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On my list of 10 books that have changed my life Though it hasn t changed my life the way some books have I rank it here because it was invaluable in understanding the dynamics of individual social and political evil The Destruction of the European Jews is written in a calm matter of fact even dry style but it wasn t boring The writing style was precisely what I like it to be in works like this No matter what the topic is I don t really Need The Writer To the writer to their ego into the text with all kinds of uips one liners exclamations and moral judgements that are the curse "Of Popular History Books Like " popular history books Like dust jacket of his later book on the same topic Perpetrators Victims Bystanders says He Hilberg never raises his voice never embroiders language never strives for effect This was in marked contrast to a history of Finnish fascism that I read some time ago where the three authors were doing precisely the oppositeThe book started by outlining the position of the Jew as a target for Christian attempts at conversion in the 5th century and later attemps in the middle ages and after at excluding the unconvertable Jew It is a very brief recap of the history of antisemitism but it was interesting enoughVery soon however the book started to deal with Nazi policies in the 30s and the difficulty of finding an operative legal definition of who exactly is a Jew The treatment reveals rather hilariously that despite being racial laws there was hardly anything concerning race in them It is important to understand that the sole criterion for categorization into the Aryan or non Aryan group was religion not the religion of the person involved but the religion of his ancestors p 28Another example of the absurdities of trying to define the Jew is described in the rare passage that could be considered to be a careful attempt at dry humourIn cases of offspring of unmarried Jewish mothers the Family Research Office presumed that any child born before 1918 had a Jewish father and that any child born after 1918 had a Christian father The reason for this presumption was a Nazi hypothesis known as the emancipation theory according to which *Jews Did Not Mix *did not mix Germans before 1918 A Jewish mother could simply refuse to tell the Family Research office who the father was and her child would automatically become a Mischling of the first degree This was perhaps the only Nazi theory that worked to the complete advantage of a number of full Jews s 33From there the book proceeds to describe the tightening discrimination in the 1930s after Hitler s power grab rounding the Jews up into ghettos trying to find a way to export them to Madagascar and then finally after the start of Operation Barbarossa to destroy all Jews in the occupied East with mobile killing units by shooting In one of the most absurd ironies I ve ever seen Himmler after having asked to observe a mass shooting couldn t stomach the brutality of it and the humane alternative to shootings into mass graves were to be the gas chambers p 136 137There s enough information and details on the whole process but not too much of it This is very fortunate because the reader could no doubt have been drowned into any number of various bits and pieces Some of the details of the Nazi government command relations etc tended to overwhelm me and I can t really say what exactly was the relation of each to the others but I think the basics emerged clearly enoughThis was a student edition based of the main three volume work and didn t have any footnotes I d say it did its job pretty wellHilberg was interesting in that he didn t just chart how the Nazis destroyed the Jews He also charted the much sensitive topic of how the Jews failed to stand up to their oppressors until it was much too lateThe Jews attempted to tame the Germans as one would attempt to tame a wild beast They avoided provocations and complied instantly with decrees and orders They hoped that somehow the German drive would spend itself This hope was founded in a 2000 ear old experience In the exile the Jews had always been a minority always in danger but they had learned that they could avert or survive destruction by placating and appeasing their enemies s 300Many who know how the death camps. First published in 1961 Raul Hilberg's comprehensive account of how Germany annihilated the Jewish community of Europe spurred discussion galvanise.

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The Destruction of the European JewsAnd gas chambers worked might not know that the Jewish community leaders in the ghettos made well meaning deals with the Nazis to hand out some for transfer to the East in order to save othersIn Salonika the Jewish leadership cooperated with the German deportation agencies upon the assurance that only Communist elements from the poor sections would be deported while the middle class would be left alone In Vilna the Judenrat chief Gens declared With a hundred victims I save a thousand people With a thousand I save ten thousand In situations where compliance with death orders could no longer be rationalized as a life saving measure there was still one justification the argument that with rigid instantaneous compliance unnecessary suffering was eliminated unnecessary pain avoided and necessary torture reduced s 303 304 a classic in genocide theory honestly its a first source for operations and order in genocide a must read for those interested So this time last week I was like oh phatty phatty score Hilberg s three volumes for an incredible 20 Well ladies and gents incredible gets its lineage for a reason and this of course was not the full three volumes of mighty detail suitable for curling up with or in darker times burning for warmth or political purposes either but some abridged piece of shit fit only for hurling at walls like a chimpanzee flinging its own hot messy turdclumps Or so I thought in my initial anger storming about the spacious cheap exuisitely air conditioned dare I say palatial ahhh Wildflowers Of Alberta yes let the envy build my New England Goodreads friendsour anguish sustains me What do ou call 1000 suare feet in Atlanta A closet apartment reading aloud from the introduction In this student edition we ve removed the footnotes Ahhhh es that s how we ll salvage the sinking *ship of American higher education Dropping footnotes Fuck the world save ourself aieeeeee For the first thirty minutes *of American higher education Dropping footnotes Fuck the world save ourself aieeeeee For the first thirty minutes simmering I pondered taking a job at just to release some Ice 9 in their corporate offices and scrape into the freezeblock this was done so that the memory of three volumes worth of footnotes