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Open CityE mood for that last night and started this book Bad idea As if all my above indifferences were not enough the prose reminded me of Joseph O Neill s Netherland For instance As interesting as my research project was I was conducting a clinical study of affective disorders in the elderly the level of detail it demanded was of an intricacy that exceeded anything disorders in the elderly the level of detail it demanded was of an intricacy that exceeded anything I Sacrificed To The Dragon Twins Bbw Dragon Paranormal Erotica had done thus far Where was Cole s editor whene was writing this rather than say My research project was interesting I was conducting x But it demanded far concentration from me than anything I Questions Kids Ask About Weather Questions Kids Ask 20 had done before it or any other variation on the sentence that doesn t involve nonsenseow can a level of detail be intricate and barbarous why put level of detail Before It Demanded A Similar Example In That Room Into it demanded A similar example In that room into always seemed to flow a gentle and cool northern light Station Ss9 he was surrounded by art from a lifetime of collecting Why is the verb before the subject of the verb in the second clause Why is this sentence not two sentences given that the In that roomas nothing to do with the sentence s purpose I could go on but will refrain Throughout the book Cole s prose is falsely precise it sounds smart but is not and cold Then there is the constant name dropping which makes the book feel a bit like listening to NPR biographies of great men all men combined with mentions of the fact that their works are being consumed Tolstoy Borges Barthes Mahler El Greco on and on and on The book mentions almost everyone that a respectable middle class pseudo intellectual should Pussy Worship have read listened to or seen And with only one exception nobody actually talks about those men or their works This is not pretentiousness I love pretentiousness A pretentious book would spend fifteen pages talking about whether Mahler was an ironist But this book is in general vulgar Which is not to say that there are no deep thoughtsere There are many deep thoughts for instance to be alive it seemed to me was to be both original and reflection and to be dead was to be split off to be reflection alone The characters constantly talk about while never experiencing injustice whether due to race gender ethnicity or religion Etc Again NPR Spoilers in this paragraph In the last twenty pages or so Cole tries to justify all the silliness that Keep Your Love On has gone before Firstis narrator thinks about Paracelsus whose theory of Signs is meant to explain the narrative strategy external material things can teach us about the inner realities That is why the narrator spends so much time looking at birds They are teaching im about imself Second SPOILER ALERT a woman accuses the narrator of raping er His response is to think about Nietzsche and Scaevola Now this will remind you that the narrator reacts to almost everything including getting mugged by thinking about "something else He is iding in Breaking News his thoughts you see You can t trustim you see He might even "else He is 200 Ways To Raise A Girls Self Esteem hiding inis thoughts you see You can t trust Geordie him you see He might even a rapist though you can t trust the rape victim either This is why the prose is so cold because you can t trust the narrator Even good NPR listening folks are untrustworthy because they perceive the world in their own way and not as it really is in itself note the only name the narrator doesn t drop is Kant Stories are untrustworthy Good liberals are untrustworthy And nowaving amused yourself with this story reinforcing your awareness of your liberal guilt and thus sloughing it you can get back to the martini party The book is saved from my toilet paper pile by the conversation our narrator as with a young man in Belgium who is reading Benjamin This guy can actually talk about Benjamin rather than just name dropping im which rather throws our narrator off Cole doesn t bring up Walter s famous and relevant claim that There is no document of civilization which is not at the same time a document of barbarism But it should come to mind at the end of the novel In any case the passion this young man shows for the justice and duties of Islam were so pleasant in the face of everything else on offer that I could conceivably go back to re read those pages And if Cole ever gets an editor worthy of Dead City World At War Online 8 his ambition I might even readis later books I ve now read all three of Cole s books I admire each of them chiefly for the sense of place and the sense of sel. Encountering people from different cultures and classes who will provide insight on is journey which takes im to Brussels to the Nigeria of The Perfect Husband his youth and into the most unrecognizable facets ofis own soul.

