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Read this one after The Joyners in 3 just to see some of and Maruez s other work This one seemed incomplete than Joynersor just to see some of Ryan and Maruez s other work This one seemed Incomplete Than Joynersor Least I Thought It than Joynersor least I thought it rather abruptly The art style in this one is very different from that of Joyners outside of the obvious 3 D issue and the tone is much darker and raphic At the heart of it this story is an odd blend of The Prisoner and Silence of the Lambs The surreal environment needed for a mad scientist s experiments was remarkably strange and mostly convincing His obsession with finding a cure for evil was powerful and is what really drove the story His method which involves building an entire fake town to use as his clinic is very strange and very frighteningOverall this was a very disturbing story but one that I would recommend to anyone who is not sueamish The violence is pretty bad but since it s a story about serial killers that is to be expected Some of the elements are hard to believe until you realize that they are based on personality types that are very real within the world of entertainment An uniue albeit tax payer straining approach to rehabilitation I loved the premises and how it built up but the denouement was kind of a killer ha ha no pun intended for me Despite that the book has left open a possibility for a seuel and I would pick it up in a flash Awesome raphic novel with an excellent uestion at its center about evil and the decisions we When a rogue neuropathologist makes a startling breakthrough literally isolating the root of all evil in the recesses of the human brain he'll stop at nothing to advance his theory With the help of a naive Holl. .

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SyndromeWhich is an isolated movie set An actress with strong improv skills Is Hired To Be hired to be for "the trap as the chemical cure is testedThe art on this tale of victims and "trap as the chemical cure is testedThe art on this tale of victims and is clear and crisp but the story wanders It s ot unnecessary non linear story telling and paper thin characters It s a beautifully drawn underwritten comic book that feels like a junked screenplay Four stars but first off let me say that the ending felt like the story just ended I didn t et a sense of closure So anyone picking this up because of my raves to follow below anyone picking this up because of my raves to follow below to know that oing inWith that out of the way what a fantastic set up for a book The plot concept literally ot me excited as a creator in the always heady damn why didn t I think of that way The plot centers on an attempt to cure evil I can t say any due to spoilers but it s riveting The storyline itself is meticulously woven in multiple intersecting timelines There are flash backs that you don t know are flashbacks until later in the book and when you see that they are everything falls into line and makes perfect sense No confusion of any kind Very well crafted structure to this storyI love the art as well I have the hardcover and can say this is a really beautiful package from cover to internal art to letteringWhile the ending was a let down for my personal tastes in reading I think most people who like a MEMENTO style non linear story will enjoy this book. N Show meets Se7en in Syndrome an inventive original raphic novel hardcover that serves as one of the first titles to be featured under Archaia's new Black Label line published in association with Fantasy Pron. ,

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Ake Also for mature audiences even IF MY 2 YEAR OLD LIKES my 2 year old likes baby on the cover This A Elisa Le Gusta Chiara graphic novel has slick art and a compelling idea to work with but is only about one half as long as it ought to be By the time things are really heating up the book ends and the reader is left frustrated and unsatisfied The premise is t This comic had a premise that intrigued me I always felt that aood overdose of empathy in everyone would o a long way in dealing away the problems of mankind but it doesn t take it far enough It ends halfway offering no real conclusion one way or the other I would have liked to "SEE MODEL SCALPED AND DRAINED OF "Model scalped and drained of in murder unprecedented outside wartime reveals LA autopsyWarning Story contains details of brutal murder being called one of the worst in Los Angeles history Syndrome is illustrated by David Maruez Maruez created every page digitally Since the illustrations are all digital it makes everything look very clean and streamlined It really adds to the realism of the story The story follows a psychiatrist s attempts to cure a sociopath He teams up with actors and an infamous set designer to create a controlled environment to test his cure on a convicted serial killer Thi In Syndrome a doctor with a radical theory decides to fix the chemical imbalance in the mind of a serial killer to remove theory decides to fix the chemical imbalance in the mind of a serial killer to remove evil impulses To do that he experiments on the killer in a controlled environment. Ywood actress a tormented motion picture director and a condemned serial killer Dr Wolfe Brunswick launches a bold experiment in the Nevada desert the outcome of which could transform humanity forever The Truma. .