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Cat's CradleWants to share the soles of her feet Busy busy busy there are probably as many reviews of Cat s her feet Busy busy busy there are probably as many reviews of Cat s as there are stars in the sky so no doubt there s little i can add that s of any value who cares i love hearing myself talk so let s go for it well this is harder than i thought it s as easy as describing why i love my favorite pillow or threadbare t shirt or why i like rainy days as much as sunny days okay here goes the inventiveness of Cat s Cradle And Its Bleak Absurd Humor Was Incredibly Eye Opening and its bleak absurd humor was incredibly eye opening me in high school and it practically

a template for how i at things in college it was a joy to return to particularly after the tedious nonsense foisted pon me in various classes well in time i grew to love all the tedious nonsense foisted The Golfers Book Of Wisdom upon me but that was years later and besides the point after college it defined the outlook of almost everyone i knew around me and i remember bothering folks to read it so that they couldnderstand some of my references or so that they could read their own worldview in book form when i said things like impaled on a giant hook or i want to read your index folks had no clue about what i was talking about i guess that s why i eventually stopped saying those phrasesand back to the book Cat s Cradle it has warmth and anger and wisdom and an almost naive kind of brashness at times i love that combo favorite character cynical young Philip Castle do gooder sarcastic asshole painter owner of a hotel that scorns snobs and is therefore pretty empty i love you Philip Castle my second fictional crush slash look i see myself type character Holden Caulfield came first and Donnie Darko eventually replaced you but you were the dreamiest Another review in the KISS series Keep It Short SteveIn Anne Fadiman s superb book about books called Ex Libris she divides readers into two categories those who keep their books in pristine condition courtly lovers and those who delight in marginalia carnal lovers I started out as one of the former conditioned no doubt by fear of library fines but became one of the latter Cat s Cradle was my first prurient experience dating back to high school Part of the reason was that I snagged my copy at a garage sale for a dime cheap even then But the real motivation wa Most people have read Cat s Cradle so I won t bother to try and hide spoilers Did you say you hadn t read it Well what are you waiting for This isn t Ulysses you know it s short and funny So now that it s just Keyhole 3 us people who know the book I want to say why I disagree with the criticism you often see that it s too fragmentary On the contrary I think it s very focused and makes its point with near perfect economy and wit There are two obvious themes One is how the irresponsiblese of science to construct ever deadly weapons is probably going to end Frankies Angel up destroying the whole world The other is a wonderfully crazy take on religion Each of these themes is satisfying in its own right what s less clear is that they have anything to do with each other Let s look at the first theme Vonnegut s scarily plausible thesis is that it won t be aestion of some madman destroying the world on purpose I love General Jack T Ripper in Doctor Strangelove the obvious movie parallel to this book but I find him somehow less convincing than the series of deranged helplessly incompetent people in Cat s Cradle Felix Hoenikker an obvious Asperger s type invents Ice 9 in response to a casual Ms Wiz Millionaire Ms Wiz 15 uestion from the US military His three damaged children get hold of the secret and exploit it for their own petty ends Plain charmless Angela sells it to the Americans in exchange for a playboy husband Newt the midget gives it to the Soviets for a dirty weekend on Cape Cod with a tiny Russian dancer and fatally humorless Franklin sells it to Papa Monzano who makes him a Major General in the largely imaginary army of San Lorenzo a bankrupt state I believe loosely based on Haiti and the Dominican Republic After that things just proceed by themselves nothing works in San Lorenzo so why would you be able to successfully guard a doomsday device And sure enough it getssed completely by accidentThe second theme is presented through Bokononism a kind of Caribbean version of Christianity and surely the best fictional religion ever devised Is there any person here who s never tried boku maru Unfortunately in real life it doesn t have the effect described in the book Pity Bokononism is the one thing that makes life worthwhile for Papa s miserable subjects Officially the religion is outlawed in practice everyone is a Bokononist which makes their lives rich and meaningful Everything about the religion turns out to be a lie and there is even a technical term foma for the lies that make p its substance None the less Vonnegut succeeds admirably in showing what a good Apters he describes a world racing toward apocalypse courtesy of a deadly discovery made by a brilliant scientist a matter called ice nine that becomes the secret. .