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Stepping off the kerbSo The Pyramid Of Souls Magickeepers 2 here s the conundrum If you are writing the sort of novel that refuses to do any of the traditional jobs of an old fas I finished this book too late to review it yesterday and I wasoping that sleeping on it would Excellence In Business Communication help to clarify my thoughts but my opinions remain unfocused and v I ve been meaning to read this book just forever and I m delighted that I finally did On balance it s a very lovely very thoughtful very soft book Soft probably seems like a bizarre word but I mean it in a specific way Reading Cole s Open City was kind of like giving someone the black personead nod and the other person staring back at you like you re crazy That s basically what I felt in struggling to finish this book I bought the novel as an act of solidarity because e is a young black writer writing about young black experiences Now I won t stop supporting writers in general and young black ones in particular but I will keep it real if the work is not engaging I didn t recognize myself or people I know in the "story City is Cole s first novel and details the daily life of Julius a Nigerian German psychiatry student in "City is Cole s first novel and details the daily life of Julius a Nigerian German psychiatry student in last year of residency in a New York ospital The story follows All Our Broken Pieces him ase wanders Manhattan and thinks Cole s prose is beautiful and reflective and the book is incredibly written However the minimal plot and Julius general douchiness a symptom of Wine his privileges male socioeconomic doctoral left me not really caring about anythingappening
In The Protagonist S 
the protagonist s Like at all I don t care that Krlek Hur Fan Gr Man he walked down to Wall Street to reflect I don t care thate In De Schaduw Van Yavin Star Wars 2 hatesis white mother and I don t care that Fucking Frankenstein he goes to Belgium and screws a cougar Iad literary constipation because I literally did not give a give a sht On a flight to Belgium a third of the way through the book narratorhuman palimpsest Julius muses that conversations with strangers on planes uickly turn tiresome for The Women On My Couch him rarely rewardingis curiosity Ironic because that s Stop Dont Read This how I began to feel about Julius s rambling digressions by about this time in the book That s not to say thate s never insightful The Darkest Surrender Lords Of The Underworld 8 he s often brilliant in fact but some of the observations are uite dull the banal profundities of everyone s late night conversations in college So I skimmed a lotHowever I am convinced that there is a purpose to the pretensionere for once other than a successful bid at impressing the likes of James Wood Cole is carefully patiently building an imbalance of clinical detail at the expense of passion and when e turns up the dial in the penultimate chapter and olds Julius s Fight For My Heart hands to the fire it is a compelling moment of supreme complexity and darkness It is the definition of payoff Open City is about the obscuring power of insight and thus uses insight to obscure and blindness to illuminate At exactly the 50% point if this was on purpose I am so blown away one of the memorable sock puppets Farou cites Paul de Man de Man s theoryas to do with an insight that can actually obscure other things that can be a blindness And the reverse also Endangered Hearts Endangered Hearts 1 how what seems blind can open up possibilities I did not find Julius to be a cipher long winded risk averse and deeply in denial yes but not a cipher There is evidence that Julius s blindness does not come from some kind of spectrum disorderis pain and borderline panic upon earing of Dr Saito s death most notablyIn contrast to both this book s fans and its critics I didn t enjoy the book on a sentence to sentence level Instead I loved the supposedly non existent plot and characters I enjoyed Moji very much during all of er brief appearances and by the end I felt intimately Julius s regret pain and very Maru human inability to be anyone other than the persone isBy the time Julius s Rhett Butleresue comeuppance came Advanced Placement Classroom he sees through you anyway you the psychiatrist the know it all my own resentment of Julius s superficial intellectual smoothness dissolved into a powerful understanding of a flawed man s embrace of ideas art and city as solace This book meandered from continent to continent At times I was absolutely bored despite some really beautiful and impressive passages No one can doubt Cole s absolute command for theistorical or philosophical but as a criticism of Uvod U Psihoanalizu how it appears in this Along the streets of Manhattan a young Nigerian doctor doingis residency wanders aimlessly The walks meet a need for Julius they are a release from the tightly regulated mental environment of work and they.

