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Ry Weddings and funerals and difficulty with the children s friends and lifelong grudges those are all familiar But murder that s less expected And maybe the constant stream of these stories which aren t interspersed in a longer narrative also makes them feel darkerThere are some exceptions that hilarious will short story felt right out of Jane of Lantern Hill that one and that surprisingly spooky ghost story Those were great Maybe too many mentions of how fabulous the Blythes are and too many people who decide to dislike them and then are compelled to change their minds Because the Blythes are so fabulous It s a little heavy handed Not uite in the league of the Anne of Green Gables books but this is a rather enjoyable collection of shorter stories of Prince Edward Island people loosely connected with the Blythe family Who hardly appear themselves sadly But L M Montgomery is one good storyteller 35 starsI liked most of the stories but some were rather weak and sometimes the connection to the Blythes felt forcedI will have to purchase The Blythes Are uoted and I hope I will like that unedited and unabridged version betterAn Afternoon hope I will like that

"unedited and unabridged "
and unabridged betterAn Afternoon Mr Jenkins5 starsAn unselfish father Very sweetRetribution2 starsA bitter old woman calling a man names on his deathbed Really creepyThe Twins Pretend4 starsSweet but it really is a repetitive and ind of odd theme of misunderstandings between lovers and years and years of separationFancy s Fool35 stars A garden of shadows and ghosts Interesting but ind of odd and a tad creepyA Dream Come True25As a nightmare An old love turns out to be a lunatic and the desired adventurous life not so desirablePenelope Struts Her Theories25The concept is nice but somehow I didn t like the story itselfReconciliation2Ooookeeeey A slap to be rememberedThe This collection of Montgomery s short stories is not really her best work in my opinion but still well worth the read All the stories are connected distantly to Gilbert and Anne Blythe since characters in each story are vaguely acuainted with the Blythes and their names are mentioned in passing or they play bit parts in the story After a while this started to annoy me It just distracted from the main story by bringing in other characters from a separate story who had no real business or impact in the MAIN STORY A FEW OF THE story A few of the stories had some structural problems in the plots I though and a couple of times people in the story seemed to act out of character But these places were very few and most of the stories are wonderful and delightfully funny A couple of them are melancholy and have a healthy dose of pathos mixed in to. Lutches of a dangerous woman that he spirits her away only to fall prey to her charms himself Filled with unexpected surprises laughter and tears here are fourteen of the Blythes' favorite tales Cover art by Ben Stahl. The Road to YesterdayI enjoyed most of these short
"stories there was "
There was the one written from the point of view of the guests at a wedding that was hard to read It was rather annoying reading people s thoughts which were mostly very superficial and judgmental The other stories were vey nice if perhaps a bit predictable I never thought I d say this though but it did get very annoying how Mrs Dr Blythe was refered to as such a wonderful person in it did get very annoying how Mrs Dr Blythe was refered to as such a wonderful person in story but she wasn t a character in any of them Please now Was there NO ONE ELSE these people looked up to That was a little too much even for an Anne fan like myself Sadly these short stories really didn t hold up from what I remembered of them Montgomery was definitely better at full length novels than short stories What delightful stories of love and plot twists always ending in the orphan getting the Home he wanted and the right match being made The Blythes are always everybody s favorite family and it s fun to read about them in the short mentions of them in each different story My favorite story is the man who was afraid his brother was going to propose to a certain woman so he idnaps her and puts her up in a house on an island and in taking care of her he falls in love with her himself I love most of Montgomery s novels but I have a harder time with her short stories There s a bit of sameness to them which grates after a while when reading them in a collection There s even a ind of unpleasantness which I don t think is as present in her novels Older single women are sad and laughable creatures the word poisonous is even used about them this usually comes from the other characters than the narrative but the narrative pushback is very mild for the most part except for the very last story in this book The men in her stories really really like to bang the isn t that just like a silly weak woman drum There is a lot of deception between couples there are multiple stories about characters who lie to their girlfriendboyfriend about their name or occupation or class or some other vital piece of information And the deception is usually carried on for uite a while There s a story where an older married man has been in love with someone other than his wife for his whole marriage he ends up in a scrape with the object of his affection and realizes the error of his ways When he gets back to his frantic wife his wife rails against him for all of two minutes before having to COMFORT him over his lost dreams massage his back feed him and tuck him into bed More than one man tells his girlfriend they re getting married doesn t ask her tells her And even says maybe he ll just. For Anne and Gilbert Blythe life in a small village is never dull because of all the entertaining gossip and what strange and funny tales they hear about the mischievous twins whose dearest wish comes true when they ,
Force her to the altar One man actually KIDNAPS a woman and takes her to an island and locks her in the house there for several days But it s all fine and they get married because it turns out she liked him before that and there was another door that was because it turns out she liked him before that and there was another door that was so she could have gotten out at any time Which totally negates his KIDNAPPING her And finally there is a hero worship of the Blythes that absolutely borders on sycophantic in this series There are only about three stories or so where the Blythes are actually present characters otherwise they are just talked about incessantly by others in every single story Many of the characters uote or think about the Blythes extensively The majority of the characters are very devoted admirers of the Blythes the very few characters who start out disliking the Blythes usually end up deciding they aren t so bad after all by the end As much as I love Anneco by the end of this book I was heartily sick of them A collection of short stories set in and around Glen St Mary Note I see the Goodreads record conflates The Road to Yesterday and The Blythes are uoted I read the former The Blythes are never the focal point of these stories but they appear or are mentioned in all of them The tales run chronologically from about the time of Anne of Ingleside up to the Second World War I thought that I had read most of Montgomery s short stories long ago but I seem to have missed this collection Though I didn t absolutely love any of them I found some of the stories enjoyable some mediocre and some I outright disliked In particular there s one story where a middle aged man idnaps a woman and strands her in a house on an island because he doesn t want his life upset by his brother proposing to her Of a house on an island because he doesn t want his life upset by his brother proposing to her Of he ends up falling in love with her himself but I was super creeped out by the whole thing and I m pretty sure that wasn t the author s intention In general I find that some aspects of Montgomery s writing have not aged well and this is most obvious in short stories where the plot is less complex and I m less likely to be attached to the characters If you re a Montgomery completist read it if not this is an okay book to skip What a delightful trip back to Prince Edward Island One must be familiar with the Blythes Ingleside s history in order to fully appreciate these stories they did indeed provide good moments of poignancy and laughter To see Rilla of Ingleside s story taking place in the background was uite a touch I found this too reminiscent of the short stories in Ingleside like the one Walter overhears from behind the drapes and also oddly dark for Montgome. Eet up with a bored and haunted millionaire; or clever Penelope Craig who considers herself an expert on children until she adopts a boy of her own; or Timothy Randebush a man so eager to eep his brother out of the ,