New York Daily News paint a sobering reality around the social networking culture thatas taken the world by storm After reading this book you will be left wondering if you suffer from Facebook Addiction.
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Ed to marriage counselors to Gay Sex Positions help their spouses overcome social media addictive behavior How serious is this addiction A woman creates a Facebook account forer animal and it takes over Maldita Davis her life Another woman loses a child because ofer Facebook addiction A woman spends five Krpersprache Im Beruf hours in the bathroom oner blackberry posting to Facebook and does not realize ow much time she wasted until a #co worker posted on Facebook she was leaving to go ome These are all fictitious characters but the situations mirror #worker posted on Facebook she was leaving to go Remind Me Chasing Fire 1 home These are all fictitious characters but the situations mirror reality of a Facebook addiction Osuagwu created an online support network toelp Facebook addicts wwwsocialnetworkingaddictioncom At the end of the book e outlines something similar to a 12 Step Recovery program According to Osuagwu some of the major symptoms of Facebook Addictions are 1 A feeling that being online is the only way to be noticed by the world at large 2 The longing for another post update or chat session otherwise known as SNEAKING before they sleep 3 Deleting wall posts so that others don t notice their excessive amount of post or updates 4
SNEAKING and sleepless nights due SNEAKING By definition SNEAKING means Anything pertaining to activities on your favorite social networking website Examples are wall posts status updates commenting on pictures etc Some even update their statuses up to but not limited to 200 times in a 24 our period Facebook is great for rekindling friendships business and keeping close with family However if you are creating fake Facebooks role playing in Facebook or posting inappropriate content on Facebook or ANY of the social networking sites like twitter etc that could potentially impact another person s or place s life you might need to reexamine why you are on Facebook and ow much time you spend on it Are you an addict People who are displaying signs of Social Networking Addiction are encouraged to get out and spend time doing things offline Staying connected with friends is a beautiful thing but lik. Networking addictions Although fictional the characters imitate everyday online social networking users and potentially some of your friends Osuagwu's characters combined with actual news articles taken from.

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Internet Chatters Beware Nnamdi Godson Osuagwu is far than an original and accomplished writer with is latest book FACEBOOK ADDICTION be steps into the arena of contemporary social philosophers He Bane Of Existence has addressed a growing problem definitely present in the USA but likely present around the world that problem being the incipient isolation of the individual from physical social interaction the demise of personal spontaneous interactions away form theome or the work place This book is smart Movies In Fifteen Minutes highly entertaining and a bit frightening as it unveils the concept of addiction to the computer by individuals an obviously growing number if the readeras #Noted In The Media #in the media articles concerning the massive twittering that precedes publicati This book begs the uestion are you addicted to Facebook andor social networking I recall when I closed my MySpace account All of a sudden I received few emails and lost contact with many of my friends and family this is prior to realizing I must create an online presence as an author MySpace seemed a little ridiculous and time consuming Then I discovered Facebook What a concept Osuagwu created this book of fiction mirroring real life situations With great anticipation I immidiately began reading the book right out of the package In fact I began reading it aloud to my Cats Kingdom husband too It is truly shocking At first I thought I was reading nonfiction The accounts were so real When I got to the end of the book Osuagwu reaffirms these are fictional accounts that reflect the reality of a Facebook addiction Osuagwu is an Informational Technology IT Consultant and noticed the trend while trainingis clients on social media He became an addict too I used real life examples of Facebook Addiction gone wrong from The New York Daily News to shed light on a serious issue which impacts today s culture Osuagwu states Parents Levinas And The Ancients have reached out to school counselors corporate HR departmentsave sought work performance psychologists and couples ave turn. Are you a Facebook Addict In is latest book author Nnamdi Godson Osuagwu explores this uestion as The Harbinger he teams up with the New York Daily News to investigate the parallels between chemical addictions and social.