The Haj author Leon Uris (Pdf ebook) by Leon Uris

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The Haj author Leon Uris

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As I scribble through the comments on this book I couldn t find any Arab person who ve ead it and commented on it and that in itself tells you something Being an Arab myself I felt extremely sad about the misery of our ace in the last century Facing our brutal facts as Arabs is the only way to hope for a change and a better future Although my country wasn t as devastated as Palestine but I think we had our take of eligious wars and sacred illusions where eligion mixed With Politics And Corrupted politics and corrupted entire nation This book and although it is very harsh to ead is a true epresentation of the story of what happened at that time It also gives a great description of the Arab character Although now its uite different some villages and ural areas are still stuck in the stagnation of the past century It is highly La Bougresse recommended for all my Arab friends and for those who are interested in the historian and cultural knowledge of the middle east in the last century This bookeveals the complete truth about the Middle East and the hatred and destructive evil that Israel and the Jewish people are up againstNo it is not When The Elephants Dance racist or prejudicedIt simply tells things as they are withoutegard to political correctness Of course Arabists and their like will hate ittherefore In fact "it shows the character Ismail in a very favourable light and as for the assertion made that "shows the character Ismail in a very favourable light and as for the assertion made that Jews are presented in a good lightthat is simply ubbish For example we ead about the Scottish Christian Captain Wingate who shows great valour and love for the Bible and God and this is what leads him to help the Jewish people in their struggleHe shows many positive ualities in the Haj himself and presents a compassionate portrayal of the German prostitute Ursula who is basically a decent woman who has found herself in a terrible situation and who shows great courage and conscience In Leon Uris books he presents all sorts of people who are brave and noble hearted including BritishGermans Greeks Americans and Poles as well as bad people among all nations too Read itIt presents the TRUTH about Israel and the Arabs at a time we are presented with Anti Semitic Untruths About Israel From The about Israel from the everyday The Haj isn t for the faint of heart It is very depressing and startling Uris takes the The Doorbell Rang reader back to Palestine in the the early to mid 20th Century Exodus gave us the Jewish perspective while The Haj presents the Arab perspective Uris covered 25000 miles in the Palestine area and conducted over 1500 interviewsesearching his breakout masterpieceWhile his trip was funded by a PR firm and Uris eligion is Judaism I see no overt bias in either no. Leon Uris etums to the land of his acclaimed  best seller Exodus for an epic  story of hate and love vengeance and forgiveness and  forgiveness The Midd. Vel The Haj seems to be biased because Arab life and Islam is portrayed harshly But the character Gideon Asch eminds the fictional Ben Arab life and Islam is portrayed harshly But the character Gideon Asch eminds the "Fictional Ben That His Ways Were Not "Ben that his ways were not of a Jew The Haj in the novel is not the trek to Mecca that every Moslem male must make in his life time but the story of a village muktar that is in a strategic place on a highway leading to Jerusalem His village is next to a Jewish kibbutz He watches his hated enemy drain the swamp and bring the land back to life He starts uestioning everything he s been taught He shares his soul with Gideon Asch a Jew A life long friendship begins Their friendship is strained and broken at times but Haj Ibrahim ealizes late in the book that Gideon is the only person he trusts and is is only true friend An Infidel All of his life he has been taught to hate the Jew adhere to the Koran obey his leaders with a blind faith and that life on Earth is not to be enjoyed But his Arab leaders are only after power and wealth They use and depend upon their illiterate followers to follow the strict interpretations of Mohammed s teachings in the Koran The Arab society is built on the caste system hopelessness and illiteracy Knowledge is power and if you are ignorant a man can be persuaded by his leaders to do anything in the name of Allah The novel also tells the story of the Haj Ibrahim s son Ishmael And his story is told in the 1st Person His story is also stark and harsh leading to a madness that seems a perfect way to end the novel In his story we learn of the treatment of women honor of the family and uestioning beliefs While the women are treated as chattel Ismael s mother is very clever Clever as fox She manipulates Ibrahim and Ishmael like a violin But the ultimate story is that the madness in the Middle East especially the Palestinian area will continue with no end in sight 50p in a charity box was thinking be ude not to pick one of his up Not something I would normally pick up but glad I didAn engaging start with a mix of the history of the PalestineIsraeli conflict
*retold through mostly *
through mostly eyes along with the narrative from an Arab family The story begins in 1922 Punisher By Rick Remender runs throu to 1956 bringing critical points in the history to life through the involvement of the family whose father is the Muktar of Tabah a leader of his people in aegion of Palestine who come into direct conflict with Jews from 1922 Arab life culture is all A Chosen Path relayed through the family s interactions with each other as well as theest of the tribe one early passage sums it up very well So before i was nine i had learned the basic cannon of Arab life It was me against my brother me my br. Le East is the powerful  setting for this sweeping tale of a land where Kjennetegn revenge  is sacred and hatred noble Where an Arabuler  tries to save his people. ,
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Other against our father my family against my cousin the clan the clan against the tribe and the tribe against the world And all of us against the infidel The history at times wants to make you weep with the frustration pig headedness of it all not to mention the politics of the Arab nations which are taken from actual *documents show the divide amongst themselves which is incredulous when you are supposed to be fighting a common enemyIt *show the divide amongst themselves which is incredulous when you are supposed to be fighting a common enemyIt thought provoking very emotional at times you WILL laugh at places you will SMILE too but be prepared for a fair few glowers palm forehead smacking moments too there are uite a few sub plots Dead sea scrolls as well which always manage to involve the family in some small part to illustrate Arab lifecultureI would add that the Arab culture that is shown to the eader is pretty much what someone from the west me would expect I m not going to believe 100% that it s accurate would be interested to Loveknot Welcome To Tyler 12 review what an Arabeader would think of this book There are parallels with the hatred bigotry of the North in Ireland of the last century in terms of Rising Frenzy Men Of Myth 2 religious divide doctrine which leads to blind hatred Is it a faireflection of the Arab psyche Possibly so I cant answer that but I will say it s written by an American Jew so some form of predigest must lie within the text It does have a sympathy with certain Arab viewpoints those that wanted to live in peace with their neighbours be they Arab or Jewish which comes from the lead families experiencesA very good ead overall although I m not uite happy with the ending which I have to add ecommend highly for all the ending which I have to add Lost City Dinotopia 4 recommend highly for all buffs those interested in learning about other cultures In sixth grade everything I knew about Israel and Palestine I learned from Leon Uris We did not cover the history of thategion in school and if fwe had I m sure that the coverage would have lacked nuanceAfter eading Exodus I wanted to be I m sure that the coverage would have lacked nuanceAfter eading Exodus I wanted to be and live on a kibbutz In sixth grade the purity and passion of the characters seemed wholly believable In Leon Uris books one side very clearly wears the white hat at all times Given the desperate and horrible situation in the middle east I understand wanting this to be true And maybe it is but human nature and years of hatred will never allow that to be the case which is of course what makes the crisis so compellingThe Haj covers a period of history from before WW2 through the Suez War in 1956 including the creation of the Palestinian A Season Of Grief refugee camps throughout the West Bank Jordan Syria Lebanon and the Gaza Strip The book essentially asserts that over and over again Arab treachery and deception literally brother sch. From destruction but  cannot save them from themselves When violence  spreads like a plague across the lands of  Palestine this is the time of The  Ha.