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I read this book very uickly which is a testament to the easy going writing style despite the plot not being easily defined The novel itself is a trifle bizzare a cross between Tom Robbins Douglas Coupland and the movies of Gus Van Sant but it maintains a momentum that pulls you through despite the ending feeling a little slapdash and the concept of Pink an alternate dimension being shoehorned in at the end and only partially developedThe main character is a infofilm director named Spunky who is grieving the loss of his good friend Felix who died way too young Spunky also courts the attentions of Matt and Jack aspiring film makers who often seem to be taking him for a ride mentioning work they are doing without any evidence of it Spunky is a character where reality is slipping away from him He has had some success but not enough Life is passing him by and the story of Pink is him trying to get back into the stream of it There are also numerous observations on the nature of reality and filmmaking which were interesting to readOverall I found Pink an enjoyable ride Mind numbingA dentist visit may be enjoyable Very crazy but it is Gus Van Sant and a character inspired in River soI enjoyed A great book a look inside the life of a young River soI enjoyed A great book a look inside the life of a young film maker probably very autobiographical Very interesting and fun and a great slice of life of Gus s life highly recommend especially for film makers What can I say There are times when even in his films I continue this lovehate relationship with Gus Mostly it s his films I continue this lovehate relationship with Gus Mostly it s but recently I wrote a review on the film Paranoid Park which wasn t favorableThis is a first and possibly last novel by Van Zant and understandably It felt as if I was reading a complete list of mindless thoughts and babbling about life from his past the Gus Van Sant goes from auteur to author in an brilliant inventive and endlessly entertaining first novel that reads like a Warholian mix of Kurt Vonnegut and Tom RobbinsIn the town of Sasuatch Oregon Spunky Davis middle aged maker of infomercials is trying to find his next assignment finish the screenplay that he hopes will bring him Hollywood glory and deal with the death of his friend and favorite infomercial. ,

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Pink author Gus Van SantAre left with different names and put in some ridiculous situations which liberates the novel from being a memoir and having to follow rules Free of the pressing fame that Names Drag Behind Them All drag behind them all are stripped to their essence to what made this particular filmmaker want to write a book about how they were put his appreciation in words rather than images because that is how we remember our friends not by name but by heartNeither ficional nor documental this novel serves no purpose other than to commemorate some deeply personal yet strangely transcendent feelings one talanted man had for a few others he met on his way It may seem like an empty effort but that s the thing with celebrities those memories about them don t only belong to people who were there but also to anyone who wanted or still wants to be Ironically it s not about who they were it s all about how they made us feel and that is exactly the focus of this book how it felt for one person Van Sant in this case to be around those people at that timeIn fact if River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain not that the book concentrates too much on them but still are not your own personal Dead Celebrities maybe put it down and don t come back to this book for a while do your reading watching listening introduce yourself to them Or maybe don t come back at all It s not a mandatory gathering or en enlightment excersize it s a relatively private party for those who want to be there and are ready to open themselves to someone else s emotional experience that is hardly meant to teach anyone anything or tell a cohesive story Pink invites you to come along but if you re not interested in those already walking the way and they are not going anywhere dead or not maybe choose yourself another ourney They won t mind. Ignified by different typefaces a flip cartoon that animates the novel's action footnotes and line drawings Gus Van Sant turns the novel into an explosively visual experience a captivating combination of texture and text As original and involving as any of Van Sant's films Pink is both a hip comic deconstruction of our image obsessed culture and a genuinely tender story on the classic themes of love time and los. Any boys he longs to bang and finally a peak into life as a burgeoning film maker I was completely bored and only found the few illustrations speckled throughout the book interesting As a filmmaker I repeat it s mostly love Well that s bizarre Filmmakers this book is for you 25 I found this book to be uite nostalgic and gave me Tom Robbins collage style writing vibes and I understand what he was trying to achieve concerning dueling realities and I recall enjoying this book and identifying perhaps a little too much with the protagonist s addiction to heavy euipment Weird recall enjoying this book and identifying perhaps a little too much with the protagonist s addiction to heavy euipment Weird bizarre are words that don t uite cover this book It was hard to read at times because of its use of footnotes would be distracting After a while I did get used to it There are definitely characters that are based on River Phoenix Kurt Cobain and Ben AffleckMatt Damon There is a lack of cohesion as the story umps around a lot However I did get used to it and enjoyed the oddness This book is not for ust any kind of reader It takes the reader through a variety of emotions such as fear loss and grief Reading this was a bizarre ride that at the end of it you ust think WTF Nostalgic and shamelessly sentimental in its own unirritating way Pink takes feeling over fact vibe over memory A tricky approach which is almost guaranteed to set a novel apart from any chances of mass market success actually works wonders for this one Be it because of Van Sant already being an accomplished artist by the time of publishing or him not caring about the reception of it to begin with this book is by the time of publishing or him not caring about the reception of it to begin with this book is in its childish indifference to reader s convinience and that is exactly what makes it workIt has a bunch of familiar faces Damon Affleck powerduo before the big break Kurt Cobain River Phoenix but they. Presenter teen idol Felix Arroyo Enter two young aspiring filmmakers Jack and Matt whom Spunky finds strangely familiar especially as Jack bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Felix But Jack and Matt are not what they appear to be; they are messengers from a dimension beyond time known as Pink and they invite Spunky to oin them on their voyage of transcendence and recoveryUsing a delirious array of voices .
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