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It would have been a interesting READ IF I READ IT BEFORE if I Read It Before read it before Lance coonfession of doping and prior to reading Tyler Hamilton s excellent book The Secret Race still I give it 4 stars for fairness considering the time it was written As one of the few cycling fans in the world that DON T like Lance Armstrong it was great to read For Jeremy Whittle there isn't much in life as spectacular as the Tour de France sweat streaked taut and burnished athletes toiling there isn't much in life as spectacular as the Tour de France sweat streaked taut and burnished athletes toiling vast and ancient European landscapes hundreds of thousands of fans lining the route And then there are the riders men of almost superhuman capabilities men who have become his friends Ple who have said such things but he does carefully point out lots of the issues that make Armstrong s persistent claims of being clean seem somewhat incredulous A definite must read for all cycling fans Yes it maligns a sport we all love but isn t it better to get all the bad blood out in the open and try and clean our beloved Tour up. Having to choose sides in the war against doping; about how galloping greed and corporate opportunism have led the Tour de France to the brink of destruction Part personal memoir part devastating exposé of a sport torn apart by drugs and scandal Bad Blood is a to apart by drugs scandal Bad Blood is a letter to man's past and a warning to cycling's futu. ,


Bad BloodBook that vindicated all I Think About Bad Blood about him Bad Blood the facts on the table and included a lot of information that fans don t have access to Jeremy Whittle himself describes the cycling world as a bubble I noticed he was very careful never to say that Armstrong is in fact a doper he does mention all the court cases against peo. En whose stories he has written day in day out for the past decade But even the biggest fan can one day wake up to find that he has lost his faith Bad Blood is the story of Jeremy Whittle's journey from unuestioning fan to Tour de France insider and confirmed sceptic It's about broken friendships and a sport divided; about. ,

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