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Itely greater than the individual parts In some spots Kerouac breaks into Joycean babble doubletalk but somehow that scatalogical pile up of words as Kerouac describes his own spontaneous bop prosody is endlessly When The Veil Drops fascinating Some of it makes no sense whatsoever no matter how many times you go back over it but some choruses seem to make some sort of sense on a telepathical level And we must remember what the whole essence of beatness is a sort of anti intellectual establishment crusade or protest College professors of literature and writing often have very rigid boundariesor "deciding what can be considered as strict literature Well as Corso and Kerouac "what can be considered as "strict literature Well as Corso and Kerouac well the man of " literature Well as Corso and Kerouac well the man of street Jack Micheline is a prime example knows society on a level that the college professor in his cozy college office cannot Enter the beats And that s what it is all about In my opinion San Francisco Blues contains Kerouac s best work in this collection but parts of Orizaba and Cerrada blues are also ascinating Some of the poems in this collection are top notch Prospectus Of The Quebec And Lake St John Railway five star but there are some three and two star choruses too and I know Kerouac is capable of doing better but to reiterate the sum is greater than the parts Still definitely worth a read but if you are new to Kerouac s poetry start with the pristine the sublime Mexico City Blues Three starsor Book of Blue. D so sometimes the word meaning can carry rom one chorus into another or not just like the phrase meaning can carry harmonically rom one chorus to the other or not in jazz so that in these blues as in jazz the orm is determined by time and by the musicians spontaneous phrasing harmonizing with the beat of time as it waves waves on by in measured choruses Jack Keroua. Ion I thought some of the poems were really good while at other I wasn t sure what he #was talking about but they were to read late a night a little cked #talking about but they were un to read late a night a little cked callI think this is one of those books that divides the bona Reckless fide Kerouacan The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano from the Kerouacreak Come to think of it I probably used to belong to the latter category but now most probably belong to the ormer category Like with so many of Kerouac s poetry collections there are highs and lows Even in his largely unheralded classic Mexico City Blues some pages are disappointing Is this the best the King of the Beats has to offer I wondered at times But here I must stop and remind myself that to analyse Kerouac s poetry on the micro level is misleading and somewhat missing the point Kerouac himself provides the very keys to exploring that beautiful labyrinth of his mind to understanding his work he is a jazz poet par excellence blowing his blues like a tenorman on a Sunday afternoon jam session And listen to any solo by the jazz greats Coltrane Parker or Davis and you will soon realise that not every note not even every phrase is melodious and good But they are SEARCHING yes that is the key word or that sound "And Towards The End "towards the end the book Kerouac says in a short aside that he has Der Social Media Manager found his sound He is writing spontaneously and just like a jazz solo the sum is defin. E Edited by Kerouac himself Book of Blues is an exuberantoray into language and consciousness rich with imagery propelled by rhythm and based in a reverent attentiveness to the momentIn my system the Killing With Kindness form of blues choruses is limited by the small page of the breastpocket notebook in which they are written like theorm of a set number of bars in a jazz blues chorus an. Jack Kerouac reminds me of #My Father In A #father in law a though my The Trophy Wife father in law s hands are ever working with drywall salvaged wood scraps and various buckets of construction slops rather than with words They both however swilled bourbon like mother s milk But the true substance of this comparison is their sensuous sloppiness coupled with an emotional apprehension of the world that can slip into the maudlin exposing a raw sensitivity that often masks itself in devil may care boorishness and their headlong plunging into the world of things stoked by a mentality that never settles into anything resembling calm satisfaction I realized this similarity in alash once while talking to my wife on the phone as she was watching her Theatrical Makeup father repair a boat ramp in a slipshod manner As she described it he was out in the heat wearing nothing but boxer shorts which had a butt side opening as gaping as hisront side Special Edition Using Filemaker 8 With Cdrom fly Th Kerouac must be taken seriously Must be laughed at Adored Despised He combines all dichotomies into a singularity Drivesorw some "of his most amous poems are part of this collection poems that "his most amous poems are part of this collection poems that can read with his voice in your head because there exist recordings of them My firstull reading of a book of poetry I chose a Kerouac book of poetry since I m already very Savta Simcha And The Roundabout Journey To Jerusalem familiar with his writing hence it being a good introduct. Best knownor his Legend of Duluoz novels including On the Road and The Dharma Bums Jack Kerouac is also an important poet In these eight extended poems Kerouac writes A Tale Of Four Dervishes from the heart of experience in the music of language employing the same instrumental bluesorm that he used to ullest effect in Mexico City Blues his largely unheralded classic of postmodern literatur. Book of Blues