written so that the memory of six million jews dispatched by the Third Reich would never perish from this earth would never perish from this earthThen I realized I could never hurt without dealing mortal damage to myself Truly we have become a single entity A new plan was necessarySo I read it and wow Hilberg s worth all the love he s won There s many fine books about the serious weenie roast as David Foster Wallace *might have but obviously never referred to it it s only witty when *have but obviously never referred to it it s only witty when to subjunctive eschatologies disguised via extended metaphor as games of adolescent tennis especially Anus Mundi The Saved and the Drowned the proceedings of the Nuremberg warcrimes courts for those of us willing to drink some red bulls and get down do the do read primary sources and this is much coherent and complete than those The Years of Extermination not so much actually despite its Pulitzer about a hundred pages of Shirer etc All allude to the huge repositories of Nazi documents but none evidence the real detective work involved as if there was a mountain of file folders in some Indiana Jones like Allied Powers warehouse Hilberg one realizes plowing through the endless tables webs of contracts train schedules ad nauseam was history s prosecutor There was once a time difficult for my Generation To Conceptualize When The Holocaust Seemed to conceptualize when the Holocaust seemed real uestion Those who d maintain as much were pushed from center to margin pretty entirely by HilbergThat having been said this is one of the finest abridgments I can imagine Even fifty pages of detail would have been suffocating even for an obsessive compulsive autodidact like me and totally lacking in narrative purpose The main text is footnote like enough and that s what wins the four stars no dispassionate writeup is imaginable and it s that perfectly hung facade that makes this a furious indictment of the Reich than anything I ve come across One really must read it or at least the first two hundred pages or so to grok what I m saying and countless others have saidFifth star deducted due to infreuent but irritatingly noticeable repetitions especially of uotes Fi. D further research and shaped the entire field of Holocaust studies This revised and expanded edition of Hilberg's classic work extends the scope ,
Nally picked this up 2009 08 25 Essential reading This is a meticulously referenced scholarly treatise not a popular or populist history Hilberg s deliberate historical style only occas I read this history of the Holocaust asking myself could the Holocaust have been prevented And if so when and how Raul Hilberg suggests that the time to stop the Holocaust was when Germany passed its first law limiting Jewish civil rights Think about that the next time ou vote Hilberg first examines the history of anti semitism before Hitler which helps to understand why there *Was So Little Opposition *so little opposition faced slaughter in Europe repeatedly over 2000 ears the Nazis merely industrialized this process Hilberg then demonstrates the steps the Nazis used first defining what a Jew was and reducing their civil rights second concentrating Jews in ghettos or camps and third annihilating them Finally he considers the Jewish response Fleeing Jews had nowhere to go outside Nazi controlled territory both the US and British controlled Palestine restricted Jewish immigration even after learning of the death camps The European Jews had survived many pogroms by being cooperative and passive this was fatal in the Holocaust A comprehensive description of how the Nazis went about murdering 6000000 Jews solving unprecedented logistical problems with frightening German efficiency eually inventive at explaining why the Jews had to die and thus why their behavior was necessary and patrioticI do not remember any other book which has cast such a pall of sadness over me as I read page after page with descriptions like these Hoss concluded after visiting Treblinka carbon monoxide was not efficient instead at Auschwitz he introduced a uicker working hydrogen cyanide Zyklon bodies buried in mass grave decomposed corpses swelled a black evil smelling mass oozed out bodies covered with maggots were disinterred for burning in pits new plans were developed for ovens to accompany gas chambers from the moment the doors of a train opened all but a few of the deportees had only 2 hours to live even in the midst of war no Jew was left alive for lack of railroad transport to a killing center whoever knew had to participate otherwise if they were not involved they would be witnesses against SS office personnel were assigned to mobile killing suads staff officers were reuired to participate in the killing the Political Division was reuired to countersign all instructions to embassies and legations for the deportation of Jews an eyewitness report the father was holding the hand of a boy about ten ears old speaking to him softly the boy was fighting his tears the father pointed to the sky stroked his son s head seemed to be explaining something Hilberg had great difficulty getting this book published At that time people did not feel that the Holocaust was a subject that there was a lot of interest in But once it did get published people saw that it was a subject of enormous historic importance Hilberg concentrated on the way the mass murder was organised by the German state and Had An Eye had an eye for the issues of and technology which he thought were the decisive factors that made this a new kind of major crime Read the full interview at This is the first of three volumes comprising a thorough historical study of the Jewish Holocaust The author s method places high emphasis on documentational evidence for his sources but anectodal testimonials are not excludedHilberg begins Volume I by explaining how a long European tradition of historical anti semitism social as well as legal established a precedent and set the stage for the Nazi era He then proceeds to show us that creating the machinery of destruction entailed the heavy cooperation of all facets of German society Civil Service the Business Sector the Army and the Nazi Pary This is brought home by the wealth of official documents from various departments an audit trail left behind by normal peopleNext Hilberg explores in detail the formation of the ghettos concentration camps and how their emergence varied according to location How ghettoization and deportation were carried out in the Reich in colo His better book is the Destruction of European Jews. F his study and includes 80000 words of new material particularly from recently opened archives in eastern Europe added over a lifetime of research. ,

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