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Itors Such hints are puzzling than the plotAs with other writers of series Reeman has his characters allude to events in earlier novels such as the Death Of Sir Richard Boiltho of Sir Richard Boiltho always seems to me that on these occasions the narrative gives way to advertising his earlier novels to new readersThere is also my bete noir the subplots that go nowhere such as the hint that Adam Bolitho s young wife is in love with the best man It is a subplot that having been introduced is then abandoned as Lowenna waits at home in Cornwall and Adam carries out his duties in Sierra Leone and that subplot ust diverts attention from the main story There are also curious pieces such as the description of the crew raising the anchor at Freetown An interesting description of a difficult action but coming close to the climax it all seems rather unnecessaryWhether Douglas Reeman does something with the story of Lowenna Bolitho in later novels I can not say This may have been his last It would seem that novels like A Ship Must Die or Torpedo Run may have been his best work In the King s Name seems unfinished and an unworthy ending to a long career as a writer Dismal I tried and tried but I found the writing style bizarre and the characters confused There was no discernible plot and a superfluity of elipses italics and goodness knows what I had no feeling of being aboard ship and when ship s boats went ashore to investigate the mission I had no clear idea of what was going on Luckily it was a library book I shan t be tempted by Kent again I used to read him years ago before O Brien came along to steal the show and found him passable The years have not improved him This series is one of the bestVery good read Enjoyable and gripping from them first to the last book He puts a face to a time that we would never know otherwise easy read would be v good for the beach Very confusing story It seemed like several stories about different characters were placed together in a day on the ship setting Issues brought up in the very beginning are never again addressed This is Kent s last book and I found myself finishing it out of duty to the others in the series I had read not out of interest in the plot This is the last Reeman fictional book on my list to read I have enjoyed the entire series both those written under Reeman s name and those under his pen name Alexander Kent This book left several things unanswered what about the embrace between Lowenna and Thoubridge Never mentioned after that short 2 page description The second area was the ending battle Was confused as the battle commenced who was involved In The Mutiny And the Mutiny And actual battle was a bit confusing What were the end results and what happens in New Haven as a result of this battle Did Douglas intend a future book to answer those uestionsAlso on the last page is a mention of putting steam engines in a ship That would have been a great next book Reeman died in 2017 A great loss to the world of fiction. Ve been cut loose without hope of future commands thus Adam soon finds himself the object of envy and ealousy In Africa he discovers unexpected allies and faces an enemy far powerful and ruthless than any he has known befor.

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In the Kings NameThis one felt like it was written by someone else Too many references to Sir Richard rather than keeping the focus on the events taking place in the book s many references to Sir Richard rather than keeping the focus on the events taking place in the book s also never really felt like there was a solid focus on the slavery or corruption issue which was mildly referenced near the beginning of the book At t I recently retired after 40 years in the book industry but I volunteer at our local library As I was working a project recently I came across Alexander Kent s most recent book 28 in his Bolitho naval saga IN THE KING S NAME ISBN 978 1590134818 trade paperback 1695 To say I was surprised is an understatement I had read 27 FIVE years ago and had thought the series was done 28 was published in 2011 in Hardcover Now In Paperback I Heartily Recommend now in paperback I heartily recommend seriesAlexander Kent is a pen name for Douglas Reeman Reeman served in the British Navy in WWII and under that name he writes about the Royal Marines and the modern Navy I had read all previous 27 Bolitho stories They follow the lives and adventures of Sir Richard Bolitho and his nephew Captain Adam Bolitho from the 1780 s to 1819 in the latest edition Captain Adam Bolitho is sent on a mission to West Africa to investigate pirates and slavers There he meets up with an old friend of his uncle and his Captain James TyackeIf you like the Horatio Hornblower series Patrick O Brien s naval series or Dudley Pope s nautical books you will find KentReeman s books extraordinarily readable There s action to satisfy your violent nature There s a little romance for your softer side There are terrific characters who you will fall in love with tears will form when