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Ext I m just not interested in every mundane Den Samlede Sagaen 1 human interaction with a stranger or old friend Further the plot twist in Chapter 20 didn t feel real or even remotely connected to the last 19 chapters that Iad just diligently waded through I am still uestioning the twist because I feel like it s tied to some larger dialogue about memory without the protagonist Cliff Walk having even a single moment of cognitive dissonance His reaction left after finally reading this book and listening to the awed murmurings that accompany any mention of it i m mostly just awash in a sea of confusion a lot of reviews point toow teju cole defies stereotype i assume this refers to the stereotypical third world oppressionpoverty porn crap that s lining the shelves these days though saying that a book defies stereotype isn t about War Birds how good the book is it s aboutow bad everything else is in comparison as compliments go it s a piss poor one there s also much admiration in reviews about this dude s loving descriptions of the inconseuential the rain the pavement the plastic seat in the subway that sort of thing but the ability to describe minutia in painful detail doesn t eual the capacity for profound thought unless you re michael cunningham but who is nowadays teju cole s a decent writer this much is obvious the solitary narrator format would ve been a total disaster in the ands of someone less skilled the narrator s melancholy meanderings about the city paint the perfect picture of The Cultural Hybrid s disorientation and in this case also julius urban isolation interrupted only by chance encounters with people Cultural Hybrid s disorientation and in this case also julius urban isolation interrupted only by chance encounters with people for no apparent reason want to tell im their entire life stories and this is where the problems begin there s nothing remotely realistic about this narrative and the interactions julius La Locura De Dios has with drifters across different cities are self conscious and unnatural after being forced through one after another droning solilouy about each stranger s life the reader is struck with a paradoxical kind of annoyance you know too much about incidental characters who appeared out of nowhere for no reason and you don t know enough to get invested or to care for informationthen there is juliusimself if you re going to spend 250 pages locked inside one man s relentless contemplation of Panic Room himself andow The Trader Of Saigon he relates tois surroundings The Chase The Double Xx 1 he d better damn well be likeable or at least interesting julius is neither with each passing page you feel less and less sympathy forim e keeps both the world and the reader at a safe distance all you know about im is that El Faro De Barlovento he salf german alf nigerian collects deeply personal information about people e doesn t particularly care about makes snap judgments about them based on that information and is too resignedtiredboredindifferent to engage with them in any meaningful way e seems totally estranged from is family which is not surprising given what a sullen git The Perfect Submissive Boxset he ise does seem to like Krynoids his dead grandmother though which is not surprising because you can t be a sullen git with a corpsee s besties with William Jordan Junior his dying professor who shockers dies in the end julius response to the death of potentially the only person on the planet who likesim Oh Christtowards the end of the novel we re treated to a piece of disturbing information about julius SPOILER ALERT not that it matters e "may or may not be an occasional rapist i don t really "or may not be an occasional rapist i don t really the point of this little plot twist in an otherwise plot free book is it meant to shake our foundations or what we thought we knew about the character if that s the intended purpose it misses the mark because even after ours of walking the streets with our mirthless narrator The Mahabharata 2 Volumes he remains a stranger the scraps of informatione feeds us about Best Day Ever himself engender neither sympathy nor a desire to know Had I done a bit research I never wouldave started this book I do not care about New York I do not care about your observations of birdlife I do not care about your descriptions of buildings I do not care about your random conversations with random people about nothing in large part because I do not think they add up to anything Well well I vaguely remembered a review of a novel possibly not this one in which a guy thinks about Foucault For some reason I thought I was in th. Give Midnight Wrangler Midnight Cowboys 2 him the opportunity to processis relationships Der Schimmelreiter his recent breakup withis girlfriend A Twist In The Tale his presentis pastBut it is not only a physical landscape e covers; Julius crisscrosses social territory as well. .