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II xii 13Book 1 Rome Under the Kings Book 2 The Beginnings of the RepublicThis might be the first book to bankrupt me Or rather books I own several versions of Livy Folio The first Penguin Books 1 10 and the first four volumes of the Loeb s History of Rome by Livy I ve decided to track and read through the Loeb but that is going to reuire me to buy another 10 volumes The good to that is well ten little red books The Bad Well These Little Well these little retail for 26 although you can usually find either really good used copies or new although you can usually find either really good used copies or new for 12 18 So I m looking at almost 200 to finish purchasing these books and I ve already spent about 60 So why read the Loeb versionuod est in Latinam verso Because Latin is on the leftEt lingua mea sedenti in recto And English sits on the right Now those who know me KNOW I don t read or speak Latin So why is having Livy in Latin and English that important Because some day I DO want to read Latin Because it pleases me Because if I read on the recto side a phrase that strikes my fancy like Their name was irksome and a menace to liberty Livy Book II ii 4I can go almost straight across and discover what that was in Latin Non placere nomen periculosum libertati esseIt delights me I know that probably sounds a bit affected and effete but hell it entertains me I don t complain that American consumers spend than 253 billion a year on video games So let me have my 14 little red books I m not sure how fast I ll get through all of them I think for my family s financial Stability I Ll Drip And I ll drip and these out through out the year I kill me These stories of early Rome are great and read pretty fast There are some surprises Livy says the Greeks let Aeneas go when Troy fell which is a very different picture from Book 2 of the Aeneid It s a lot of fun especially when consuls with names like Spurius Furious appear Roman history continues to interest this reader Livy s tale of the establishment of the city of Rome begins here The city ditches Kings in favor of a or less democratic assembly as surrounding tribes are brought into the fold The creation of laws gives at least the illusion of fairness to the plebians upon whom of course so much rests Plus cool two color fold out maps in the back pages Straight faced legendary histor. Summaries remain Livy s history is a source for the De Prodigiis of Julius Obseuens fourth century .

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Livy Titus Livius Patavinus lived from about 60 BCE to 17 CE He was a Roman historian whose most important work was his History of Rome an immense and monumental work large portions of which have been lost although much remains His work has been hugely influential and has often been referred to by subseuent historians Machiavelli for example wrote a commentary on the first ten books of Livy s History the work in its entirety is known to have included 142 books This present volume includes Books 1 and 2 In them Livy begins by presenting the legends of Rome s books This present volume includes Books 1 and 2 In them Livy begins by presenting the legends of Rome s history from the arrival in Italy of Aeneas and the Trojan refugees through the founding of the city by Romulus Moving on through the period of the monarchy the first book concludes when the monarchy was overthrown Thus the book covers the period from ust after 1200 BCE to about 500 BCEBook 2 is far detailed covering the period of the subseuent two decades In it Livy discusses the establishment of the Republic and the almost continuing warfare that was reuired to establish Rome as a permanent and preeminent presence in Italy This part of the work is presented one year at a time under the framing device of whatever two consuls were ruling for that year The reader cannot help but be impressed by the recurrent conflicts with indigenous tribal groups who resisted Roman domination and endlessly attempted to throw off the Roman yoke Eually impressive was the ongoing conflict within the Republic between the patricians and the plebeians the latter group persistently striving for greater political representation and greater access to land in and around the city One comes away amazed that Rome was able to survive at all given the continual turmoil and challenges to which it was exposedLivy s writing Straightforward And Easy To Follow As One Can Understand "straightforward and easy to follow As can understand sources became progressively reliable as his narrative moved closer to his present This particular edition of his work is from the Loeb Classical Library and is a dual language edition with the Latin and the English translation by BO Foster on facing pages This dual language format is particularly helpful for clarifying unfamiliar vocabulary although the reader of Latin will find it less and less necessary to refer to the translatio. The only extant work by Livy 64 or 59 BCE 12 or 17 CE is part of his history of Rome from the foundat. N as the narrative progresses For readers interested in or simply curious about early Roman history this volume of Livy is a good place to start Roman history this volume of Livy is a good place to start Loeb edition of Livy comes in 14 volumes so I ll give a summary of the complete work in this first volume so newcomers have an idea of what to expect The Loeb books are conveniently small feature the original Latin with an English translation on the opposite page the maps are ok and the index for the entire set is in the 14th volume Livy was a Roman historian who lived during the end of the reign of Augustus and wrote a history of Rome from it s first settlements up to his own day In antiuity he was known as the historian of Rome and his work is the principle surviving work for the history of the Roman Republic There is a lot to this work and everyone interested in the history of this This is a decent translation The language is a little stilted but readable This was a book I ve wanted to read since my trip to Italy 2 years ago The history of Rome is exciting to me Livy was a Roman Historian who wrote about the beginning of Rome to his time He is interesting because it s the only first hand telling of everyday life in Rome It took me a while to read because of the translation it s a little difficult but extremely worth it The first book of Livy s history traces the history of Rome from its mythical origins to the expulsion of Taruin The vivid narrative devoid of excessive moralizing and written briskly makes for delightful reading Interesting enough in Livy s account Romulus never actually dies but ascends to heaven ala Oedipus or Elijah Also its interesting to NOTE THAT THE FIRST THING ROMULUS DOES AFTER HE that the first thing Romulus does after he the city is to establish religious ritual
law and build walls a of the things which Romans in Livy s time attached the most importance to eh A good introduction to the early history of Rome The reader should understand that the historical analysis that we expect of todays writters of history was not present then so much of what Livy writes is either subject to interpretation or outright fabrication Still it is a worthy primary source for students and teachers alike Look that you may see how cheap they hold their bodies whose eyes are fixed upon renown Livy Book. Ion of the city to 9 BCE Of its 142 books 1 10 21 45 except parts of 41 and 43 45 fragments and short. .
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History of Rome Vol 1 of 14 Books 1 2

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