they die in spite of your best efforts to restrain themGo Buy Read MagicAfter 27 reads my interest has not waned Good mix of human interest and action Sorry to be close to the mix of human interest and action Sorry to be close to the One of his very bestI will have to admit that I was truly hooked on the series Recommended to everyone who has the slightest of interest in this era the old navy and the trials of the times As I began this book I suddenly realised that I had first read an Alexander Kent novel forty years ago By that stage the author real name Douglas Reeman had already written a number novels in a series featuring Richard Bolitho a naval officer in the mold of Horatio Nelson He was averaging a novel in the Bolitho series every year as well as another novel under his real name Yet the blurb announced that with this novel he had managed 30 novels featuring first Richard then Adam Bolitho When did the uggernaut slow down This book despite its new appearance had been published in 2011 A uick search and I found that Reeman had died last year 2017 at the great age of 93 This book then had been published when Reeman was 87 It certainly show the features of an experienced writer who knows how to tell an exciting storyReeman clearly knows a lot about sailing and how a sailing ship in the British navy two hundred years ago was run He is convincing in his descriptions of. Filled with high seas intrigue and sharp tensions this nautical novel takes an intense voyage into the heart of Napoleonic era Africa The year is 1819 and Captain Adam Bolitho has been sent on an urgent but risky mission to The difficulty and skill reuired to sail inshore along the West African "coast His characters are credible He understands how men behave in groups "His characters are credible He understands how men behave in groups ambitions their rivalries and how that impedes completing their tasksHowever as I discovered forty years ago Reeman had developed a formula to produce so many novels during his career and that while many readers eagerly awaited the next installment of the Bolitho story there really is a sameness about them He creates mystery and suspense He builds up to a climax a naval engagement and gives his loyal readers a satisfying experience I on the other hand would like to see him stretch out of his familiar territory and aspire to write in the vein of CS Forrester or Patrick O BrienHe clearly thinks about making credible characters The ships are crewed by men who have distinctive names Each has a history a personality and motivation but they still do not feel credible as people This novel would have benefited from a villain We do meet a scoundrel of a Portuguese captain but he is a weakling The king pin behind the slave trading and the mutiny are not revealed The plots are predictable A mystery is established early on clues are dropped at various points and Adam Bolitho and his crew finally uncover the plot and restore order However the device of a crew man boarding a sinking ship to discover Silent Empire just one of the stricken ship s crew still aliveust able to utter one word This enigmatic utterance is expected to explain what happened to the ship and its crew It is already hackneyed Yet Reeman uses the device twice in this one novelThe title In the King s Name seems to be little than a label We would expect a ship of the British navy to be acting in the name of the king We do not see that Onward and her crew have any uestions or concerns that their action against slavers and mutineers is anything but the right course of action Their enemies are the blackest of villains unprincipled and ruthless but the Onward crew are gentlemen to the coreThe blurb promises much but it seems to belong to another novel Envy and hunger for power consume some of blurb promises much but it seems to belong to another novel Envy and hunger for power consume some of crew Really The First Mate resents being passed over for promotion but keeps that to himself The Second Mate is diffident because he was promoted from the deck crew The Third Mate is a bully and a curmudgeon but harbors no lust for power He does not rouse the crew to mutiny The midshipmen dream of being captains one day but are ust boys When we meet the mutineers their behavior is unexplained and unless I missed something the attack on The Moonstone is also never explainedReeman has a skillful use with language Minor sentences liberally pepper attack on The Moonstone is also never explainedReeman has a skillful use with language Minor sentences liberally pepper narrative This can add to the suspense It was unnerving with the sky almost hidden by the land as it crept out of the dimness like a groping arm Or a trap But he does have a habit of hinting that darker thoughts crowd the minds of the Onward s crew There were voices beyond the screen door laughter the vis. Ake a fast passage from Plymouth to Freetown West Africa with secret orders for the senior officer stationed there Due to the slave trade being declared illegal ships in every harbor are waiting to be scrapped and officers ha.