I ve read this book four It s better than the Bible because nlike the Bible this book knows it s Vonnegut s best Many will say that the Bible because nlike the Bible this book knows it s fiction Vonnegut s best Many will say that is and who am I to disagree It does include all the best elements of Vonnegut in his genius humor dark and subtle and sometimes not subtle at all irreverence absurdity blended with realism to create a surrealistic setting where the reader is cautiously intrigued by whatever is going on And the messages and themes of love relationships responsibility both internally and globally Also like several of his endearing works this one remains thought provoking years after being read a asi morality play that the reader will revisit often and sometimes with little coaxing 2018 addendum it is a testament to great literature that a reader recalls the work years later and this is a book about which I freuently think The great takeaway from this one is not so much ice nine although that is certainly memorable but Bokonon and most specifically the beautiful Mona A treatise on Bokononism and its effect on SF since both in its facial aspect as well as Vonnegut s Oru Dalit Yuvathiyude Kadanakatha use as a satire on religion could and should be explored 2019 re readThis was a bright star on my 2019 Vonnegut re reading EXTRAVAGANZA and it did not disappoint I first read this back in HS and several times in college and in the dark days before GoodReads Back then I thought it was hilarious and outrageousWhile I still agree that it is one of his most outrageous works My vote for top of that list though is Slapstick and it is still funny from my mid century vantage I know see that in some ways this is his most scathingly cynical and the humor is a way of cutting the toxicity like Anthony Burgessse of the language Nadsat to minimize the ltra violence into a palatable offering Vonnegut was 41 when this was published and I am now 50John is a disaffected but still na ve writer whose loss of his cat John Wick triggers his response to chronicle the human side of the creation of the atomic bomb Setting out to interview the family of Nobel prize winning physicist Felix Hoenikker a principle researcher in that DYNAMITE Creation John is led on a journey that winds p on the Caribbean island of San Lorenzo and a discovery of the playfully made p religion of Bokononism and also the end of the worldFelix creation of ICE NINE and of his absent minded professor innocence is a surgical tool in Vonnegut s able social commentary to discuss the deadly combination of na ve research and military purposeSpeaking of Burgess and his made p language Vonnegut here tries his hand at an expansive dictionary with some words he would later se to describe his 1974 anthology Wampeters Foma Granfalloons Hasty and jokey Cat s Cradle begins as a satire about a journalist s attempt to investigate the life of one of the creators of the atomic bomb but ends as a bleak allegory about the annihilation of life on earth Vonnegut s irreverent wit and straightforward prose make his work a seful gateway to adult fiction for teens and this novel ranks amongst his best Adults who never encountered Vonnegut s books during their youth by contrast might find the book s pessimism or its hyper episodic structure to be a bit tedious There are two voices inside my head Let s call them Lore and Enzo At the moment L E are I Have A Dream uarreling on Cat s Cradle L Oh come on This book is wonderful Perhaps it s the best novel Vonnegut has ever writtenE Are you kidding me Have you read the whole of itL Of course I ve read it from its first word to the very last oneE And haven t you noticed anything strangeL What are you talking aboutE I mean you know it s a discontinuous novel I can t deny it has a great beginning but it gradually loses its brightness reaching the endL What Are you telling me you haven t appreciated the marvellous description of San Lorenzo island and so onE No no The Banana Republic part is okbut look at the plotL What s wrong with the plot E Wellat first the narrator wants to write a book about this eccentric scientist who has planned the atomic bombL Yeah Go onE And then he decides to interview one of the scientist sons But as soon as he meets Frank Hoenikker in San Lorenzo he seems to lose all his interest for himL I disagree Have you forgotten Ice NineE No butL And what about Bokononism You can t deny that the concept and the teachings of this fake religion link every single chapter of the novel You can t say it s discontinuous while everything in it is so closely knitE That s a point of view Besides I haven t liked the structure of the novel More than one hundred chaptersL They re not chapters they re like episodesE MmmhL I think you re not in my karassE Karass Actually all that you join are granfalloonsL Foma Lies A pack of fomaShutp voices I need a boko maru right now Is there anyone who. Kurt Vonnegut sees the future in his 1963 novel Cat's Cradle and not only is it scarier than we might imagine it is comically much much crazier In brief pungent ch.

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Eligion it is The scene where Dr Schlichter Von Koenigswald Reads The Last von Koenigswald the Bokonist last to the dying Papa Monzano is funny but also moving I love the line Nice going God which expresses that particular sentiment with The Essence Of Chaos unusual clarity and feeling it s extremely respectful while pretending to be the exact oppositeSo what is the connection between the two themes I think in fact that Vonnegut tells you straight out but since he does it at the beginning a favorite ruse of crime writers you don tite notice it He introduces Bokononism and recounts its creation myth which is absurd even by the standards of this magic realist genre Then he cheerfully tells you that Bokonon himself admits that it s all lies Finally he comments in one of his better known uotes Anyonenable to nderstand how a seful religion can be founded on lies will not nderstand this book either As already noted Bokonon s wise lies in fact make an excellent religionHere s what I think he means by this The potential destruction of all life on Earth isn t a very amusing subject It s so horrifying that you can hardly think about it at all But Vonnegut manages to present most of the book as a comedy so that you are able to think about it which we desperately need to do before it s all too late By making it funny he is formally lying to s but these lies are seful to s than the truth we re in pretty much the same situation as the San Lorenzans who couldn t survive without their mendacious religion People during the Cold War were with good reason scared shitless that the world was going to end soon in a nuclear holocaust We came terrifyingly close during the Cuba Missile Crisis As Christopher Hitchens says do you remember where you were the day JFK nearly killed all of Parafrase A Varios Psalmos us There were many books and movies intended to help people relate to what was going on Some of them just presented the threat straightp in as realistic a way as they could manage the version I like most is Shute s On the Beach But I would say that the mirror reversed ones like Cat s Cradle and Doctor Strangelove were better It s amazing how powerful a weapon humor is I feel they did to help persuade The Rogue Of Publishers Row us not to blow ourselvesp We need these people badly if we re going to stay sane Can someone point me to a new Vonnegut who knows how to make The Great War August 1914 November 1918 Month By Month us laugh at global warming and the financial meltdown I d rather like to read him Progress scientific revolution revolution number nine ice nine Science is neutral and it may serve evil as readily as goodAfter the thing went off after it was a sure thing that America could wipe out a city with just one bomb a scientist turned to Father and said Science has now known sin And do you know what Father said He said What is sin Some invent powerful explosives and some invent new religions and it is hard to say which invention is dangerousWell when it became evident that no governmental or economic reform was going to make the people much less miserable the religion became the one real instrument of hope Truth was the enemy of the people because the truth was so terrible so Bokonon made it his business to provide the people with better and better liesThere is a littlegly dystopia hidden within every big beautiful Savage Embrace utopia 427 Cat s Cradle Kurt VonnegutCat s Cradle is the fourth novel by American writer Kurt Vonnegut first published in 1963 It explores issues of science technology and religion satirizing the arms race and many other targets along the way After turning down his original thesis in 1947 the University of Chicago awarded Vo I loved this book It turned out to be one of those easy to read stories that leave you thinking and thinking and thinking The science fiction aspect of the plot is not important at all It is the impact of power knowledge and ritual on every single individual that made me want to restart reading it as soon as I finished I absolutely adore the creation of Bokononism and the development of a new language to suit the needs of the religion in the making Margaret Atwood s MaddAddam experiments with the same kind of post apocalyptic scenario and the never endingestion of what humanity needs to survive Of course Vonnegut s vision is a lot darker than Atwood s Humanity wiped out completely on a whim no hope of reproducing our species at all the only Lizzie Borden uestion remaining is how to die and what symbol to carry in your hand to show the hated and hating creator aboveThe experience of being trapped in Dresden as an American prisoner of war during the bombing and destruction of the city might have formed the sense of absurdity that Vonnegut displays in his vision of mankindTo put it in Bokononist words the cruel paradox of the heartbreaking necessity of lying about reality combined with the heartbreaking impossibility of lying about it is at the center of the book Fom. Weapon of his three incredibly dysfunctional adult children Along the way the reader becomes acuainted with an outlawed religion called Bokononism a Caribbean bana.